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Changeling: The Dreaming FAQ

Changeling: The Dreaming FAQ

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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Jul 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Changeling: The Dreaming FAQ
This FAQ is based on the rules as they are currentlypresented in
Changeling: The Dreaming
. Some changes tothese interpretations may occur with the publication of 
Changeling Second
How do you use this FAQ?
This FAQ is divided into two parts. The first offers generalinformation to players new to
. The secondprovides answers to many of the most common questionsasked by
players. For those of you alreadyfamiliar with
, I suggest skipping to Part Two.
Part One
What is Changeling?
Changeling: The Dreaming
is the last in the Storytellergame series by White Wolf Publishing. It is a game of modern fantasy in which dragons, magicians, knights inshining armor and other even more fantastic creatures existright alongside the mundane world - hidden from mortalview by humans' own disbelief. You play a changeling, oneof the immortal fae who has taken on mortal form in orderto survive in a cold, rational world. During the course of thegame you tell stories of heroism and wonder, and struggleto hold onto the Glamour that gives you your power. 
What should I get if I want to play Changeling?
You need a copy of the main rulebook, and if you intend tobe the Storyteller you may get a copy of the
.The Kithbooks offer in-depth examinations of each of thedifferent faerie races, or kith.
The Changeling Players Guide
offers many insights intothe world of changelings for both players and Storytellers,as well as many new rules that are very useful.
Nobles: The Shining Host
delves into the world of thechangeling nobility. This book is especially useful forplayers with sidhe characters or Storytellers who like toincorporate lots of politics into their chronicles.
The Shadow Court
reveals the secrets of Unseelie
Changeling FAQhttp://web.archive.org/web/20020607171835/http://www.white-wolf.co...1 of 57/21/2012 6:38 PM
changelings and the enigmatic Shadow Court.
The Autumn People
discusses the enemies of the fae, boththose mortals who are so banal that they pose a danger tochangelings just by their existence, and the Dauntain,changelings who have turned against their brethren anddevoted their lives to snuffing out the fae. This book alsocontains a ton of useful information on the various effectsof Banality on changelings.
Freeholds and Hidden Glens
describes several changelingfreeholds in North America. It is extremely useful to thosebeginning to play
as it offers several samplesettings that demonstrate what the world of 
The Immortal Eyes Trilogy
The Toybox
Shadows onthe Hill
Court of All Kings) is a series of sourcebooksbased on the events of the
Immortal Eyes
novels. Each of these game books describes the setting in one of the fictionbooks, and contains three short adventures based on theevents that take place in the novels.
Toybox is set inSan Francisco.
Shadows on the Hill
is set in Hawai'i.
Court of All Kings
is set in Ireland.
The Immortal Eyes
novels are highly recommended for
I've heard that you need to buy a bunch of cards to playChangeling. Is that true?
No. Cantrip cards will be completely eliminated as of 
Second Edition. Rules for playing without thecards are provided in the core rulebook.
ChangelingPlayers Guide
also offers expanded rules for playing
without cards. 
Part TwoIs there going to be a Changeling Second Edition? If so,what changes can we expect?
Changeling Second Edition
will be released inAugust '97. The primary changes involve clarifications of the first edition rules and setting. The cantrip castingsystem will be significantly changed from that of the firstedition and will be quite similar to that provided in the
Changeling Players Guide
What Is the Dreaming?
The Dreaming is a formless realm created by the dreamsand aspirations of mortals. Arcadia, the home of the fae,lies at the center of the Dreaming. The fae can travel to andthrough the Dreaming, but not even they are as adept at itas they once were and must rely on ancient paths, called
Changeling FAQhttp://web.archive.org/web/20020607171835/http://www.white-wolf.co...2 of 57/21/2012 6:38 PM
trods, to navigate successfully. It is said that anything ispossible within the boundless Dreaming. 
I don't understand the seemings. Is a changeling alwaysin his mortal seeming or does he switch back and forthbetween mortal and fae?
A changeling is always in his fae seeming (unless he hasbeen Undone, either temporarily or permanently). Achangeling always recognizes another changeling as such,and a mortal always perceives a changeling as just anothermortal. 
I don't understand the seemings and how a changelingages. Does a changeling age as he acquires moreBanality, or does he age exactly as a mortal?
A changeling ages at the same rate as a mortal, passingthrough each of the changeling ages (childling, wilder andgrump) throughout his life. A changeling does not age whilewithin a freehold or while in the Dreaming (this includestime spent traveling on trods). However, a changeling whospends too much time in a freehold risks entering Bedlam. 
Do all changelings begin as childlings?
A would-be changeling may undergo the Chrysalis at anytime in his mortal life. His mortal age at the time of hisChrysalis determines his seeming. A changeling whoawakens from his mortal existence - who goes through theChrysalis - at age six is a childling. A would-be changelingwho goes through the Chrysalis at 40 would be a grump.Most changelings emerge from Chrysalis as childlings sincethe more Banality a character accumulates beforechanging, the less chance he will undergo Chrysalis.A faerie soul can remain trapped within its mortal coilthroughout the body's entire mortal life without emerging.This is rare, though, and usually occurs only in the cases of individuals who have extremely banal lives. 
When a changeling is permanently Undone (by gaining10 points of Banality) does the faerie soul remain withthat mortal till death, or is it reborn into another bodyimmediately?
The faerie soul remains within that mortal body till death -a horrifying reminder to all fae of the danger they face. 
What is the difference between being temporarily
Changeling FAQhttp://web.archive.org/web/20020607171835/http://www.white-wolf.co...3 of 57/21/2012 6:38 PM

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