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Published by Academic_Zodiac
Reality rendering initiate purport. Being OMnipotent is the initiate's birthright. Instant magick for one in the Age of Cetus III. The RTRRT enable instant OMnipotence, typically with your first Snow Crash. Instant magick is reality rendering in real time.
Reality rendering initiate purport. Being OMnipotent is the initiate's birthright. Instant magick for one in the Age of Cetus III. The RTRRT enable instant OMnipotence, typically with your first Snow Crash. Instant magick is reality rendering in real time.

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Published by: Academic_Zodiac on Jan 11, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2009, www.lulu.com/astrology. Copyright © 2009 By Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved.  No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the author, except when permitted by law.
Copyright © 2009 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.
http://www.lulu.com/astrologyINSTANT MAGICK In an atmosphere of free instant magick for everyone, there is nevertheless mystery alongwith ancient initiation, even presence of Godhead. Instant magick is welcome surprisefree from chaos. Not only Snow Crash, but every reality rendering tool produces instantmagick. True, the personal cosmic secretary needs time to install, but other realityrendering techniques can be learned and set in motion in minutes. It will take years toacquire the wisdom to use reality rendering in an appropriate way according to DivineProvidence, after initial success and even magick pranks, as the novice feels one's ownomnipotence
.CONSIDERATIONSAs created in the Face of God
, our legacy is hardly even touched by instant magick.REALITY RENDERINGReality is elastic
and rendered as such.
But hopefully not omnimportance.
The RTRRT are protected by God. The core technique of O5 comes from Tibet. The blessings come fromRamakrishna lineage. The miracles are done in a spirit of profound communication as well as absorption inthe highest divinity. Godhead is never far from reality rendering practice. The implication of beingsupervised by God are vast. O5 master candidates who exercise greed, naturally fall off. An RTRR initiatewill naturally invest in genuine religion, after asserting for oneself that instant magick is coming naturally.
Here reality rendering is addressed as mature freesearch by an experienced, yet openhearted initiate.
What others achieved so can you
. Here are some examples of what has been achieved bythe use of such primitive
RTRRT as O5.(1) An interview with a minister 
 was achieved
.(2) A squadron was saved from ambush
.(3) The intended number turned out at the casino
.(4) Cancer was cured with the help of O5 and mantras
.(5) O5 helped passing exams
.(6) Love was found and consumed.(7) Friends were found
.(8) Doubt was cleared
.(9) Death was discreated
Alpha is the historical label for positivity, while beta is the opposite label for the negativity to bediscreated.
“So you will” would be appropriate, without allusion to repetition.
In the sense of uncomplicated, sophistication apart. O5 is highly sophisticated even in its most “primitive”form. The stress is in elucidating that no complicate ritual was needed.
The interview with the governmental minister was made impossible because of an unsurmountableobstacle in the form of the minister's adjutant. The O5 initiate nevertheless decided to take the journey,while discreating obstacles. The adjutant got a flu for the day. This is a typical way in which the realityrendering tools operate. The element of surprise and reniced karma was later on embedded within the personal cosmic secretary.
The unfriendly minister's adjutant got a flu and was not present in order to thwart the meeting.
All men promptly returned home from war safe and sound.
As reported in an early USENET article at alt.clearing.O5 Reports like this one from Wellington, NewZealand, abounded around year 1995, when O5 became global attraction. The number in question was 19.People would produce money in half an hour. The postman would bring it or it would materialize inanother way. Most reported experiments had to do with money, which says something about human natureand the state of affairs on this planet. Curing with O5 was reported successful, as the discreator eliminates bad tissue by mental exercise.
Intent is without the techniques. The techniques such as O5 with mantras were rather used to bindattention, than as performer. The real performer is God in the form of silent intent. In many ways, it is notthe techniques by themselves, but intent, that deliver results, as working out of time and space. Nevertheless natural availability of intent, some preparation is due as if in receiving a noble guest. Onecould say that techniques such as thee RTRRT channel intent. Words are awkward and hardly mater oncethat one has (earned) due initiation.
An anecdote is often included as prank, namely a 16 year girl enchanted the professors so that she wasnever examined at all. We never interviewed her as to the method she devised, perhaps she had the pages of the examination book pasted together mentally. Another example turned out to border on black magick. Acertain O5 master to be discreated the bill at a restaurant. If it is alright to influence events towards positivescope, free will in offering prevails, while in discreating a bill already consumed, one creates bad karma for himself. Two decades after the event, the real motives of the alleged O5 master turned out to be of the most primitive nature, as the unfortunate being was ready to sell one's soul to the devilk in order to achieveminor commodities, such as trivial middle class life, after which he apparently craved. The O5 master wasrepudiated along with a prize, an intelligent religious woman of means, a deadly trap for false ego.
Sometimes O5 was used in finding people in trafficked urban areas, with success.
Treasure charts come alive upon resolving one's doubts. False ego is based on doubts and death fear.
Death discreation as part ofO5IRIS initiation. Body clearing is essentially death discreation.

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