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LSG Minutes of Regular Meeting No.9

LSG Minutes of Regular Meeting No.9

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Published by: Up Lsg on Jul 23, 2012
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Law Student Government Central BoardMinutes of the MeetingRegular Meeting No. 9July 16, 2012, 8:30PM ATTENDANCE:
Benedict G. Nisperos
, President Present 2.
Marie Louise N. Camino
, Internals Vice President Present 3.
Julienne Marie A. Morada
, Externals Vice President Present 4.
 Anne Jaycelle C. Sacramento,
Secretary Present 5.
Jose Antonio Rafael G. Santos,
Treasurer Present 6.
Patrick Chris D. Carbonell,
Public Relations Officer Present 7.
Ma. Christina S. Reyes,
College Representative to the USC Present 8.
Diega D. Villanueva,
Evening Representative Present 9.
Jelorie F. Gallego,
Evening Representative Present 10.
Jian Paulo P. Boller,
Year Representative Present 11.
Paolo O. Celeridad,
Year Representative Present 12.
Gerard Emmanuel V. Tayao
, 3
Year Representative Absent 13.
John Paul R. Rotap,
Year Representative Present 14.
Hanna Keila H. Garcia,
Year Representative Present 15.
Ranulfo J. Javelosa III
, 2
Year Representative Present 16.
Lazaro Kevin G. Pabiona,
Year Representative Present 17.
Carlo Augustine A. Roman,
Year Representative Present 
Discussion on Lab Fee and Per Peso Charge2.
Report on the Registration Matters3.
Report on UP Manininda and USC Issue4.
Report on OLA-OSG5.
The meeting was called to order at 8:30 PM at Hap Chan in Katipunan with the LSGPresident presiding over the meeting.The newly-elected First Year Representatives were welcomed by the Central Board. Afterthe warm welcome, the CB proceeded with the discussion of the agenda.
Discussion on Lab Fee and Per Peso Charge
Mr. Nisperos narrated the events that led to the decision of the College Administration toimpose charges on internet usage.In the February 2012 Student Faculty Dialogue, the LSG Central Board raised theconcern about the slow and intermittent wi-fi connection within the college. The LSG CBintended to ask for additional routers in the College in order to have a wideraccessibility of the wi-fi service and to ask for the improvement of the connection beingprovided. The Dean said that he plans to increase the bandwidth of the wi-fi connectionwithin the college but will have to charge an additional fee on top of a limited free usage.A student pays about P260 internet fee per semester (as indicated in the Form5) underthe Dilnet service. The usage is covered by the 20-hour free internet usage in theLibrary which can be used by using the pink card issued by the Library. The Dilnet isseparate and different from the UP College of Law Wifi Connection.The UP College of Law has about 800 students and 300 faculty and staff. A number of studens have registered their laptops with the College for the issuance of passwords forwifi connection. There were reports that reached the Dean that some outsiders also usethe wifi connection in the College through sharing of password.The College administration now plans to implement a new scheme for the use of the wi-fi in the College starting August 1. In a meeting last Monday, July 16, 2012, the Dean saidthat at present, the UP College of Law Wifi server works at 2-4Mbps. The College hasalready contracted for a provider that will upgrade the usage to 15 Mbps. The Deanadded that the cost to maintain the present wifi system is about P300,000 and the cost for the upgraded system is about P900,000, both annually.The new system will be pay-per-use, where P10 will be charged for every hour of internet use. The system will have no restrictions on sites visited and on downloading.The Dean said that the upgraded connection will also allow access to legal resource
sites. He added that this plan is intended to curtail the “inefficient” use of the wifi
system within the college. He said that he would also like to address the concern on theslow and intermittent wifi connection especially during peak hours from 1-5 P.M.
 After Mr. Nisperos narrated the facts which resulted to the issue at hand, the members of the CB gave their comments, suggestions and opinions regarding the matter.Mr. Javellosa opined that the current internet service provider can accommodate the needsof the students. Ms. Villanueva added that by implementing the new scheme, the CollegeAdministration may incur additional losses since the students may opt to avail of the Dilnet services inside the library.Mr. Nisperos clarified that according to the Dean, his in imposing charges for the use of thewi-fi services is merely to subsidize or lessen the cost that the College will incur in view of the upgraded services. The Dean acknowledges the fact that the additional cost for upgrade
The narration is the same as that which was disseminated to the students.
cannot be recovered from the imposition of service charges. The implementation of suchscheme is to control the internet usage and to lessen the cost on the part of the College.Ms. Garcia clarified if the students can have a trial period for the new scheme to assess theservice. However, Ms. Camino pointed out that the College already has a contract pertainingto the upgraded service with the current internet provider. Mr. Nisperos added that theDean knows that there is a demand for an improved internet service. He added that theDean knows that with the current demographics of the students within the College, they willbe able and willing to pay for service charges. But the students should be consultedregarding the matter.Ms. Morada referred to the situation last academic year where the library imposed charging
fee for the students’ laptops and asked how the LSG handled such issue. Ms. Camino
informed the CB that the charging fees were removed by the library because of the requestsof the students. She then manifested that she is wondering why the same was charged againthis academic year despite the resolution during the SFD that charging fees will not beimposed anymore.Mr. Boller commented that the College Administration mentioned that the use of our Collegeof the Law Center Funds might be construed as possible malversation. Thus, to prevent suchissues, the College decided to minimize the amount that it is getting from the Law Center.Mr. Nisperos, however, said that the use of Law Center Funds by the College has alwaysbeen practiced by previous Deans.After all the comments were exhausted, the CB proceeded to discuss the steps that it shouldtake to address the issue.During the meeting with the Dean in the morning of 16 July 2012, Mr. Nisperos suggestedthat if the College is bent to implement the system, then it should provide students with acertain number of hours of free internet usage. The Dean said that he will have to think about it.Mr. Boller suggested if it is possible to just charge the students for internet usage duringpeak hours. Mr. Carbonell added that the CB conduct a survey to know if there really is ademand for internet. However, Mr. Nisperos said that he asked the Dean for grace periodwhile this is to be consulted with the students but the Dean wants to implement the newscheme ASAP since the cost that will be shouldered by the College Administration will belessened so long as there are students who will avail of such service. Mr. Nisperos asked twostudents for their comments regarding the new scheme. These students suggested that there should be a clear payment scheme for those students who will avail of the internet service for the semester.Mr. Rotap pointed out that the LSG needs to look out for those students who will abuse thenew internet service provider. Mr. Boller suggested the implementation of internet usagecaps. Mr. Javelosa added that the library may provide additional LAN cables for those whowant to use the free Dilnet internet services of UP using their laptops.Before the end of the discussion, Ms. Sacramento asked how the two (2) students learnt about the new scheme. Mr. Nisperos said that he asked them after he talked with the Dean.

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