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Kidney Trade

Kidney Trade

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Published by Saim Ali Soomro
it is my article on Organ trade in Pakistan
it is my article on Organ trade in Pakistan

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Published by: Saim Ali Soomro on Jul 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kidney TradePakistan is World Leader!!
An 18
century Poet said these lines in desperation
le aain gay Bazaar se- ja kar dil-o-jaan aur!”
With in hundred years we are so developed that we buy and sell our vitalorgans on internet to foreigners & on local lines to our own billioners &millioners!!
We have lost the thin line between Ethical and non Ethical, at every step and cornewr of our lives.Every one among us wants to earn billions and that too in shortest possible time and way. We killfor money, even officially we killed many people just to get 5000USD for one killed or capturedAl-Qaida or Taliban activist, many innocent people has been killed or given to US forces of terror  just to please our master , Our Army is called Bounty Hunters in international circles, Pakistan islargest contributor of forces for UN Peace mission , sole motive is money for sending forces everywhere in world. Our Politicians have no Ideological farces they can change loyalties morefaster than our President changes his stand!Our Politicians once in Power, there only motive is to show their powers and earn as much dollarsas he or she can, they are masters of white collar crimes & untouchables. General public does whattheir superiors do, every one at his stature is more corrupt than his predecessor!!Medical Profession is one of the most noble of all professions, our doctors has turned it into mostugliest of all trades (Personally I do not think it as profession, it is a service, Art and religion for me & few others with some inborn error, for us it is motorway to NIRVANA.) every other Dr ismal practicing one way or other , getting commissions from laboratories and adjacent Medicalstores, Prescribing un due medicines and spreading Hepatitis, just to earn more money and risetheir status. Now since last decade or two, we have earned our reputation as ORGAN TRADERS, and withgrace of god and our inclination to every thing bad , we are among top few illegal trade centers of the world!Pakistan is among five top illegal Kidney suppliers, Doctors in this business are billionairs, theyare untouchables and fairly practicing angles like Dr. Adeeb ul Hassan Rizvi has no say when theywant to formulate a bill on Organ trade, because Government wants to legalize the trade notBanning it on strict terms. They want to BAN selling on the face but there will be no restriction onDONATIONS!!A debit ridden peasant will donate kidney to huge Arab Sheikh from oil rich Gulf state or fromAmerica a
sahib will come to Pakistan after deal is matured on internet or middle man whichis mostly a Doctor working as agent in Middle east or in States or European country the deal paysthem handsomely while donor is paid just 20 to 50 thousand Pakistani notes.A village near Lahore called Sultan Pura has almost its all adults males sold their one kidney!There are cases of organ theft in private hospitals(With little Inquest we can find such thefts inGovernment hospitals too), patients admitted with one problem or accidents with some internal bleeding or even appendicitis are later come to know that some one has taken out their kidneyswhile operating for one thing or other.There are cases of one going to some big city for some job and is lured by a woman , person takesher to hotel or goes to her place where he is drugged in drinks and when wakes up he found hiskidney removed.
We are at our lowest ebb of ethics as doctors and as a society, Organ transplant bill is postponedagain for reasons better known to government!Dr Adib Ul Hassan rizvi the renown transplant surgeon of SIUT is vocal against governmental billagainst organ transplantation which he says will open a legal avenue for illegal transplantationwhich is nearly a
Billion rupees industry now a days. At least we are doing weekly 50 transplantsin Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi and yearly 2000 transplants are being done in our country!! out of which about 500 are legal and kidneys mostly donated by blood relatives which is only ethical wayto transplant!! Remaining 1500- 2000 are done illegal and donor is paid 20 to 50 thousand andmost of the donors remain at loss and could not achieve what they dream after selling their Kidneys!! To pay debit or get free from bonded labor at farms or brick kilns wide spread in Punjab,this menace is yet not spread in sindh and Baluchistan where poverty is more severe than Punjab.Pakistan seems to get popularity and progress in all things unethical and BAD, there is a powerfullobby which is resisting bill against organ trade even if it is tabled in assemblies it will bedeformed enough to accommodate illegal trade and legalize it !!!There is huge rackets involved in this trade and has direct involvement of retired Army generalsmostly doctors. One of them is doing weekly 5 to 10 transplant right near the house of COAS inRawalpindi and has agents all over the world and on internet, these agents are paid handsomelythan Donors!! The Dr is untouchable because he is from forces and no one can question his ethics.
ust today one jobless person’s story is surfaced inj papers who was robbed off his kidney for 1Million Rupees, in a Rawalpindi Cantt hospital by a Private surgeon , hospital belongs to a retd.General, donor was paid 1 lac after operation and relieved from hospital in three days! Than nofurther money was given and an ASI of Police robbed him of his payment and poor man is without a penny he lost his kidney in free, there are hundred of such stories if investigated when donorsare given nothing or peanuts after his kidney is taken out.Supreme Court and civil society should react strongly to curb this practice and cancel the Licensesof such Doctors who practice illegal kidney Transplantation!!Transplant tourists must be discourage by society and these Doctors must be declared social outcasts, we are earning bad names due to very few people, who think money is answer to all ills ,they have already earned billions in this illegal trade and many more are joining this illegal and unethical and un Islamic trade. If the things remain same soon we will be celebrating an other”
“ for 
transplant tourism
and Government will organize Organ Bazaars likeSun day Bazaars to sell Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Lungs, Skin, Cornea and may be
Small infants
aseating delicacy (In Taiwan they are selling aborted infants of few weeks to few months as fooddelicacies, why shouldn’t we!) we can sell any thing for money from Heroin to Human organs ,why not a complete human body of an infant which can melt in a
in few minutes !!God may give us light to enlighten our minds and we can differentiate again between right andwrong, in human and animals and in autocracy and democracy.
showing Scar (Arrow) of His Sold Kidney. Rickshaw driver From Sultan Pura.

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