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Unofficial Transcript of the MCCCP Press Conference #2 Demonstration Videos 7.17.2

Unofficial Transcript of the MCCCP Press Conference #2 Demonstration Videos 7.17.2

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Published by Jack Ryan

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Jack Ryan on Jul 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1Joesy and the Possecats, Act 2: Demonstration Videos
Unofficial Transcript 
Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse “InvestigativeReport” Press Conference
#2: President Obama’s Birth
CertificateMaricopa County, ArizonaJuly 17, 2012Transcription Courtesy of The Fogbow:www.thefogbow.com
This is an unofficial transcript completed byuntrained volunteers. It may contain errors. Thistranscript should not be used for official purposes.
2Joesy and the Possecats, Act 2: Demonstration Videos
Transcript of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse Press Conference #2: DemonstrationVideosNote
: The included time stamps will allow you to search the press conference video for specificcontent more easily. The video used for this transcript is at http://bit.ly/LtTQys.In a few instances the press conference may be easier to hear at http://bit.ly/MCVUdF.The time stamp
sare slightly different at the 2
Video 1
: 8:16 / also found at http://bit.ly/Q5ZfBXX 
: It is not our intention today to revisit all the many anomalies found in the pdf file
purported to contain a certified copy of Barack Obama’s original Long Form Birth Certificate.
However, we would like to make the following clarification regarding our March 1st pressconference. The Cold Case Posse is very much aware that layers can be created when adocument is optimized. In fact, we pointed out in video number 4 that the control document inour test contained 45 layers after being optimized. A point that seems to have been lost onsome who viewed the last press conference is that the layers in the pdf file released by BarackObama are not consistent with the types of layers produced by scanning and optimizing adocument, but are instead consistent with document tampering. So when you see experts on
television or the internet stating that Barack Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate doesn’t have
any problems because they scanned and optimized a document and they got layers too, theyare guilty of not digging deeply enough into the layers to see what types of layers were
produced and how those layers differed from the layers in Barack Obama’s pdf file. For
example, the pdf file released by Barack Obama has eight 1-bit layers and one 8-bit colorbackground layer. This is not consistent with optimizing a document but is consistent withtampering. Were the layers truly the result of optimization, we would have seen only one 1-bitlayer and multiple 8-bit background layers.Since March 1st, two experts not associated with our first press conference were brought in toreview the evidence we presented that day. Before issuing an opinion, both independently ranapproximately 600 separate tests. One ran tests on a machine with a Windows operatingsystem while the other used a Mac. These tests were performed using all forms of compressioncapable of creating layers and with many different software programs. Both experts came tothe same conclusion independently of each other. The anomalies in the pdf file purported to be
a scan of Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate cannot be duplicated using the known forms of 
compression in currently available software.
3Joesy and the Possecats, Act 2: Demonstration Videos
Video 2
: 16:46 / also found at http://bit.ly/Q5Yqcy 
: When the p
df file containing what we are told is a certified copy of Barack Obama’s
Long Form Birth Certificate was released, many were curious as to the meaning of the strange
pencil markings found throughout the document. It’s now known that these markings indica
tea document has been coded for vital statistic recording purposes. Though states were paid onlypennies per document by the federal government for their work, the task was well worth theeffort as federal funding was and still is tied to population.In order to decipher these codes, the Cold Case Posse obtained information from the 1961 vitalstatistics instructions manual for births. Please note that the number 9 was the code used toindicate that the answer to a particular question was not stated. This puts some of the
information on the certified copy of Barack Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate in conflict with
the written code. Or, perhaps stated another way, the document is essentially in conflict withitself in two places.We call your attention to boxes 9 and 12b. Both of these boxes have been coded with anumber 9, meaning that the information was not provided by the applicant. If the applicant
didn’t provide the information why do these boxes have information in them? Based on the
on Barack Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate, it should have looked like this, [image
shows boxes 9 and 12b to be empty] but it does not.Box 9 has always been highly scrutinized because most suspected that the term African was notused as a race identifier in 1961. They were correct. It was in fact not used by the federalgovernment until 1989.Some might ask if the clerk coding this document simply made a mistake in boxes 9 and 12b. Itshould be pointed out that it was the policy of the Hawaii Department of Health to have codingreviewed by a second deputy clerk. The odds of a mistake are therefore greatly reduced. A
review of the coding indicates that all other codes on Barack Obama’s Long Form Birth
Certificate that are legible correspond perfectly to the codes listed in the 1961 manual. The
codes listed in the manual also correspond perfectly to the coding on the Nordyke twins’ LongForm Birth Certificate. We are therefore confident that the codes used on Barack Obama’s
1961 Long Form Birth Certificate were taken from this manual.So, in addition to the electronic evidence that the document has been tampered with, we nowhave supporting evidence provided by the vital statistics codes found directly on the document.

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