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DSP 2012-13 Titles

DSP 2012-13 Titles



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The File consists of IEEE 2012 Papers in the VLSI Domain . This file is uploaded for the beneficial for the Final year students of BE / ME Students by Ms.Pantech Proed Pvt Ltd , Chennai . Should you require any Abstracts or any Clarifications , please call 9566043555 / 9566133338 for more info. Alternatively you can also mail to chennai@pantechmail.com
The File consists of IEEE 2012 Papers in the VLSI Domain . This file is uploaded for the beneficial for the Final year students of BE / ME Students by Ms.Pantech Proed Pvt Ltd , Chennai . Should you require any Abstracts or any Clarifications , please call 9566043555 / 9566133338 for more info. Alternatively you can also mail to chennai@pantechmail.com

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Published by: Kumarasamy Ramasubramanian on Jul 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MATLAB, DSP, DIP & Communication
Email: dsp@pantechmail.com
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PDE-Based Enhancement of Color Images in RGB Space
   I   E   E   E   2   0   1   2   D   i   g   i   t   a    l   C   a   m   e   r   a    |   P    h   o   t   o   s    h   o   p   A   p   p    l   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
Joint Demosaicing and Subpixel-Based Down-Sampling for Bayer Images A FastFrequency-Domain Analysis ApproachPSDIP 3
Video Enhancement using Tone AdjustmentPSDIP 4
Color Filtering Method for CFA Images Based on GradientPSDIP 5
Depth Map Based Image Enhancement Using Color StereopsisPSDIP 6
Remote-Sensing Image Denoising Using Partial Differential Equations and AuxiliaryImages as PriorsPSDIP 7
A Single Image Enhancement using Inter-channel CorrelationPSDIP 8
An Improved Nonlinear Decision based Algorithm for Removal of Blotches and Impulsesin Grayscale ImagesPSDIP 9
A Secret-Sharing-Based Method for Authentication of Grayscale Document Images via theUse of the PNG Image with a Data Repair Capability
   I   E   E   E   2   0   1   2   D   e    f   e   n   s   e    |   C   o   p   y   r   i   g    h   t   A   p   p    l   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
Adaptive Steganalysis of Least Significant Bit Replacement in Grayscale Natural ImagesPSDIP 11
Pixel Bit Manipulation for Encoded Hiding -An Inherent StegoPSDIP 12
Robustness of Offline Signature Verification Based on Gray Level FeaturesPSDIP 13
New Channel Selection Rule for JPEG SteganographyPSDIP 14
A Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform Based Robust Watermarking SchemePSDIP 15
Feature Extraction of Currency Notes An Approach Based on Wavelet TransformPSDIP 16
Tumor-Cut Segmentation of Brain Tumors on Contrast Enhanced MR Images for Radiosurgery Applications
   I   E   E   E   2   0   1   2   B   i   o  -   M   e    d   i   c   a    l   I   m   a   g   e   P   r   o   c   e   s   s   i   n   g   A   p   p    l   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
Wavelet-Based Energy Features for Glaucomatous Image ClassificationPSDIP 18
Multilevel Segmentation of Histopathological Images Using Co occurrence of TissueObjectsPSDIP 19
Foetus Ultrasound Medical Image Segmentation via Variation Level Set AlgorithmPSDIP 20
Non-Melanoma Skin Lesion Classification Using Color Image Data In A Hierarchical K-NNClassifierPSDIP 21
Liver Tumor Diagnosis by Gray Level and Contour let Coefficients Texture AnalysisPSDIP 22
Staging Of the Liver Fibrosis from Ct Images Using Texture FeaturesPSDIP 23
Innovative Feature Set for Retinopathy Analysis of Diabetes and its DetectionPSDIP 24
Automatic Image Segmentation by Graph Cuts for Bio-Medical ApplicationsPSDIP 25
Automatic Detection of Local Fetal Brain Structures in Ultrasound ImagesPSDIP 26
Compression of Graphical Structures Fundamental Limits, Algorithms, and ExperimentsPSDIP 27
H.264-based Hierarchical Lossless Coding System with New Intra Prediction Method
MATLAB, DSP, DIP & Communication
Email: dsp@pantechmail.com
Computer-Aided Lesion Diagnosis in Automated 3-D Breast Ultrasound Using CoronalSpiculation
   I   E   E   E   2   0   1   2   S   u   r   v   e   i    l    l   a   n   c   e    |   I   m   a   g   e   R   e   t   r   i   e   v   a    l   S   y   s   t   e   m   A   p   p    l   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
Pannable and Fixed Camera Interactions for Enhanced Surveillance Applications withWireless Image SensorsPSDIP 30
Background Subtraction for Dynamic Texture Scenes Using Fuzzy Color HistogramsPSDIP 31
Gender Recognition from Face Images with Local Wld DescriptorPSDIP 32
Automatic Moving Vehicles Information Extraction from Single-Pass WorldView-2 ImageryPSDIP 33
Outdoor Scene Image Segmentation Based on Background Recognition and PerceptualOrganizationPSDIP 34
A New Change Detection Algorithm for Visual Surveillance SystemPSDIP 35
Ranked Feedback Query Technique for CBIR SystemsPSDIP 36
Shape retrieval based on manifold learning by fusion of dissimilarity measuresPSDIP 37
Comparative Analysis of Content Based Image Retrieval Technique using Color Histogram.A Case Study of GLCM and K-Means ClusteringPSDIP 38
Medical Images Formats, Compression Techniques And DICOM Image Retrieval A SurveyPSDIP 39
Content-Based Image Compression for Arbitrary-Resolution Display Devices
   I   E   E   E   2   0   1   2   S   a   t   e    l    l   i   t   e    |   B   i   o  -   M   e   t   r   i   c   s   A   p   p    l   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
A High Definition Image Pre-Processing System for Multi-Stripe Satellites Image SensorsPSDIP 41
Unscented Particle Filter in Road Extraction from High resolution Satellite ImagesPSDIP 42
Object Tracking Using High Resolution Satellite ImageryPSDIP 43
Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Land Cover Mapping Using Satellite ImagesPSDIP 44
Multimodal Biometric Recognition Using Iris Feature Extraction and Palmprint FeaturesPSDIP 45
Improvement in Palmprint Recognition Rate Using Fusion of Multispectral PalmprintImagesPSDIP 46
Iris Data Indexing Method Using Gabor Energy Features
   I   E   E   E   2   0   1   1   D   i   g   i   t   a    l   C   a   m   e   r   a    |   P    h   o   t   o   s    h   o   p   A   p   p    l   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
Removal of High Density Salt and Pepper Noise through Modified Decision Based Un-symmetric Trimmed Median FilterPSDIP 48
A New Adaptive Weight Algorithm for Salt and Pepper Noise RemovalPSDIP 49
High quality Image Recovery from dark region Images using Adaptive Filter TechniquePSDIP 50
Fusion of Infrared & Visual Light Image using Wavelet DecompositionPSDIP 51
Block based Feature level Multi Focus Image Fusion in Photoshop ApplicationsPSDIP 52
Combination of Discrete and Stationary Wavelet Decomposition for Image resolutionenhancement for Photoshop ApplicationPSDIP 53
Block based Feature level Multi Focus Image Fusion in Photoshop ApplicationsPSDIP 54
Copy-Move Forgery Detection based on SVD in Digital ImagePSDIP 55
Removal High density Salt & Pepper noise in quick transients or faulty switching images
MATLAB, DSP, DIP & Communication
Email: dsp@pantechmail.com
Wavelet based enhanced fusion algorithm for multi sensor images in researchapplications
   I   E   E   E   2   0   1   1   I   m   a   g   e   F   u   s   i   o   n   A   p   p    l   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
High Capacity Image Security through Obscurity in Wavelet DomainPSDIP 58
Discrete wavelet transform based satellite image resolution enhancement for researchapplicationsPSDIP 59
Online Voting System Powered By Biometric Security Using Steganography
   I   E   E   E   2   0   1   1   I   m   a   g   e   M   i   n   i   n   g    |   M   e    d   i   c   a    l    |   S   e   c   u   r   i   t   y    |   A   N   N   S   y   s   t   e   m   A   p   p    l   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
A Novel Data hiding method based on Integer Wavelet Transform and Genetic AlgorithmPSDIP 61
Wavelet Based Choosy Pixel Embedding Steganography for Defense ApplicationPSDIP 62
Discrete wavelet transform based satellite image contrast enhancement for researchapplicationsPSDIP 63
DWT & SWT based satellite resolution enhancementPSDIP 64
Probabilistic Neural Network for Brain Tumor Classification
Image Texture Classification using Artificial Neural network (ANN) for scene analysisProblems
A new algorithm of automatic Lung parenchyma segmentation based on CT imagesPSDIP 67
Automated Detection of White Matter Changes in Elderly People Using Fuzzy, Geo-statistical, and Information Combining ModelsPSDIP 68
Data Hiding in Motion Vectors of Compressed Video Based on Their Associated PredictionErrorPSDIP 69
Number Plate Recognition for Use in Different Countries Using an ImprovedSegmentation
Efficient Relevance Feedback for Content-Based Image Retrieval by Mining UserNavigation Patterns
A Texture-Based Approach for Content Based Image Retrieval System for Plant LeavesImages
Secret Communication Through Audio For Defense Applications
   I   E   E   E   2   0   1   0   S   e   c   u   r   i   t   y    |   M   e    d   i   c   a    l   A   p   p    l   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
Skin Tone Based Secret Data Hiding In ImagesPSDIP 74
Retinex Image Processing Based On Wavelet TransformPSDIP 75
Image Segmentation based on effective Fuzzy C Means in BiomedicalPSDIP 76
Curvelet based Fusion in Medical Image ProcessingPSDIP 77
Improving the Edge Information of Image based on wavelet coefficient contrastPSDIP 78
Secret Data Communication in common channel using Integer Wavelet TransformPSDIP 79
Liver Segmentation in Medical Application using Region Growing MethodPSDIP 80
Wavelet based Compression with ROI coding for Medical Images
Shadow removal of Foreground detection in Video Surveillance SystemPSDIP 82
Image Retrieval using Multi Feature similarity score using Genetic Algorithm

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