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Fs5 Learning Assessment Strategies-Episode1

Fs5 Learning Assessment Strategies-Episode1

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Published by: Yhan Brotamonte Boneo on Jul 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Learning Assessment Strategies 
Name of FS Student:Course: Year & Section:Cooperating School:
My Target
While I observe two different classes, I will be able to identify applications of principles of assessment.
My Performance (How I Will Be Rated)Field Study 5, Episode 1
Guiding Principles in the Assessment of LearningFocused on: Application of the Principles of Assessment
Tasks Exemplary4Superior3Satisfactory2Unsatisfactory1Observation/ Documentation:All the taskswere done withoutstandingquality; work exceedsexpectations4All or nearly alltasks were donewith highquality3Nearly all taskswere done withacceptablequality2Fewer than half of tasks weredone; or mostobjectives metbut with poorquality1My Analysis Analysisquestions wereansweredcompletely; indepth answers;thoroughlygrounded ontheoriesExemplarygrammar andspelling.Analysisquestions wereansweredcompletelyClearconnection withtheoriesGrammar andspelling areAnalysisquestions werenot answeredcompletely.Vaguely relatedto the theories.Grammar andspellingacceptableAnalysisquestions werenot answered.Grammar andspellingunsatisfactory.
Learning Assessment Strategies
Episode 1
Learning Assessment Strategies 
4 superior32 1My Reflection Reflectionstatements areprofound andclear, supportedby experiencesfrom theepisode.4Reflectionstatements areclear, but notsupported byexperiencesfrom theepisode.3Reflectionstatements areshallow;supported byexperiencesfrom theepisode.2Reflectionstatements areunclear andshallow and arenot supportedby experiencesfrom theepisode.1My Portfolio Portfoliocomplete, clear,well-organizedand allsupportingdocumentationare located insections clearlydesignated.4Portfolio iscomplete, clear,well-organizedand mostsupportingdocumentationare availableand/or inlogical andclearly markedlocations.3Portfolio isincomplete;supportingdocumentationis organized butis lacking.2Portfolio hasmany lackingcomponents; isunorganizedand unclear.1Submission Before deadline4On the deadline3A day after thedeadline2Two days ormore after thedeadline1SubtotalsOver-all ScoreRating: (Based onTransmutation)Signature of FS TeacherAbove Printed NameDateTransmutation of score to grade/ ratingScore Grade Score Grade20 - 1.0 - 99 12-13 - 2.50 - 8118-19 - 1.25 - 96 11 - 2.75 - 7817 - 1.5 - 93 10 - 3.00 - 7516 - 1.75 - 90 8-9 - 3.5 - 72 and15 - 2.00 - 87 7-below - 5.00 - below14 - 2.25 - 84
Learning Assessment Strategies 
My Map
I will observe at 2 different classes. Pay close attention to what the ResourceTeacher does in relation to assessment.
To hit my Target, I will work my way through these steps:
My Tools
As I observe a class, I will use the
Observation Sheet
for a more focusedobservation.
Name of School: Linao National High SchoolSchool Address: Linao North, Tuguegarao City Date of Visit: January 11, 2012Grade/Year Level: II-1 & II - 2 Subject Area: Biology
Principles of Learning Assessment Teaching Behavior of the Teacher/LearningBehavior of the Learner as Proof of theApplication of the Principle of Learning1.
Assessment is an integral part of theteaching-learning process.As I observed in the midst of discussion,the teacher asked question to the learnersand occurrence of ideas or exchange of knowledge were being noticed. This is oneway to evaluate the understanding of thelearners to the topic introduced to them.2.
Assessment tool/activity should matchwith performance objective.As I observed in the classroom, the activitythat was given by the teacher is consistentto the performance objective. The teacheralso introduced and viewed to the studentssome examples of contraceptives in orderfor the teacher to reach her objectives and
Step 4.
Guided by a question/questions. I will reflect on my experience. Writedown my reflection.
Step 3.
I will identify evidence of applications of the principles of assessment of learning. I may cite more than one evidence per
Step 2.
I will observe 2 different classes and interview myResource Teachers for principle # 8.2007 by Corpuz, B. and G. Salandanan andAssessment of Learning 2, 2007 Santos, Rosita, pp.
Step 1.
I will review the principles of assessment of learning on pp. 114-122 of 

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