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DF21 Beneath Black Towen Level 4 6

DF21 Beneath Black Towen Level 4 6



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Published by lifes2short
4th level dungeon & dragon module/adventure/campaign.
4th level dungeon & dragon module/adventure/campaign.

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Published by: lifes2short on Jan 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An AD&D Adventure Module for Characters Levels 4–6
Copyright © 2005 John A. Turcotte
Editor: Michael HaskellLayout: Chris GonnermanCartography: Lorne Marshall,Andreas ClarenProofreading: John GauntCover Art: Santiago IborraInterior Art: Joe Calkins, John Bingham,Stephan Poag, Steve Zieser 
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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D are registered trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast.
Beneath Black Towen
John A. Turcotte
Yngvar, the venerable Jarl of the Land of Song,is troubled. Disturbing tales have reached hisimpregnable hall. An evil is abroad. Dark forcesare said to be mustering in the Tevärä Peaksalong the northern reaches of the realm. Gnollsand worse are descending from the mountainsand harrying the outlying villages in greatenumbers than even the eldest can recall.Winter is coming fast upon the Land, and theharvests, poor as they are, are being stolenand destroyed.The Jarl’s wise woman has consulted with theancestors of the Clans. The answers theyprovide are grim. Evil forces have retaken Black Towen, a place steeped in wickedness. Longago, beyond the memory of any living clanmember, a dark host came from the sunlessnorth and sought to subjugate the Clans. Anevil witch, queen of some undiscovered arcticdominion, led the fell host and raised a terriblefortress out of the living rock of the peaks. Fromthere, Her Dark Majesty, as she was called,directed her forces against the Land of Song.The stories of the heroic battles against HeDark Majesty’s forces are many. At last, the JarlHjalmar rallied all of the Clans and crushed theforces of evil in an epic battle upon a frozenfjord. Her Majesty was destroyed, and Hjalmar led his victorious host into the dark peaks andtore down the walls of that terrible place.Now nefarious things are returning to thosefiendish ruins. Where his bravest warriors havefailed, Yngvar has called for outlander heroesto aid the Clans, promising great rewards andimmortality in song. The heroes are chargedwith making their way through the perilousTrePeaks to Black Towen and withdestroying the source of the evil there. Whoknows what danger lurks in those vastshadowed heights where the northern lightsplay?
This module is the second in the
Her DarMajesty
series, the first being
Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep
. It is not necessary to play the firstmodule to run this adventure; each installmentmay be played independently of the others ifthe DM chooses. If your players have alreadycompleted
, then their characters arealready considered heroes of the Land ofSong. Yngvar approaches them again to seek out the source of this growing menace.The Clans are indeed threatened.
, themost powerful of Her Dark Majesty’s servants toescape the wrath of the Clans, has retakenBlack Towen. Already, she is rallying evil forcesbeneath the banner of her mistress. The heroesmust strike a blow against the dark host beforeit can muster against the already weakenedclans.The party should be between 6 and 8 innumber. If there are fewer or more player characters, the DM must adjust the encounterscontained herein accordingly. The Jarl canoutfit the adventurers with whatevereasonable and necessary provisions they mayneed for the journey. He also sends a faithfulguide, Gregers, to lead the party into thefearsome peaks. Gregers is a 3rd level chaoticgood fighter (HP: 22; S: 13, I: 11, W: 11, D: 14; C:15, CH: 13). He is equipped with studdedleather armor, large wooden shield, spear,throwing axe, and long sword. Note that ifGregers perished during play of the
adventure, his place is taken by his cousin Jens,
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They say foul things of Old Times still lurkIn dark forgotten corners of the world, And Gates still gape to loose, on certain nights,Shapes pent in Hell. –– Robert E. Howard, “The Black Stone”

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