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Published by: Abdallah Essam Al-Zireeni on Jul 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Dental Base resin ( LEC. 5 )
UsesDental resin materials or acrylic resin material has multiple uses not just for makingdenture they can be used to :-make special tray or custom trayto make a base plate on which we attach the wax and set the teethand they also can be used for repair for relying dentureProcess of making denture involve tacking impression ,pouring the impression to makea module doing a wax up then de-
waxing “removing the wax” then replacing it with
acrylic risen material and do the procedure of processing or flasking to cure thematerial and allow it to set and then u finish be polishing your prosthetics and give it toyou patient
Why acrylic risen materialn
ow the material of choice for this sort of restoration “ which is complete or partialdenture” acrylic risen material . among good properties that it’s cheep , it’s easy to useand process it’s provide reasonable aesthetic
it’s disadvantages it is n
ot strong
enough especially the impact strength “ that mean if it drops on the floor it can beeasily fractured “ …. it used to be translucent so if your patient swallow part of it , itwon’t be visible in the x
-rays but newer material have component that are radiooblique so u can actually see it on radiographif part of the denture brea
k off and the patient swallow it , it’s important for us to see
it on a radiograph we want to see if it in the stomach or in the lungif in the stomach -------- good news :Pif in lung -------- bad newsanother disadvantage it is susceptible to distortion it might distort . and if it distort itwont fit probably
it got low thermal conductivity why is this bad if a patient drinks hot drink “too hot” .
and the material slowly transfer s the heat he might actually burn a tissue withoutactually feeling quickly enough that he drinking something is very hot so he dose not
relaise that he’s drinking very hot liquid and it’s already in his mouth and ther
e is achance to burning his tissue underneath the denture .patient commonly burn there tissue because the material does not quickly give thesensation of heat because it hve low thermal conductivity .as I said it can be use to make denture , acrlic teeth , denture teeth also can be madefrom acrylic material base plate or special trays some if can be use for
relying dentureto make the fit properly 
,, some time if the denture making trauma to the tissue we canuse what we call a tissue conditioners again making of acrylic material powder liquid
mixed together it’s placed on a inner surface of the denture and it will act like acushion it’s soft so the patient could continue wearing the denture and it will not heart
because something is cushioning his t
issue and it’s more comfortable .this is an example of heat cure material “powder and liquid component “ it also can be
called cure which mean I can set be time no need for heatingsome of the material as was mentioned in the LAB light cured materials some of them
are pour and cure risen “which mean that they are highly flowable you mix them and u
actually pour them to the mould or the flask .
In genral the reaction is polymerization reaction , so we got monomer cross linked to polemer 
so the monmer is called methyl acrylate and the polymer is polymethyel acrylate , thisa commonly used material . There is for example poly ethyl acrylate which is slightlydifferent .as a definition a polymer is made of large long chain molecules formed by chemically joining smaller molecule together .
what decide weather the end product is flexible or rigid it depend on the bond “ thecross linking “
it they were strong and highly charged then the end result is a rigid material if thebond between the component slightly weaker than this the the end result material willbe slightly flexibleBriefly, what do we mean by addition polymrayzation reactionit got four stages
the first one call the activation …. Followed by intiation …. Two occure togother
two ways to activating these materials either by heat hence we have heat cure materialor by certain chemical materials in the chemical cure materialwhen does the reaction starts ? - once you mix the powder with the liquid now theactivator is present in the liquid so the initiator will be present in the powderthe chemical activator mostly is called
tertiary amine
 the most commonly used initiator is
benzoate peroxide
{you have to memorize them }this is in chemical cure materialIn heat cure material the intial is
benzyl peroxide
but the activation occure
by heat
when we place the material on hot water ‘
What will happen when these come on contact benzyl peroxide start to break up andrelease very active component we call them
free radical
 Free radical are very active the start breaking bond and making a new bond and crosslinking between different monomers
Once all monomers are tighte up or no more free radicals reaction stops terminates
So again we have
that’s mean that the reaction iscontinuing by macking new bond breaking old bonds … and once there’s no
monomers or no more free radicals the reactions stop and the setting is final which is

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