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Obama for America Releases New Television Advertisement: “The Choice”

Obama for America Releases New Television Advertisement: “The Choice”

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Published by: TIMEThePage on Jul 23, 2012
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Obama for America Releases New Television Advertisement: “The Choice” 
response-bounces@barackobama.com on behalf of Obama for America Press[press@barackobama.com]
Monday, July 23, 2012 4:10 PM
Obama for America Press [press@barackobama.com]
For Immediate Release:
Monday, July 23, 2012
Obama for America Press (312) 985-1198
Obama for America Releases New Television Advertisement: “The Choice”CHICAGO --
Obama for America released a new television advertisement today titled “The Choice.” TheAmerican people will decide over the next four month between two fundamentally different plans for our country, and OFA’s new ad features President Obama laying out the choice of how to grow the economy, createmiddle-class jobs and pay down the debt. The President’s plan ensures everyone pays their fair share and stillinvests in the things we need to create jobs and grow our economy over the long term, like education, energy, andinfrastructure.“The Choice” will air in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania,and Virginia.Please click 
to watch the new ad. 
President Obama speakingdirectly to camera. 
: Over thenext four months, you have achoice to make. Not just between two political parties,or even two people. It’s achoice between two verydifferent plans for our country. Governor Romney’s plan would cut taxes for thefolks at the very top. Roll back regulations on big banks.And he says that if we do, our economy will grow andeveryone will benefit. But youknow what? We tried that topdown approach. It’s whatcaused the mess in the first place. I believe the only wayto create an economy built tolast…ROMNEY’S PLAN WOULD CUT TAXES FOR THE WEALTHIEST AMERICANS 
Under Romney’s Plan, The Top 1% Of Households Would Benefit From 39.1% Of The Tax Cuts.
[Tax Policy Center, MittRomney’s Tax Plan By Cash Income Percentile(Baseline: Current Policy), Summary Table,3/1/12]
 Under Romney’s Plan, Millionaires As AGroup Would Receive A Larger Portion Of Romney’s Tax Cuts Than Those Making LessThan $100,000.
Under Romney’s plan, thosemaking more than $1,000,000 a year wouldreceive 31.4% of the tax cuts. Those makinganything less than $100,000 a year would onlyreceive 14.2% of his tax cuts. [Tax Policy Center,Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan By Cash Income Level(Baseline: Current Policy), Summary Table,3/1/12]
 Under Romney’s Plan, A Typical Millionaire
Obama for America Releases New Television Advertisement: “...https://nycowa2.timeinc.com/owa/?ae=Item&t=IPM.Note&id...1 of 167/23/12 4:33 PM
Family With Kids Would Receive A Tax CutMore Than 4,000 Times Larger Than AWorking Family With Kids.
Under Romney’s plan, the average tax cut for a family with kidsmaking between $40,000 and $50,000 a year would be $56. The average tax cut for a familywith kids making more than a million dollars ayear would be $233,629. [Tax Policy Center, MittRomney’s Tax Plan By Cash Income Level(Baseline: Current Policy), Detail Table
TaxUnits with Children,3/1/12] 
Under Romney’s New Tax Cuts, The Top0.1% Would Receive An Average Tax CutNearly 900 Times Larger Than The MiddleClass.
Under Romney’s plan, a typical householdin the top 0.1 percent – those making more than$2,868,534 – would see an average tax cut of $725,716. The typical household in the middlequintile would receive an average tax cut of $810. [Tax Policy Center, Mitt Romney’s TaxPlan By Cash Income Percentile (Baseline:Current Policy), Summary Table,3/1/12] ROMNEY WOULD REPEAL WALL STREETREFORM AND ALLOW WALL STREET TOWRITE ITS OWN RULES AGAIN 
Romney Pledge To Repeal Dodd-Frank ButHas Been Silent On How He Would PreventWall Street From Engaging In The RiskyPractices That Helped Cause The 2008Financial Crisis.
“Republican Mitt Romney is pledging, if he is elected president, to repeal theDodd-Frank financial regulations, a positionfavored by donors on Wall Street who have sentmillions the candidate’s way. But he is nearlysilent on how - without the regulation - he would prevent Wall Street from once again engaging inthe risky practices that helped cause the 2008financial crisis.” [Boston Globe,5/2/12] ROMNEY IS PUSHING POLICIES THATLEAD TO THE ECONOMIC CRISIS 
Washington Post’s Ezra Klein: “ReadingRomney’s Policies, You Would Never KnowThat The Nation Is Still Facing HighUnemployment Rates Or That It Just Came
Obama for America Releases New Television Advertisement: “...https://nycowa2.timeinc.com/owa/?ae=Item&t=IPM.Note&id...2 of 167/23/12 4:33 PM
Through The Worst Financial Crisis In AGeneration … There’s Nothing In HisCampaign Platform That Couldn’t Have BeenIn Bush’s Platform. In Fact, Most Of It Was.”
“Reading Romney’s policies, you would never know that the nation is still facing highunemployment rates or that it just came throughthe worst financial crisis in a generation. Youcertainly wouldn’t think we’d just emerged froma decade in which large tax cuts and financialderegulation led to major economic distress. Thisis not necessarily the fault of Romney’s advisers,who have rethought elements of the RepublicanParty platform and have taken risks. Mankiw, for instance, has eloquently argued for a tax oncarbon emissions and for a looser monetary policy. Hubbard has pushed efforts to encouragemass refinancing. Vin Weber, another Romneyadviser, was an advocate of the Bowles-Simpsondeficit-reduction plan. But Romney hasn’t gonefor any of these policies. There’s nothing in hiscampaign platform that couldn’t have been inBush’s platform. In fact, most of it was.” [EzraKlein, Washington Post,4/30/12] 
Washington Post’s Ezra Klein ColumnHeadline:
“Romney Campaign Seems ToHave Forgotten About Bush’s EconomicCrises”
Washington Post Headline: “Economists:Romney’s Ideas Wouldn’t Fix Short-TermCrisis, And Could Make Things Worse.”
 [Greg Sargent, Washington Post,6/7/12] 
Washington Post’s Greg Sargent: TwoEconomists “Both Agreed That Romney’sIdeas Would Do Little Or Nothing To Fix TheImmediate Crisis, And Could In The ShortTerm Make Things Worse.”
“Mitt Romneyfrequently faults President Obama for not havingany kind of plan to pull us out of our employment
Obama for America Releases New Television Advertisement: “...https://nycowa2.timeinc.com/owa/?ae=Item&t=IPM.Note&id...3 of 167/23/12 4:33 PM

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