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Erin Klein - A Smooth Transition Into Flip

Erin Klein - A Smooth Transition Into Flip



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Published by Classroom 2.0 Book
Chapter submission for the Classroom 2.0 Book Project
Chapter submission for the Classroom 2.0 Book Project

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Published by: Classroom 2.0 Book on Jul 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Smooth Transition into Flip
Erin Klein
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Author contact:
Author Biography:
Klein has worked withteachers across the state of Michigan to helpdevelop creative ways for technology integration
into the classroom. Though Klein rmly believesin preparing students for a global society, she continuously reinforces that technology
is simply a tool to support and enhance instruction – the teacher and the studentsdrive the learning. Those who have worked with Klein state that the most surprising
aspect they walk away with is seeing how truly motivated the students become. Notonly are her resources benecial, but her enthusiastic approach is contagious as she
works with fellow educators and students. Klein is the technology co-chairperson
for the Michigan Reading Association, a national A Plus Workshop Presenter, SMARTTechnologies Exemplary Educator, Really Good Stuff Monthly Blogger, Edutopia GuestBlogger, National Writing Project member, Teaching Blog Addict Business Manager,guest contributor to Edudemic, EdCamp Detroit Organizer, and award winning
EduTech Blogger at Kleinspiration.com.
Activity Summary
If you’ve considered making a transition into a ipped classroom but can’t gure out where to start, itmay be a good idea to take some of the best pieces of the ipped classroom model and the best of Web 2.0 and introduce them to your traditional classroom, without advertising it as a ip. By doingthis, you may be able to benet from the use of several platforms without the added pressure or commitment of ipping your classroom.
Class or subject area: Language ArtsGrade level(s):
K - 8
Specifc learning objectives:
The student will explore new forms of creative writing.
The student will cultivate the art of revision as part of the writing process.
The student will incorporate Internet technology as part of the learning process.
The student will acquire the knowledge of how and where to publish her/his creative writing.
If you’ve considered making a transition into a ipped classroom but can’t gure out where to start, itmay be a good idea to take some of the best pieces of the ipped classroom model and the best of Web 2.0 and introduce them to your traditional classroom, without advertising it as a ip. By doingthis, you may be able to benet from the use of several platforms without the added pressure or commitment of ipping your classroom.One of the big steps to making a transition such as this is accepting the fact that the term ippedclassroom remains for the most part, rather undened. There isn’t a book or a manual on how to ip.Publishers don’t ship ipped classrooms by the truckload to schools. This often can cause peers andparents to have a bit of a negative reaction to teachers that jump directly into ipping a classroom.There is often no specic reason or research behind the negativity, aside from the general assertionthat many people are opposed to change. You can show them examples or videos of how a ip willwork, but until the see the effects rsthand, it is difcult for many to comprehend that there is more
than one way to teach.
Taking it slow and trying different bits of Web 2.0 and the ipped model will allow you to have somefun experimenting with what works, demonstrate results, and achieve buy-in. One of the biggestmisconceptions about the ipped model is that you have to go all or nothing. It’s a big commitment to jump into a full ip, and takes a lot of courage and determination. What is often overlooked is the factthat there is a possibility to do a partial ip, taking baby steps while adopting the portions that your 
students need most.
There is some great technology out there today for teachers to take two steps forward into ipping
their students’ learning. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to two of my favorites thathave helped create some wonderful results in my experience.
“We want to help teachers share their teaching online” 
-Wade RobertsUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve by now heard of Sal Khan and his growing collectionof YouTube video lessons covering a dizzying array of subjects. Khan’s popularity has sparked adebate among educators about the effectiveness of his methods and the role of online video lessons
in education.
 As educators debate, students appear to be voting with their eyeballs, as trafc to Khan Academy isexploding. Are tomorrow’s students destined to learn all their math lessons from the prolic Mr. Khan?Not so fast, according to the founders of Educreations. The startup wants to give students lots of 
choices of online teachers – including the teachers they see every day at school.
“Khan has provided a powerful example of what’s possible,” says Educreations CEO Wade Roberts.“There are millions of great teachers in the world, but today you can only learn from them if youhappen to be sitting in their classrooms. We want to help teachers share their teaching online soanyone can learn from them.”
Quick & Simple
It’s an ambitious goal. In order for Educreations to provide students access to all those great lessons,
they’ll need lots of teachers to record the lessons and post them to the Web, which has never beenan easy process. Roberts claims they’ve created a quick and simple new way for teachers to recorda lesson and share it online in just a few minutes – from anywhere. And it’s all made possible by amagical little device you may have heard about – the iPad.
Just Released
The Educreations iPad app transforms the tablet into an interactive whiteboard that records ateacher’s voice and handwriting as they explain a concept or work through an example problem.Teachers can add photos to their lessons from the iPad’s Photo Library or camera, or a Dropboxaccount, and they can animate the photos by tapping and dragging. Finished lessons are hostedon educreations.com, where they can be shared privately with a class of students or publicly with
How It’s Different
It’s not the rst recordable whiteboard application that’s been developed for the iPad. Other similar apps include ShowMe and ScreenChomp. However, Educreations stands apart from the other appsin terms of features, design and ease of use. Handwriting in the Educreations app is smooth anduid, and looks and feels just like using a real whiteboard marker. It’s the only app out of the threethat allows you to move and resize photos while you’re recording to create animations. Also, unlikethe other apps, Educreations lets you create multiple pages, so you don’t have to erase the screento give yourself more room. It’s evident that team Educreations put a lot of thought into building the
features a teacher will need to record a lesson on the iPad.
Recommendation Engine
Roberts says he and co-founder, Chris Streeter, are aiming to create something like a YouTube for learning. “The overall quality of the lessons will continually improve as more teachers contribute andthe data helps us identify which lessons are the most effective. Similar to the way Netix and Amazonrecommend movies and products you will like, our goal is to be able to recommend the lessons thatwill be most helpful to each student, whether those lessons were created by their teacher at school or by a teacher on the other side of the world.”“We expect many teachers will develop massive followings, because they explain a complex topic ina fantastic way that just makes sense to students. We’ll know we’ve succeeded if a bunch of teacherson Educreations become internet sensations – because they’re that good, and the world can nallyhear what they have to say.”

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Meg Krause added this note
Erin, I have only been following you a short time, but truly I am in awe of all you accomplish. I feel honored to have you in my PLN! Thank you for sharing about Educreations and Class Connect -- both of which I have been considering experimenting with. Now, with your endorsement, I'm ready to dive it. Meg
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