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Anatomy of Talent & Our Future

Anatomy of Talent & Our Future



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Published by Olivar Kamprojo
Talent is something you can not leave without acknowledgment in success. Talent is something that can and will make you happy, if you give it a change. This document will give you some new thoughts about how you live your life and how you are wasting your life.

You decide. Read it now, read it good and spread the word!
Talent is something you can not leave without acknowledgment in success. Talent is something that can and will make you happy, if you give it a change. This document will give you some new thoughts about how you live your life and how you are wasting your life.

You decide. Read it now, read it good and spread the word!

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Published by: Olivar Kamprojo on Jan 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anatomy of Talent & Our Future
Written by Olivar Kamprojowww.olivarkamprojo.com
Once upon time...
Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a boy. The boy was like everyother boy on the block. But for some reason the boy always thought he was reallysmart. He always knew what other people where thinking or feeling. They werealways completely amazed when he asked questions like “what’s the matter, youseem sad” when the person was really feeling sad but tried to hide it as good asthey could. If that wasn’t enough to make him think he was smarter than mostpeople, he always knew how to solve problems. So the problems that seemed sohard for other people to solve were easy for him.After other kids realized he could do that, they came to him for solution if therewas problem with something. The boy usually said straight away something thatwould help. One of the boys most feared “features” was somehow to be able to tellif you lied. He just listened and then instantly replied something that basically said“I know you are lying” but with more politically correct tone and wording. The boy wasn’t trying to be smarter than everybody else or showo
. He justthought he had to be because it was really easy for him to do those things. Sowhen he realized that for other people it wasn’t so easy he just thought he wasborn smarter than everybody else.After a while the boy realized how he wanted to make a living. He wanted to be arock star because rock stars are usually cool and get all the ladies. You know, typicalteenager crap. First you just gotta make some songs, sing real nice and sell somerecords. The boy wanted guitar really bad and was very eager to get started. His fatherwasn’t a wealthy man and life was tough for him. Because the boy was really goodat solving problems, he quickly
gured out the solution. He could sell somethingand pay part of the bill so his dad could a
ord it. The guitar was a present from hisfather but the boy helped with payment.So the boy started training playing and started making songs. He listened manybands and tried “to get inspired”. After few “ok” songs he realized he wasn’t the bestsongwriter in the world and kinda gave up. He didn’t stop playing guitar but hewent back to just playing the songs he really liked. Then it’s was time to go to highschool. After high school he studied and became a deal negotiator for companies.
If you didn’t guess already, the boy is and was me. You can see many clear andinteresting hints about whats to come when you read the story. First, it was alwayseasy for me to mirror what the other person was feeling. In case you didn’t know,people for some reason like people who act like they act. Like takes a sip of co
eeafter you have sipped yours. I learned early on the ways of getting what I wanted.And the other piece of the puzzle was my knack for solving problems. Actually Iwasn’t good at solving problems - it was just really easy for me to see patterns andcorrelations between issues, people, etc. So if you give me all the information youhave, I “seecorrelations fast and that way I can give you a solution how you cansolve your problem. I don’t do it on purpose and I can’t control it. That’s just theway my brain works and process the input.So what do I do, I become a deal negotiator. You need a home theatre? I have asolution I can honestly recommend. You buy this, this and this and you are all set togo. Why I was quite more successful than other sales people? That’s easy to
gureout when you think about. I knew what the guy’s problems were and Irecommended a right product for that problem. It sounds easy but if you are orhave been a sales person, you know how di
cult it can be to
nd the rightproduct. People have all these weird things you are supposed to know whenbuying television for example. Someone likes big screen, someone likes modelsthat are designed trendy , etc. You just have to get them to tell you these thingseven they don’t even realize they need to tell these. How did I do it? I just mirroredthem, they felt comfortable and then I talked with them friend to friend. Theyprobably told me things about them and their taste that they wouldn’t normallytell to a sales person. Result: Really happy customers who buy from you all theirequipment because you seem to know what
ts them.Results for me where not good. I ended up hating that job and
nally I quit. Reasonwas simple too, I wasn’t very keen to discuss with strangers. I love to discuss butnot with the people I don’t know. That’s a bit of problem when talking withcustomers. I also wasn’t good at handling angry customers. Dealing with angrypeople usually a
ects me long time after the argument and it just ruins my day.So thats where we’re now. However that experience was really important for meand my future. It taught me business and how the basic pieces work. And yet againI found something that came to me really really easy. That was strategic marketingthinking. People always say when they see some really cool and
ashy ad or launchcampaign for some product something like “how did they come with that and how

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