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Jane Corrie - The Impossible Boss

Jane Corrie - The Impossible Boss



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Published by Mona Abou-Zeid

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Published by: Mona Abou-Zeid on Jul 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tammy Dainton had come a long way
as far as the Australian outback, tobe precise
to take up her new job as secretary on a remote station. It wasn't exactly a good beginning, therefore, when she immediately got onthe wrong side of her new boss, Rick Hatton. Rick might own the station- -and the whole surrounding district, so far as Tammy could gather--but hewasn't going to bully her and push her around! But it seemed he was all thecards were stacked in his favour and he clearly intended to make full use of that fact. So why did Tammy care so much when she met one girl he did have plenty of time for 
the glamorous Diana Scott?
Printed in Great Britain
 Books you will enjoy by JANE CORRIE  DANGEROUS ALLIANCE  Having a brilliant but eccentric father had not helped Kent in the past, and even after hisdeath she found herself caught up in his plans for her future. A future that unfortunatelyincluded Matt King, his dogmatic business partner.THE BAHAMIAN PIRATE Serena did not see any particular harm in pretending to be nice old Mrs. Tonetti's granddaughter. But that was before she had crossed swords with the indomitable Jordan Kerr, who was deeply suspicious of the whole thing and was clearly not going to leaveSerena in peace!GREEN PADDOCKS  Her home, Green Paddocks, meant more than anything in the world to Holly Drew
but it was only because of that maddening Chester Hayes that she was able to stay there. So shemust just put up with him and his autocratic ways as best she could. But how Holly wished  people wouldn't keep thinking she was romantically interested in him. She wasn't, shewasn't!SINCLAIR TERRITORY  After the tragic end of her brief marriage, Delia was only too thankful to go out to Australiato stay with her Aunt Lucy. She soon found that Aunt Lucy was more than ordinarilydependent 
 some might say under the thumb of 
the forceful Dane Sinclair But heneedn't think that Delia was going to follow her aunt's example! All the characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the Author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names. They are not even distantly inspired by any individual known or unknown to the Author, and all theincidents are pure invention. First published 1975This edition 1977 
Jane Corrie 1975 For copyright reasons, this book may not be issued on loan or otherwise except in itsoriginal soft cover. ISBN 0 263 724077 
TAMMY DAINTON waved farewell to the Agency truck that had brought her to her destination from Adelaide.She walked up the immaculate driveway bordered with flowering shrubs,and wished she could have been able to freshen herself up before presenting herself to her employer. The journey had taken just over twohours and it had been hot and sticky in the truck. She glanced down at her linen frock, glad at least that she'd chosen to wear one that didn't crease.She straightened the straw hat on her head and looked ahead of her andstared at the imposing old Colonial homestead facing her. My, it was grand!Well kept too, she thought as she mounted the steps leading to the equallyimposing front door. She wondered where the actual farm was. Her employer, she had learnt, was a farmer.She pulled the bell and waited, gazing back down across the groundssurrounding the homestead. Fenced-off green pastures ran parallel with thedrive. They were called paddocks, no different from at home, she thought.In fact, she mused, looking at the well-kept lawns in front of her andnumerous shrubs that nestled around the homestead, one could wellimagine oneself right in the heart of Surrey, the county she had left only sixweeks ago.Hearing someone approaching, Tammy looked in the direction of thefootsteps. The man stopped in his tracks, stared, then came closer. He wasat least six foot tall, his blond hair looked almost white from exposure to thesun. As he came closer Tammy saw he was quite bronzed. That was onething she had to get used to, well tanned beings. Coming from the land of  pale faces, as she would have put it, it made a welcome change. Not thatthere was any welcome in this man's approach, in fact quite the reverse.Tammy would have smiled had there been any sign of softening in hishandsome features, but for all the expression they showed they might have

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naomif792000 reviewed this
Rated 2/5
Hero was a complete swine!
jltitus1 reviewed this
Rated 4/5
I always loved these old-school harlequin romances. this one of the BEST harlequin bullies!!!

gotta love it!
Desi_Zh reviewed this
Rated 5/5
A very romantic story. I love it!
Ezeadiebuo Glory reviewed this
Rated 2/5
ridiculous story! please do not waste your time on this romance.
sunshinekajal liked this
Desi_Zh liked this
Desi_Zh liked this
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