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Ice Cream

Ice Cream



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Published by: Jennifer L. Armentrout on Jul 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Ice CreamDaemon and I glared at each from opposite corners of my porch. Well, I was doing mostof the glaring and he was doing most of the smirking.
“I can sit here all night,” he said, leaning against the railing as if he truly planned oncamping out here. I thought of the day he’d invited me to the pool.
 When provoked, the boy could be as determined as he was annoying
. “You want to get ice cream, I’m coming with you.”
The car keys dug into my palm. “I don’t want you to go with me.”
“I. Don’t. Care.”
 For a second, I entertained myself with visions of flying across the porch and slashinghim with my keys
not in that beautiful face, though
like a ninja.He ran a
hand through his hair, knocking it off his forehead. “The only other option is forme to have Dee get you some.”
“She’ll eat
it al
l before she even got back here!”
His lips twitched. “Now, that’s very true. Then I guess you’re going to take your happy 
ittle butt,” he gestured at my front door with one hand, “back into the house, where there is noice cream, no chocolate syrup.”
 I sighed. It wasn
t like I didn
t understand why I couldn
t roam around by myself. There was still an Arum around and since I was glowing like a disco ball, I was a target. But I
d reachedmy acceptable Daemon-limit for one day.
“Or sprinkles the color of the rainbow,” he continued evilly. “Or those cool little spoons
they give you at this pe
rfect shop in town.”
Taking a deep breath, I folded my arms. “You’re so wrong.”
“Oh! And there’s definitely no soft serve in your house. Or ice cream cones. Or ice creamin general.”
 I groaned, fighting the urge to bang my head off the side of the house
. “God, I hate yousometimes.”
Daemon flashed those white teeth. “No, you don’t.”
Instead of arguing with him, I stalked forward. “Come on. Let’s go.”
“Finally. You see reason.”
Before I could respond or do anything, he snatched the keys from my hand.
“Hey!” I yelled. “What do you think you’re doing?”
Daemon was already beside my sedan, opening the driver’s door. I hated it when he
pulled that super-
speed crap. He sent me an innocent look. “Sorry. I do not trust my life in yourdriving hands.”
 I rolled my eyes as I stomped toward the passenger side.
“Fine. Drive. Whatever.”
He chuckled, and my skin pricked with irritation and… and I didn’t know what else was
there. Amusement? Yes. No one got to me like Daemon. One moment he had me ready to goatomic
on him and the next I was feeling all sorts of things that didn’t make sense.
 But he had saved my life. How many times now? Three? Probably more if I counted the bear and when he stood up for me to the other Luxen.Geez, I was a nuisance. And he stayed with my after the dance. Not because he felt obligated, but because heknew I was scared. Deep down, Daemon could be a decent guy when he wanted to be. We argued the whole way into town: over the radio station, the speed limit, if my brakesneeded replacing, and why I should get better tires before it snowed. When we finally arrived atthe Mom and Pop style diner, Daemon got out of the car first, hitting the automatic locks beforeI could open the door.
“Argh!” I
the unlock button and threw the door open. “Jerk!”
a sly grin over his shoulder, he opened the door for me. “Ladies first.”
 Weary, I inched forward, half expecting him to let it shut in my face, but when he didn’t,I muttered, “Thank you.”
 His deep chuckle sent a shiver over my skin.
 You sound so sincere,
he said, slippingaround me.
So, what are you in the mood for?
 There was a sudden image of him pressed against me, his hand on the bare skin of my stomach. My chest warmed. Maybe I kept thinking about that moment because Daemon wasasleep and therefore could open his annoying mouth.Daemon leaned in and murmured,
Ice cream, Kitten. I
m talking about ice cream.
I know.
I shoved him, but it was like trying to move a mountain. He didn
t goanywhere, and I gave up when he dropped his arm over my shoulders.He steered be away from the cluster of small booths and toward the glass case that borethe sign ICE CREAM FOR ANY SEASON. The moment I saw the buckets of creamy goodness,my stomach rumbled.There were so many options. Mostly a lot of fall themed flavors
pumpkin, pumpkinspice, apple butter (ew), pecan pie, and so on. Daemon ordered a combination of fall flavors that
made my stomach turn, and I settled on a bowl of chocolate and vanilla. Of course, I had the girl behind the counter dump syrup by the truck load and make it rain with sprinkles.Taking our bowls to a booth by the back window, we sat. There was only two otherpeople in the diner, and if it wasn
t for the oldies station playing on a radio, the silence would
 ve been unbearable.It was already pretty damn awkward.I dug into my ice cream like I hadn
t eaten in two weeks. I wasn
t a big ice cream eater, but man, when I had a craving for it, it was bad. And this was perfect. The syrup was like a littlechocolate lake in my bowl.Glancing up, I found Daemon watching me with hooded eyes.
 He shrugged on shoulder.I felt heat creep across my cheeks.
 Are you watching me eat?
He popped a huge mound of ice cream in his mouth.
s not creepy or anything.
Self-conscious, I spun the spoon through the goop.
Can you watch someone else?
 One side of his lips tipped up.
I don
t want to watch someone else.
 My stupid heart toppled over like that statement was a declaration of love.
Do youalways do what you want?
 He coughed out a laugh.
Not quite, Kitten. And besides, there
s hardly anyone else inhere. I think the other lady is like eighty-five. You
re better to look at.
Geez. Thanks.
re welcome.
 I rolled my eyes. Silence fell between us, and I struggled to find something to talk about.
Do you come here a lot?
 He didn
t answer immediately and the lines of his striking face tightened.
 We used to.
 It took me a moment to understand what he meant and I felt my chest tightened.
 Youused to?
  A far off look crawled into the green eyes.
 We used to come here every week with
 Dawson. Like Dee, ice cream was another food group for him.
 I looked away, aching for him and Dee.
 And you don
t come here anymore with Dee?
 Probably because it was too hard for them, and I had a feeling that Daemon avoidedanything that reminded him of his brother. I wondered why he would
 ve picked this place, because I could tell by his stiff movements, the memories hurt.

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