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Williamstown Town Manager Report July 13, 2012

Williamstown Town Manager Report July 13, 2012

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Published by: iBerkshires.com on Jul 24, 2012
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TOWN MANAGER'S REPORT 2012-13 JULY 23, 2012http://www.williamstown.net
JULY 23, 2012
 Renovations to the Harper Center have begun. On Friday, July 13, electrician CarmenLaCasse disconnected the power to the 1980 heating plant in the attic to prepare it for removal.On Monday, July 16, Vareschi Plumbing of North Adams arrived and began removing originalduct work and the ancient heat plant through the ventilation grids in the front of the building.They completed this stage on Tuesday, July 17. The Vareschi people have been working in theearly morning hours before the attic spaces heat up and thus have avoided the heat and have notdisrupted regularly scheduled COA programming.Phase 2, the installation of insulated duct work for the new heating and cooling plant,which will be located on the main floor in a closet on the Church Street side of the building,begins this week as well. Vareschi intends to work through the weekend on the project. Theactual bits and pieces of duct work, pipes, wiring, etc. are custom created for the spaces at Harperand are fabricated in North Adams.Electrician LaCasse will schedule a day to upgrade the electrical service to the building.This will require shutting off power to the building and adding an upgraded electrical service andconnecting to the transformer in the center of the Proprietors Field complex. LaCasse is lookingat possibly doing this on Saturday, July 28.While the HVAC work is being completed, building contractor Jonathan Duda hasordered the materials (e. g. windows, lumber) necessary to complete the project. He has beenworking with the architect and Williamstown building inspectors on the final plan and will beginhis portion of the project in a couple weeks.Williamstown Commons will host their Annual Senior Community picnic on Thursday,July 26, from 11:30 to 1:00 with lots of good food and entertainment. An indication of how manyfolks are coming will be appreciated, so signup sheets are available in the Harper Center and atthe Housing Authority office at Meadowvale. You can call your reservation in to those locationsas well at 458-8250 and 458-8282 respectivelyFriday, July 27, is the date for the July “Brown Bag” delivery in Williamstown. BrownBag is a monthly offering of shelf stable foods, canned goods, and boxed or bagged items such aspasta or bags of rice, as well as fruits and veggies in season, fresh eggs, soy milk, etc., deliveredonce monthly in a brown paper sack. The program is sponsored by the Foodbank of WesternMassachusetts and is offered for a modest donation every month to seniors who meet moderateincome guidelines. The food is shipped from the Foodbank’s operations center in the Pioneer
Valley to the Spitzer Center in North Adams, where the bags are assembled for distribution by theCOA van. Eligibility for the Brown Bag program involves a simple one page application andstatement of income to verify eligibility. Interested persons can contact the COA office at theHarper Center, 458-8250, for an application and assistance completing the very simple form.
 Absentee ballots for the September 6 State Primary are available in the Town Clerk'soffice. The deadline to request an absentee ballot is 12:00 noon on Wednesday, September 5.Residents should note that while elections are commonly held on Tuesday, this next StatePrimary will take place on Thursday, September 6.The deadline to register to vote for the State Primary is Friday, August 17. The townclerk's office will remain open until 8:00 pm that evening.
 Ryan and Michael have been performing progress inspections and plan reviews, andmeeting with design professionals and contractors on various projects;- 20 Williams College periodic inspections (Certificate of Inspection) have been completed- Building permits have been issued for Lickety Split in the Dennison Gate House, HarperCenter, Chandler Gym (basketball court), and several small residential projects- Commercial project inspections have been done at Lansing Chapman Rink alterations,Williams steam line alterations, Jewish Religious Center, Currier Hall, Stetson Library, andClark Art Institute Visitors Exhibition and Educational Center. A number of small residentialprojects have also been inspected.On July 11 there was a workplace accident at 18-20 Meadow Street. Two workmen fellfrom staging. One workman sustained injuries to his chest. The injured worker was transported toBMC, where he was treated and released. DIS inspected the site, and notified the Department of Public Safety, OSHA, and Division of Industrial Accidents. Investigations by OSHA andDivision of Industrial accidents are in progress.Chief Pedercini and Michael Card inspected Williams College Goodrich Hall andcertified it for occupancy as a nightclub. This is a requirement for the Selectmen to issue analcoholic beverage license to WTF.The Health Inspector has been performing swimming pool inspections. The Mass. Dept.of Public Health classifies all public or semi-public pools the same whether they are largemunicipal pools or small bed and breakfast pools. Pools are inspected for water quality, signage,safety equipment, appropriate chemical tests with appropriate chemical testing equipment,appropriate flow rate and turnover, and certification of the pool operator.The Health Inspector has been inspecting recreational camps for children. The campswere administratively inspected prior to receiving a license for written procedures, criminal andsexual offender background checks, and other administrative functions. While in operation thecamps are inspected for adequate medical personnel, adequate first aid equipment, completedmedical evaluations and releases for campers and staff, adequate water and appropriateprocedures to insure the continued health and safety of the campers. All camps in Williamstown,except the Youth Center, use Williams College dining facilities and dormitories, which also areinspected regularly by the Health Department.
The Health Inspector has been witnessing soil evaluations for the upgrade of septicsystems. In the last few years, the number of evaluations has fallen of as fewer new homes arebuilt, and fewer home sales are triggering Title 5 inspections.The Health Inspector continues inspecting rental units as part of the local Certificate of Compliance inspection program.The Health Inspector continues Food Establishment inspections, and periodic spot checksof the Farmers Market.The Conservation Commission has approved a RDA for Williamstown Rural LandsFoundation to work on handicapped accessible ramps and walkways. ConComm will meet thisweek to discuss an NOI for a repair of a failed septic system off Green River Road.Last Thursday the Zoning Board approved an application to reconstruct a nonconformingsingle family home on McCaully Lane. ZBA also approved the withdrawal without prejudice of aspecial permit application for camping at Hogs on the Farm.
 North Hoosac Road has been ground and graded in preparation for the first (binder) layerof pavement. Curbing and driveway aprons have been removed. The bid for bituminous concretehas been awarded to Lane Construction, the low bidder at $62.65 per ton for binder and $68.65per ton for top. Installation of binder is scheduled for July 25-26, weather permitting.Two of the four benches in front of the former Subway location on Spring Street werevandalized beyond repair last week. We are seeking prices on replacement benches.Bid documents have been prepared for the installation of a 6 KW solar array on the roof of the Eastlawn Cemetery maintenance building. The $40,000 project is funded entirely by theGreen Communities grant received last year. It is expected to produce enough power to offset100% of the power usage at the Eastlawn Cemetery building, the Sherman-Burbank MemorialChapel, the Transfer Station buildings and compactor, the Dog Pound, the parking lot lights atTown Hall, and the flag lights at Field Park. The project will be advertised on July 25 and bidsopened on August 13. The project is expected to be online by this fall.The Town has contracted with CDM Smith to conduct comprehensive groundwatersampling at the former Phase I, Phase II, and Cole Field landfills as requested by DEP, as well asto perform annual landfill inspections. The sampling of existing groundwater monitoring wells isexpected to occur by the end of July. The work is being conducted to finalize closure of the sitesand establish ongoing monitoring requirements.The DPW has recently assisted the Williamstown Elementary School in determiningareas of concrete sidewalk on WES property in need of repair or replacement, and the solicitationof contractor quotes to perform the work. Grady and Jennings of Williamstown submitted the lowquote, and are expected to begin replacement of approximately 1,100 square feet of sidewalk panels and caulking of numerous expansion joints during the week of July 23. The work isexpected to be complete within two weeks depending upon the weather.
 Forty four letters have been mailed to delinquent taxpayers advising them that if paymentis not received on or before July 30, the Town will begin tax taking proceedings. Typically at thistime of year we send out about fifteen to eighteen letters. The current delinquency stands at

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