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Statement From Vice President Biden on Mitt Romney's VFW Remarks

Statement From Vice President Biden on Mitt Romney's VFW Remarks

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Published by: TIMEThePage on Jul 24, 2012
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Statement from Vice President Biden on Mitt Romney's VFW Remarks
response-bounces@barackobama.com on behalf of Obama for America Press[press@barackobama.com]
Tuesday, July 24, 2012 5:14 PM
Obama for America Press [press@barackobama.com]
For Immediate Release:
Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Obama for America Press (312) 985-1198 
Statement from Vice President Biden on Mitt Romney's VFW Remarks CHICAGO – 
Vice President Joe Biden issued the following statement in response to Mitt Romney’sremarks to the VFW National Convention today: “Over the past three years, President Obama has taken the fight directly to America’s enemies,confronting al-Qaeda head on and taking out Osama bin Laden. He ended the war in Iraq responsiblyand has a plan to do the same in Afghanistan. He has done more for Israel’s security than anyPresident since Harry Truman, led international efforts to put the most pressure in history on Iran, protected the people of Libya from a brutal dictator and helped rebuild our alliances across theglobe. He saved our economy from collapse with bold decisions, including the rescue of theautomobile industry – which has made us stronger abroad. Because of President Obama’s leadership,Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive. “Today, Governor Romney had an opportunity to fulfill a long-standing promise by laying out hisforeign policy vision and agenda. He had a chance to say how he would lead as Commander-in-Chief. Instead, all we heard from Governor Romney was empty rhetoric and bluster. Hereflexively criticizes the President’s policies without offering any alternatives. When he does venturea position, it’s a safe bet that he previously took exactly the opposite position and will probablychange his mind again and land in the wrong place – far out of the mainstream. Or hemischaracterizes our record to create a non-existent contrast. 
On Afghanistan:
“Governor Romney supported the President’s timeline to end the war in Afghanistan, then he opposedit and now it is hard to know where he stands. His misguided criticism of the President’s new defensestrategy is undermined by the fact that strategy was designed with and supported by the entireDefense Department senior leadership, uniform and civilian. It provides for a more agile, flexibleforce, better able to confront aggressors and project power, with strong partnerships to share the burden and smart investments in cutting edge capabilities. We proposed a budget to fully fund thatstrategy and keep faith with our veterans.
Statement from Vice President Biden on Mitt Romney's VFW ...https://nycowa2.timeinc.com/owa/?ae=Item&t=IPM.Note&id...1 of 37/24/12 5:38 PM
On Russia:
 “When it comes to Russia – which he recently called “our number one geo-political foe” – Governor Romney remains mired in a Cold War mindset. We have serious disagreements with Moscow, but our cooperation has made the American people more secure. Russia cancelled the sale of cutting edgeradar to Iran and joined us in imposing the toughest sanctions in history on Tehran. Together, wenegotiated a major nuclear arms reduction treaty – New START – that virtually the entire Republicanforeign policy establishment supported but Governor Romney and a very small group of Cold War holdovers opposed.
On Poland and missile defense:
 “On the eve of his trip to Poland, the Governor is either profoundly misinformed – or misinformingthe American people. He asserts that the President abandoned a missile defense system in thatcountry. President Obama asked me to secure Allied support for a new missile defense plan for Europe. Who did we ask to host its main components? Poland, along with Turkey, Romania,Germany and Spain. These countries and all of NATO embraced our approach because it protectsmore of Europe more quickly than the old plan.
On Israel: 
“Governor Romney continues his long litany of untruths about our administration’s policies towardIsrael. We’ve provided record levels of security assistance, funding for the Iron Dome missile defensesystem that intercepted nearly 80 percent of the rockets recently fired from Gaza, close collaborationon longer range missile defense systems, the largest joint military exercises in history, the mostconsistent and comprehensive exchanges ever between our top political, defense, security andintelligence officials. And, contrary to Governor Romney’s outrageous accusation that the President joined in the chorus of insults levied against Israel at the United Nations, President Obama has stoodup repeatedly, publicly and often alone against efforts to delegitimize Israel at the U.N. and around theworld.
On Iran:
“On Iran, Governor Romney does a compelling job laying out exactly what the Administration isalready doing. The only step he seems to think we should take that we are not already taking is tolaunch a war. If that is what the Governor is for, he should tell the American people.
On al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden: 
“One thing the Governor did not talk about today was al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. That’s notsurprising. When he last ran for President, Governor Romney was asked what he would do about binLaden. He said then: ‘it is not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just tryingto catch one person.’ We know how Obama answered that question: by ordering our intelligenceservices to leave no stone unturned in the hunt for bin Laden, and then authorizing one of the highest
Statement from Vice President Biden on Mitt Romney's VFW ...https://nycowa2.timeinc.com/owa/?ae=Item&t=IPM.Note&id...2 of 37/24/12 5:38 PM

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