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TVA Interview Chatral Rinpoche

TVA Interview Chatral Rinpoche

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Published by DzoJo

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: DzoJo on Jul 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Powerful Message by a Powerful Yogi
 Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche
 Kyabje Chatral Sangye Dorjee Rinpoche is one of the most accomplished Tibetan Buddhist Yogis alive today. He was born in June, 1913 in Kham,Tibet. He rescues millions of animals each year and has been a strict vegetarian for over forty five years. Now in his 90's, he is as active as ever,helping humans and animals alike with an unfathomably deep compassion.Tibetan Volunteers for Animals (TVA) had an exclusive interview with theYogi himself on 29th May, 2005 in Nepal.
I was the first to become vegetarian since we came to India. The first year of the NyingmaMonlam in Bodh Gaya was non-vegetarian. In the second year I came there and spoke at a meetingof all the high Nyingma Lamas. I told them that Bodh Gaya is a very special place which is holy toall Buddhists, and if we say we are gathered here for the Nyingma Monlam and yet eat meat, thisis a disgrace and the greatest insult to Buddhism. I said they should all give up meat from now on,during the Nyingma Monlam. Even the Tibetan lamas and monks eat meat! What a shame if eventhe lamas can't give up meat! First the lamas should commit themselves to being life-longvegetarians. If the lamas become vegetarian, and then you can address the lay people. Then alsoyou should urge the monks to become vegetarian. Otherwise if knowledgeable religious people eatmeat, how can one expect the ignorant public, who follow along just like sheep, to becomevegetarian?Earlier in the Sakyapas, Sachen Kunga Nyingpo abstainedfrom meat and alcohol. From then on gradually in the Nyingmapas there was Ngari Pandita Pema Wangyal, anemanation of King Trisong Detsen. He was a vegetarian allhis life. Also the non-sectarian Lama Zhabkar TsogdrugRangdrol: he was born in Amdo and was a heavy meat-eater, but when he went to Lhasa and saw the many animals beingslaughtered in the butchers' district of Lhasa, he becamevegetarian for the rest of his life. Many of his disciples also became vegetarian. Many others - Sakyapas, Gelugpas,Kagyudpas and Nyingmapas - have done like this and becomevegetarian.In Kongpo, Gotsang Natsog Rangdrol told his monks toabstain from meat and alcohol. Because the Kongpo TseleGon monks wouldn't obey his orders, he became angry withthem and went to Gotsang Phug in lower Kongpo, and stayed there in isolated retreat for 20-30years. Abstaining from non-virtuous actions such as eating meat and drinking alcohol, he attainedrealization and became known as Gotsang Natsog Rangdrol, a highly qualified teacher. Similarly, Nyagla Pema Dudul abstained from meat and alcohol. He meditated in isolated hermitages for 20-30 years, not relying on people's food but rather nourishing himself on the essence of rocks andearth, and attained rainbow body. He is known as "Pema Dudul who attained rainbow body." Helived at the time of Nyagke Gonpo Namgyal. It happened like that.
Interview by
(TVA)on May 29th, 2005, in NepalTranscribed by Ven Khenpo Dorjee Tsering and Jamphel Rabten | Translated by Chonyid ZangmoPublished atwww.shabkar.orgwith kind permission of TVA

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