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Community Empowerment. PERCIK. Indonesia Water and Sanitation Working Group. July 2007

Community Empowerment. PERCIK. Indonesia Water and Sanitation Working Group. July 2007

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Published by Oswar Mungkasa
Published by Indonesia Water and Sanitation Working Group
Published by Indonesia Water and Sanitation Working Group

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Published by: Oswar Mungkasa on Jul 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From the Editor
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Main Feature
Community Empowerment3 Active Community Involvement is Key to Empowerment6
Pungky Sumadi, Director of Poverty Alleviation Bappenas8Nina Sidle Unsulangi: A farmer who does not haveto be in a village with big land 10
 Water Supply Provision System12
Our Guest
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This magazine can be accessed at Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Websiteat www.apml.or.id
Information Media for Water Supply andEnvironmental Sanitation
Published by:
Water Supply and SanitationWorking Group
Director General for Human Settlement,Department of Public Works
Board of Trustee:
Director of Settlement and Housing, NationalDevelopment Planning AgencyDirector of Water and Sanitation,Ministry of HealthDirector of Water Supply Development,Department of Public WorksDirector of Natural Resources and AppropriateTechnology, Director General on Village andCommunity Empowerment,Department of Home AffairsDirector for Facilitation of Special PlanningEnvironment Management,Department of Home Affairs
Chief Editor:
Oswar Mungkasa
Board of Editor:
Zaenal Nampira,Indar Parawansa,Bambang Purwanto
Maraita Listyasari, Rheidda Pramudhy,Raymond Marpaung, Bowo Leksono,Reski Dian Diniari
Rudi Kosasih
 Agus Syuhada
Jl. Cianjur No. 4, Menteng, Jakarta PusatPhone/Fax.: 62-21-31904113http://www.ampl.or.ide-mail: redaksipercik@yahoo.comredaksi@ampl.or.idoswar@bappenas.go.idUnsolicited article or opinion itemsare welcome. Please send to our addressor e-mail. Don't forget to be brief andaccompanied by identity.
e have determined to tirelessly voice out a plea to makeall of us aware of the importance of raw water andhealthy environment. This edition brings to you anumber of water supply and environmental sanitation relatedinformation.It has become a kind of task, to knock at the door of ourawareness, through transformation of knowledge and informa-tion so that this very magazine published by the WSS-WG hascome into 18th edition.Last May and June the world celebrated two important his-toric moments each carrying the duties related to the fate of  world's population. They are the World Environment Day on 5June and Earth Day on 22 April.Have we asked ourselves what good deed have we con-tributed to the environment around us? To our beloved earth,for that matter? It seems this question frequently whines duringthe disaster or when an awareness is passing through for a shortmoment.Do you realize that the earth we live in is more than 4 billion years old. And each time the planet that has been inhabited by human being for thousands of years is undergoing change. slow but sure change. The change is linked with the existence of its inhabitants. Natural disasters that overwhelm the earth sur-face is the symptom of the acceleration of the changes. And it isquite unwise if the blame for each disaster is imposed on naturalphenomenon. What have we, the civilized being, contributed to this earth?Have we done anything positive for the sake of environmentalconservation and for the sake of human life? Let's compare ourgood deed against the destruction to the earth. It is not impos-sible, that the big changes that lead to the earth destruction arethe consequences of human activity.More horrifying is the global warming phenomenon thatagain becomes the daily talks since the last few years. Variousdisasters have hit and several diseases plague the earth popula-tion is the evidence how vicious global warming effect can be.Imagine, this phenomenon will accelerate the earth damagethat means damage to the life of its inhabitants. This is beyondthe individual problems or that of one or two nations. Earth'sfate is the responsibility of all human being. Again, human awareness is at stake. And speaking of humanawareness, individually as well as communally, demands aneffective community, sensitive to environment, and capable of overcoming life problem wisely. A review on community empowerment fills our MainFeature in this edition. In reality, there are still many of ushuman beings who are alien to clean environment for our sur- vival. Through community empowerment man's consciousinvolvement is absolutely needed and this requires support andfacilitation. An article reviews how WSS programs and projects inIndonesia are inseparable from community empowerment as vehicle towards achievement. WSLIC (Water and Sanitation forLow Income Communities), CWSH (Community Water Servicesand Health Project), Sanitation by the Community (Sanimas)and ProAir (Water Program). Even, Sanimas program claimsthat 70 percent of its implementation is pivoted on community empowerment.The main feature of this edition is made more complete withan interview with Dr. Pungky Sumadi, Director of Poverty  Alleviation, Bappenas who speaks a lot about National Programfor Community Empowerment. Last but not least our guestTasya who was once a junior singer who is now coming to ado-lescence. This Junior Environmental Ambassadress represents young people of her age in speaking about waste management.For all of the above and in the light of further improvementto this magazine comments and suggestion from our loyal read-ers are most welcome. Have a nice time in reading
WSS Working Group - WASPOLABoothin Indowater Exhibition 2007.Photo: Bowo Leksono.
PercikJuly 2007

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