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Dream a Little Dream of Me

Dream a Little Dream of Me

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Published by sam

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Published by: sam on Jul 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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He looked around at the formless world that surrounded him. Navy blue anddark purple clouds or fog went on forever in all directions, encompassingeverything, and small wispy lights floated and darted about which remindedhim of stars.The blue-eyed male ran his hand through the smoke-like substance thatsurrounded him. It shifted and swirled away from his hand, only to bereplaced a second later as the clouds continuously billowed and moved aroundhim. He reached out to try and grasp one of the floating white lights, but itturned to white sand the second he touched it. It fell through the darkclouds, and, well below his feet, it suddenly turned back into its previousstate.As he stared at the strange light wondering what had just happened - and howexactly he was standing in the middle of what was essentially nothing
Heheard her laugh.
“Don’t worry,” she smiled at him as he spun around, “They like to playgames,”
 He immediately pulled the shorter girl into a tight hug, running his handthrough her long red hair.
“What’s wrong?” she asked when he let go and stared at her.
I’m…not sure,” he said as he looked down at his feet. “It just….it seemslike a long time since I last saw you…” he paused, “And, I…well…I missedyou,”
He cursed himself inwardly as he could feel his face get slightly warm.She looked slightly surprised at his comment, but then smiled at him, herchocolate brown eyes shining. She stood up on her tippy toes and kissed him
lightly on the lips. “I missed you
too, my stuttering goof,” The redhead thenreached up and ruffled his hair, “And your lovely mop of hair,”
“Quit it!” he whined as he tried to fix his hair, “It’s not my fault I cannever get it to cooperate….” He muttered, prompting her to chuckle at him
She grabbed his hands and pulled them away from his head, “Your hair isperfect just the way it is,” she said. A slightly mischievous grin spreadacross her face as she placed one of his hands on her waist, “Besides, you’llneed both hands to dance,”
 The black haired male groaned, but let himself be dragged around by the girlwho was half his size. He eventually took the lead, and the two waltzed asthey had done in the past. The clouds swirled around them, mimicking theirmotions, and her white dress twirled and flitted around her knees. He could
almost hear the music from the first time they’d danced together so manyyears before, and he began to hum the song. He didn’t remember the words,
which was fine as he had never been good at singing. That’s had a
lways beenher job.
“You remember our song?” she asked, eyes wide.
“How could I forget?” he grinned, “That was the first time we danced….and theday I tripped and fell into the punch bowl….”
 The red-haired girl laughed full-heartedly as the scene came rushing back to
her. “I forgot about that part!” she said, “It think I forced myself toforget it so you wouldn’t be embarrassed,”
He shrugged, “It’s in the past now,” he said, “Which means I can laugh at howmuch of a bumbling dork I was,”
“…was?” she asked w
ith a raised eyebrow.
“Ok, am. Happy?” the blue
-eyed male said as he rolled his eyes, though hesmiled softly.
She poked his nose playfully. “Very,” She rested her head against his chest,“You wouldn’t be you without that awkward clumsiness….which is stran
absent when you’re dancing. Why is that?”
“I haven’t the faintest,” he shrugged, “Maybe it’s because I spent monthspracticing so I wouldn’t embarrass myself by stepping on your feet when wefinally danced together.”
The redhead looked up, “Did you really practice that much?”
“Yes I most certainly did, as sad as that is,” he nodded, “And I continued totrip over my own feet until a month before the dance.”
She stared at him, and then wrapped her hands around his waist. “You’re thesweetest person I’ve ever met, you know that?”
“And you’re the kindest I’ve ever met,” he murmured as he kissed the top of
her head.This brought their waltz to an end, and they both just sank into the puffyclouds surrounding them, chatting and reminiscing about hilarious and awkwardmemories. This continued for what felt like hours, but over the course ofthat time, nothing ever changed; the clouds shifted shapes but never colour;the white lights floated about aimlessly, though occasionally one would bumpinto either the girl or the boy and turned to sand momentarily; and the worldaround them never had a spec of solidity, save for themselves.
“Ah…” the redhead said as she looked to her right, at what seemed likenothing to the male, “I guess it’s time for me to go…”
“Go?” he
frowned, “You have to leave?”
She sighed, “Unfortunately,” she said while standing up. She smiled lightly
and held her arms out to him to help him up. He took her hands, but once
standing, he didn’t let go.
“Can’t you stay?” he asked with sad eyes.
female shook her head solemnly, “I can’t.” She looked up at him, “As muchas I would like too.”
 The two stood there for a moment, the girl feeling something pull her awayfrom him, and the boy desperately not wanting to let her go.She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down towards her a bit. Heheld her arms gently as they shared a goodbye kiss. After a few moments theypulled away and she looked up at him sadly.
“I’m sorry,” she said quietly before her hands dropped. She turned and headed
off deep into the clouds. The female stopped and the clouds swirled aroundher, but before she vanished from his sight, she turned back to him, a lightsmile on her lips.
“I love you,”
He couldn’t help but share her smile. “I love you too,”
 Then, in an instant, she was gone, and he was left alone in the shapelessworld.~~~
“….hear me yet?” a muffled voice penetrated her dulled mind. “Wake up!”
 She groaned and groggily blinked her brown eyes awake behind her glasses. Hersight adjusted, and they finally focused on the young Witch sitting acrossthe table from her.
“How was it?” the violet
-eyed female asked as she grabbed a navy cloth andwrapped the orb that had sat between them in it. She looked up slightly as
she put the crystal ball in its trunk, “Was it the same as always?”
She nodded as a sad smile worked its way onto her wrinkled face. “He neverasks about the strange world, but he never remembers that he’s a spirit….northe event that killed him,”
 The black-haired Witch nodded. She placed her hands on the table and looked
thoughtfully at the old woman. “And you never tell him?”
“No,” she shook her head, causing a couple of strands of white hair to fallfrom her bun. “I can’t bring myself too,” She stood up slowly and grabbed her

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