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Mr Thomas Woods Research Paper

Mr Thomas Woods Research Paper

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Published by Tom Woods

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Tom Woods on Jul 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Woods 1Research PaperHolocaust OverviewThomas WoodsEnglish 102-102Mr. Neuburger11 July 2012
Woods 2The Holocaust is considered to be one of the biggest travesties to ever happen in history.
The Nazi’s attack on the Jews and the people who did
not fit into their culture was absolutelywrong. The Nazis did not have the right to take the Jews lives away from them. The sheer factthat the Nazis thought they could do whatever they wanted to anyone eventually made everyonediscouraged and ultimately made other countries step up for the Jews and start WWII. Hopefully
countries can learn from Nazi Germany’s mistakes and try not to take out a human race ever 
again. The Holocaust had an impact in the 1930s and 1940s that people will never forget nowand never forget down the road.Nazi Rise to PowerThe Holocaust would have never happened without the plot and the thinking process of how the Nazi rose to power. Adolf Hitler was the main person behind the forming of the Nazis.Hitler was a wounded soldier from WWI who sought for power, and it all started in the NationalSocialist Party in Germany. Later on the group would be known to the world as the Nazi Party(Yadvashem). From the Yadvashem website, the group expresses that the Nazis started to gainrespect from Germany and ultimately Hitler gained a bit of 
 power. “
President Paul Van Hindenburg gave Hitler the mandateto form a government, and Hitler became Chancellor on January30, 1933
” (
Yadvashem). When Paul Van Hindenburg gave Hitlerthe position Chancellor of Germany that was all Hitler needed totake over the country. Hitler would start by eliminatingindividual rights in the country of Germany. He would thenpronounce the creation of a Volk Community, which was a societywho transcended class and religious differences (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum).
Hinderburg and Hitler meet in 1933.http://bit.ly/zopJ6d
Woods 3According to the USHMM website,
after Hindenburg’s death, Hitler officially gained control of Germany in 1934, “…
Hitler had himself designated as both Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor.Armed forces personnel swore an oath of loyalty to him in this function. While as ReichChancellor Hitler's personal power remained limited by the laws of the German state, as Fuehrerhis personal power was unlimited and his will was equated with the destiny of the Germannation
. With Hitler gaining all this power, it seemed like no one could stop him.Ultimately, this power of Hitler was the rise of the Nazis in Germany, and the hope of the Jewssurviving was at stake.Nazis Views on Jews
Anti-SemitismAnti-Semitism subjects towards the Nazis for the fact they wanted to make the Jews lifemiserable and hostile. With the Nazis in control of Europe, they were looking to eliminate all of the European Jews. On the Holocaust-Education website, the Nazis took use of the power Anti-
Semitism, and killed many Jews, “
with the Nazi persecution in the
1930’s and 1940’s,
Jews all over German-controlled Europe weresystematically killed. More than 6 million were murdered
(Holocaust-Education). With the power of Anti-Semitism, theNazis truly did make the Jewish people miserable in Europe interms of trying to survive. With the culture of the Jews decreasingdrastically, the Jewish people relied more on their faith, but alsomade the Nazis hate them even more. According to the Anti-Defamation League website, they
explained, “
The rise of Christianity greatly increased hatred of Jews
” (Anti
-Defamation League).
Christianity was a part of the Jewish belief system, and the Nazis didn’t take to kindly to them
Nazi mark on the Jews tombstones.http://bit.ly/4JxhM6

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