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Internet Basic

Internet Basic

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Published by ajayakomna

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Published by: ajayakomna on Jul 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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About Internet & e-mailWhat is Internet?
Internet can be compared with a library. Like a like a library, theInternet is also a source of enjoyable, important and variedinformation that can be obtained and used by millions of people acrossthe world.The Internet also, like our library contains different forms, like textsound and graphics. Super library does not allow just anybody tobrowse books or cassettes; this facility is available only for authorizedmembers of the library. In a similar way only authorized users of theInternet can access it to obtain information.Internet is a worldwide collection of computer networks. Internet is acooperative effort of many people and organizations. The computerson the Internet can communicate because they are physically linkedand because they share a common language called
Is a formal definition of a language that two computers useto communicate. This definition describes acceptable messages andoutlines the rules that two computers must follow to exchange thosemessages.
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Transmission Control Protocol:
Is the major transport protocol inthe Internet Protocol suite. It provides reliable communication betweentwo computers in the network.
Internet protocol:
It is the network protocol in the Internet. IPprovides a best effort to deliver an IP packet between two networks onthe Internet.Internet is also known as cloud or the information super highway.When you access the Internet, you become the part of the electroniccommunity that encompasses most of the work. The Internetcommunity includes several million people. Vast libraries advancedmedical and technical research centers, and thousands of businesslarge and small.
Birth of Internet?
The INTERNET was born in 1969, when a paranoid American militaryhad nightmares about the primary communication centers beingbombed out by Russians. To prevent suck occurrence, the ARPA(Advanced Research Projects Agency) set up four communicationhosts, linking them in such a fashion which would ensure that even if one got bombed out. Communication would route around the affectedarea and stay alive.This network called ARPA net quickly grew. This primary service onARPA net was electronic mail. It was the first time that emails actuallycame into use. In very short time, students began linking their owncampus networks into ARPA net, using a well defined protocol TCP-IP.This joining of networks was also called inter-networking, and soon theentire setup was called INTERENT.In 1973, ARPA net allowed international bodies to the net, and afterthat there was no looking back.
Who owns the Internet?
No one person, service, corporation, university or Government ownsthe Internet. Each connected individual or group owns its ownnetwork.Each person who desires telephone service contacts the local areaservice provider. The service provider provides the hook-up from theresidence or business to service network. The Internet mostly connects
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network of computers. The Internet is also called as the GlobalInternet because networks from most of the countries with some sortof telephone service infrastructure is connected to it. Practically thismeans people can use their computers on their local networks tomessages or exchange files with people using in another company orin another state, geographic region, or another country.
How does the Internet actually work?
The Internet is like a vast transportation system for data. The systemincludes and connects local, regional, nation and internationalnetworks. This Internet expands daily as more networks andcomputers connect to it.Let’s say that a person in Hyderabad wants to get information fromanother person in Tokyo, Japan. Now if these two people are in thesame company, using some corporate wide e-mail system, the firstperson just enters in the name of the second person as it is known tothe corporate e-mail system- usually, a user name. This server as anaddress on the electronic message, and the send command has the e-mail system deliver the message to the second person.In the Internet community, people believe in sharing their ideas andopinions with others. This is so mainly because it is an open forum thathas government and no restrictions at all. This policy of openness hasled Internet-citizens to put up an enormous variety of hypertextdocument on the web. This has led to information of every kind beingavailable to any body who wants it.

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