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Data Mining

Data Mining

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Published by info1672
IEEE 2012 Titles on Datamining
IEEE 2012 Titles on Datamining

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Published by: info1672 on Jul 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 DM1201 TSCAN: A Content Anatomy Approach to Temporal Topic SummarizationDM1202 A Framework for Personal Mobile Commerce Pattern Mining and PredictionDM1203 A Framework for Similarity Search of Time Series Cliques with Natural RelationsDM1204 A Genetic Programming Approach to Record DeduplicationDM1205 A Knowledge-Driven Approach to Activity Recognition in Smart HomesDM1206 A Link-Based Cluster Ensemble Approach for Categorical Data ClusteringDM1207 A Multidimensional Sequence Approach to Measuring Tree SimilarityDM1208 A Probabilistic Scheme for Keyword-Based Incremental Query ConstructionDM1209 A Query Formulation Language for the Data WebDM1210 A Temporal Pattern Search Algorithm for Personal History Event VisualizationDM1211 A Unified Probabilistic Framework for Name Disambiguation in Digital LibraryDM1212 A Variational Bayesian Framework for Clustering with Multiple GraphsDM1213 Agglomerative Mean-Shift ClusteringDM1214 An Efficient Formulation of the Improved Visual Assessment of Cluster Tendency (iVAT) AlgorithmDM1215 Ano´nimos: An LP-Based Approach for Anonymizing Weighted Social Network GraphsDM1216 Answering General Time-Sensitive QueriesDM1217 BibPro: A Citation Parser Based on Sequence AlignmentDM1218 Clustering with Multiviewpoint-Based Similarity MeasureDM1219Cluster-Oriented Ensemble Classifier: Impact of Multicluster Characterization on Ensemble ClassifierLearningDM1220 CoCITe
Coordinating Changes in Text
  (   c   )    K  A   L   E   K    S  O   L   U   T   I  O   N   S
 DM1221 Continuous Top-k Dominating Queries MariaDM1222 Creating Evolving User Behavior Profiles AutomaticallyDM1223 D-Cache: Universal Distance Cache for Metric Access MethodsDM1224 DDD: A New Ensemble Approach for Dealing with Concept DriftDM1225 Discover Dependencies from Data
A ReviewDM1226 Document Clustering in Correlation Similarity Measure SpaceDM1227 Effective and Efficient Shape-Based Pattern Detection over Streaming Time SeriesDM1228 Effective Pattern Discovery for Text MiningDM1229 Efficient Extended Boolean RetrievalDM1230 Efficient Fuzzy Type-Ahead Searchin XML DataDM1231 Efficient Processing of Uncertain Events in Rule-Based SystemsDM1232 Efficiently Indexing Large Sparse Graphs for Similarity SearchDM1233 Efficiently Indexing Large Sparse Graphs for Similarity SearchDM1234 Extending Attribute Information for Small Data Set ClassificationDM1235 Fast Elastic Peak Detection for Mass Spectrometry Data MiningDM1236 Feature Selection Based on Class-Dependent Densities for High-Dimensional Binary DataDM1237 Fractal-Based Intrinsic Dimension Estimation and Its Application in Dimensionality ReductionDM1238 Fuzzy Orders-of-Magnitude-Based Link Analysis for Qualitative Alias DetectionDM1239 Holistic Top-k Simple Shortest Path Join in GraphsDM1240 Horizontal Aggregations in SQL to Prepare Data Sets for Data Mining AnalysisDM1241 Identifying Evolving Groups in DynamicMultimode Networks
  (    c     )    K     A      L     E     K     S    O     L     U     T     I    O     N     S  
 DM1242 Improving Aggregate Recommendation Diversity Using Ranking-Based TechniquesDM1243 Incremental Information Extraction Using Relational DatabasesDM1244 Labeling Dynamic XML Documents: An Order-Centric ApproachDM1245 Learning a Propagable Graph for Semisupervised Learning: Classification and RegressionDM1246 Learning Bregman Distance Functions for Semi-Supervised ClusteringDM1247 Locally Discriminative CoclusteringDM1248 Low-Rank Kernel Matrix Factorization for Large-Scale Evolutionary ClusteringDM1249 Manifold Adaptive Experimental Design for Text CategorizationDM1250 Measuring the Sky: On Computing Data Cubes via Skylining the MeasuresDM1251 Mining Low-Support Discriminative Patterns from Dense and High-Dimensional DataDM1252 Mining Web Graphs for RecommendationsDM1253 Mutual Information-Based Supervised Attribute Clustering for Microarray Sample ClassificationDM1254 On Group Nearest Group Query ProcessingDM1255 On the Complexity of View Update Analysis and Its Application to Annotation PropagationDM1256 On the Deep Order-Preserving Submatrix Problem: A Best Effort ApproachDM1257 On the Spectral Characterization and Scalable Mining of Network CommunitiesDM1258 Optimizing Bloom Filter Settings in Peer-to-Peer Multikeyword SearchingDM1259 Organizing User Search HistoriesDM1260 Outsourced Similarity Search on Metric Data AssetsDM1261 Practical Efficient String MiningDM1262 Privacy Preserving Decision Tree Learning Using Unrealized Data Sets
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