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Newsletter 358

Newsletter 358

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Published by Henry Citizen
Help SAVE SNAPPING SHOALS EMC; A Citizen Speaks Out; Seen on Facebook; Hey Henry (from Henry Times); Congressman Paul Broun; Kent Kingsley for Congress; Widespread Opposition to TSPLOST; BJ to Teach Obama – Raise Taxes; Stanley for Henry BoE; Campaign Advertising - VOTE SMART
Help SAVE SNAPPING SHOALS EMC; A Citizen Speaks Out; Seen on Facebook; Hey Henry (from Henry Times); Congressman Paul Broun; Kent Kingsley for Congress; Widespread Opposition to TSPLOST; BJ to Teach Obama – Raise Taxes; Stanley for Henry BoE; Campaign Advertising - VOTE SMART

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Published by: Henry Citizen on Jul 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Citizen Newsletter 
The Conservative Voice of Henry County
 In This Issue:
 Page Feature
 A Citizen Speaks Out 
 3 Seen on Facebook 3
Hey Henry 
(from Henry Times)4 Congressman Paul Broun4 Kent Kingsley for Congress5 Widespread Opposition to TSPLOST6 BJ to Teach Obama
Raise Taxes7 Stanley for Henry BoE8 Campaign Advertising
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Issue # 358
July 26, 2 
Message from Gene Morris
Lets save our co-op
The Snapping Shoals EMC election istomorrow, Thursday, July 26
at theGeorgia International Horse Park inConyers. Voting is from 8:30 a.m. to11:15 a.m.This is a very important election. Our co-op hassome of the lowest electrical rates in Georgia andis being targeted by the Sierra Club and about adozen other radical
organizationsbecause of our use of coal.These groups have spent an absolute fortune inpaid robo calls, paid out of state live calling andcollege students being paid to go door to doortelling lies about our co-op.If you like our low rates and dependable serviceit
s very important you go out tomorrow and votefor Gene Morris, Anthony Norton and WalterJohnson. This threat to our co-op and ourelectrical rates must be stopped tomorrow or itwill be too late.
Lets keep
Norton, Morris and Johnson
For low rates and dependableservice
View or download at
ELECTION DAY is Tuesday, July 31
Find your voting precinct here:
 A citizen speaks out
I read in the last edition of the Henry Citizen the vote taken on the millage rate increase by the BOC. Talk about nerve! Here we are with a little more than a week before the election and we 
re hit with a budget that 
s still in the 
and a millage rate increase. The BOC has got to think we 
re a bunch of morons! The vote was 4-1 in favor. I 
m glad to say my Commissioner from the 2 
District was the ONLY one with enough guts to vote against it. He 
s going to get my vote again! 
I don 
t believe that a single one of these commissioners would run their private businesses the same way they are trying to run our County. If their business was dropping off, do you think they 
d raise the price of  their goods to make up for their bad business decisions? Why is it then they think we, the tax payers,should have to do the same? Under the unqualified leadership of Ms. Mathis, we have an airport that 
s not going to come close to making money anytime soon. We 
ve spent countless monies on a battlefield that never saw a battle. However, I hear they have great fireworks, if you want to pay to get in. As a side note,Community Bible Church has great fireworks EVERY year at no cost to the public. The golf course would have been a great buy if we needed the land right now, however, with times the way they are it was another needless expense.
I, like everyone in this county am hurting. We 
ve tightened our belts until we can 
t breathe and now the BOC wants to take more. I realize that the employees of the county are also the ones that suffer from the BOCs 
mismanagement of the county 
s money. They 
ve had to take furlough days, no pay increases, etc.But, like the real business world the employee has to suffer when management makes bad decisions. Since most of the commissioners have businesses outside of being a commissioner, I would suggest that they relinquish their county salary. If after that they 
re still in dire straights, let them take a second job and do the BOC work for free. That would at least get back a portion of what they 
ve mismanaged.On second thought, let 
s all just go to the polls on July 31 and give them a little 
out the door and start fresh. Lord only knows it couldn 
t be any worse.
t forget to vote July 31 
The Ol 1 
Seen on Facebook 
I have a word about the candidates - really about their supporters. Some in our community are shallow,short people. Like Randy Newman said, they have no reason to live [here] except to throw slings andarrows and make personal attacks when they have nothing positive to say about their own candidates. Thepublic square is not a place to vent personal anxieties over personal failures, or to try to drag anyone elseto your lower plateau. We must focus on the greater good and the betterment of our government. Forconservatives that means smaller government and lower taxes. We must stay on topic and not allow pea-brained social elitists to divert the conversation. That's my 'word for the day.' Now please make educatedchoices and vote your principles.
 And this one:
s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. "
Roy Disney
 And this:
John Douglas wrote:
If you live in Henry County, vote Tommy Smith for Commission Chairman. The current chair has to go,along with her sleazy, underhanded, cut throat style of governing. I know from personal experience that if you ever cross her, she will stab you in the back repeatedly. Get rid of her.
Hey Henry is a feature of Henry County Times
Hey Henry,
when property assessments dropped, we all said,
Just watch: next the Commissioners willraise the millage rate, arguing that with lower assessments, the net property tax won
t change. Then theassessments will start going back up.
Guess what? The commissioners are now considering a significantmillage increase. Just more evidence that
our elected officials think were stupid
Hey Henry,
a summer math problem: Georgians spend $380 per year on transportation. The new T-SPLOST will raise it to $745 per person. A family of four will spend $2,980 per year or $29,800 over the 10year tax. Is there anything you want or need?
If so, vote no!Hey Henry,
I looked at the latest Georgia PSC rate study and my rates as a Snapping Shoals EMCmember are $523.13 lower each year than they would be with Georgia Power. Thank you Snapping Shoalsboard and management.
Lets keep Gene Morris and the others on the job
; keeping our rates low.I
m going to Conyers on July 26 and vote! Let
s carpool. 
Congressman Paul Broun
ObamaCare/ObamaTax assaults freedom in the most personal areas of ourlives: health care choice and privacy, personal and family finances, and

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