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EMS Consti and by Laws DRAFT

EMS Consti and by Laws DRAFT

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Published by: Reagan Manlavi Venturillo on Jul 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Republic of the Philippines
Aborlan, Palawan
We, the undersigned, all Filipino citizens and students taking Bachelor of Science inEnvironmental Management of Western Philippines University have voluntarily convened andorganized ourselves into an organization known as Environmental Management Societythrough the guidance of the Holy Spirit of the Almighty God and hoping that we will becomemorally, physically, socially and spiritually able students of this University, do hereby ordainand promulgate this Constitution and By-Laws.
Section 1. The name of this organization shall be called
Environmental ManagementSociety (EMS)
.Section 2 The main office of this organization shall be established at Miguel P. Palao Hall,College of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, WPU-Main Campus, San Juan,Aborlan, Palawan.
Section 1. To carry out the principles expressed in the preamble.a.
To promote good support among the students, administrators, faculty andstaff members of this University.b.
To promote camaraderie among university students.c.
To promote spiritual, physical, mental, social development andenvironmental consciousness among the members through organizedactivities.Section 2. To act as an arm of the university in carrying out environmental managementactivities.Section 3. To carry out the proper conduct of activities in the University.a.
To help maintain peace and order in university campus and in thesurrounding community.b.
To assist the university in beautification and maintenance of campuscleanliness and sanitation.c.
To foster and promote the objectives of the University through participationin any development related activities.Section 4. To carry out programs that will redound to the benefit not only of the membersbut also of the entire university population.
Section 5. As a Society, the following are the specific objectives:a.
To inculcate environmental advocacy among the members of the society bymeans of educating them on issues pertaining to the environment and theecological balance.b.
To develop and inculcate environmental ethics among the members of thesociety.c.
To elicit a broad and grass root participation and involvement of youth inenvironmental activities and programs.d.
To foster unity and cooperation among the members of the society and togenerate goodwill and friendship through environmental activities andprograms.e.
To develop a new breed of leaders among the ranks of students who respectthe environment and ecological balance.f.
To make a broad and potent group which will participate in the formulationof policies pertaining to environmental and ecological protection andpreservation by generating public opinion.g.
To establish local and international linkages for the purpose of funding,training and exchanges.
Section 1. All students taking BS Environmental Management in the College of Forestryand Environmental Sciences shall automatically be a member of thisorganization.Section 2.
Membership may be terminated upon the member’s separation
from theuniversity.Section 3. Membership fee amounting to PhP ___________ shall be collected to allmembers respectively. Funds collected from membership dues shall accrue to thegeneral fund of the Society.Section 3. The advisers of this organization shall be considered as honorary memberwithout voting rights. He/she shall only enjoy membership as long as he/she ischosen by the officers and members of this organization as adviser.
 Section 1. Members of this organization shall be accorded with the following rights.a.
Right to attend and participate in the meetings and activities of theorganization.b.
Right to vote and to be voted upon as officer.c.
Right to seek advice from the organization as individual/group on problems
related to the member’s welfare.
Right to be informed about matters concerning official acts, transactions,records, business operation and decisions of the organization.e.
Right to be heard and seek redress of grievances from the organization.f.
f. Right to pass formulated proposal, suggestion, act/policy that can bedecided by the organization.
Section 2. Adviser as honorary member of the organization has also the right to possessthe financial properties of the organization for safeguarding purposes.
Section 1. Bonafide member of this organization shall have the following duties andresponsibilities:a.
To faithfully obey and comply with the By-Laws and such other rules andregulations as may be promulgated by the officers as well as to promote and
exercise the Association’s
principle and objectives.b.
To respect and cooperate with teachers, fellow students and universityauthorities in the attainment and preservation of peace and order in theuniversity and the society.c.
To attend all meetings that may be called by the officers and/or schooladministrators.d.
To promptly pay organizational fees and other dues.e.
To willingly contribute personal services for the welfare of the Association.f.
To cooperate and participate in whatever activities or tasks agreed upon bythe body and/or by the set of officers.g.
To accept position/designation and shall willingly offer their services tothe Society, which are vital for the realization of its goals and objectives.h.
Section 1. Officers and members caught drunk or possessing prohibited drugs, intoxicatingliquor or weapons inside the university campus shall be dealt in accordance withthe university rules and regulation.Section 2. Officers and members using dirty/vulgar and/or indecent words shall be dealtin accordance with the rules and regulation of the University.Section 3. Any member who absents himself from meetings, student activities, extra-curricular activities and other activities of the organization of the Universityshall be fined with a certain amount as agreed upon by body which shall accrueto the funds of the organization.Section 4. A Grievance Committee composed of the Dean of the College, the Adviser of the Organization, and the College Guidance Counselor/s may address cases of misconduct of any member and/or officer.Section 5. The Committee shall received and hear complaints from the members of theorganization. However, the disciplinary action that it can render is limited towarning and reprimand.

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