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HOSEA XIV, v. 4.

HOSEA XIV, v. 4.

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Published by glennpease

I will heal their backsliding, I will love them
freely : for mine anger is turned away from him.

I will heal their backsliding, I will love them
freely : for mine anger is turned away from him.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HOSEA XIV, v. 4.BY SAMUEL EYLES PIERCEI will heal their backsliding, I will love themfreely : for mine anger is turned away from him.X. HE free grace of God, in the person and me-diation of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the one grandsubject of the volume of divine inspiration. Asmost closely connected herewith, we have the heartof our heavenly Father opened unto us, in thedeclarations of his free, royal, and incomprehen-sible mercy. This as far surpasses our sins andsinfulness, as his self-existing Godhead, does ourcreature capacities ; if it were not so, the revela-tion he has made of himself in Christ Jesus, wouldnot suit our present exigencies : for sin is sin : weare the subjects of it: we have been the commit-ters of the same, and we can never undo what we60have done. Yesterday can never be recalled;neither can we annihilate our past or presentsinful acts. All things are naked and open untothe eyes ofhim^ zvith whom we have to do. The par*doning mercy of God exceeds all the sin and sin-fulness of the elect. The proclamation of thesame, in the written word, goes beyond all theirsin. Thefreeness and full expressions made use of by God himself, exceed all which could ever haveentered into the mind of men or angels to haveconceived. And it is only by the right know-ledge of the same, that any poor sinner, broughtto a real knowledge of himself, can renounce all
self-dependance, and rest in the Lord alone, foreverlasting life. Yet, there are none, let their pro-fessions of Christ be what they may, if they havenot been brought under the mighty power, au-thority, and influence of the doctrine of free graceand pardoning mercy, but will be raising theirobjections against it, and will be full of slanderingagainst those unto whom it is given to set forth thesame. The one will be insisting on it to be dan-gerous to the souls of men, to be dwelling upon thefreeness of divine pardon, of all sorts and kinds of transgressions through the blood of the Lamb :that this is the way to encourage men in theirsin, and not the way of bringing them out of theirsins, to loathe, abhor and forsake them: thatsuch doctrines are dangerous, and such preachersare to be suspected. Whereas the doctrine is ac-61/ cording to godliness, and those who preach thesame, under the teaching and influence of theHoly Ghost, are the very persons who are mostsaved from sin, of anv who are on this side of heaven. It is too awfully overlooked, by thosewho cavil at free grace, and preaching the same,according to the statement of it, as given inthe divine record, That the mind of no one sinnerout of hell, can ever be raised up to a lively faithand hope in God ; but, as he is brought to a trueknowledge of the pardon of all his sin, throughthe redemption which is in Jesus Christ. Hemust first know the blood of Jesus Christ cleans-eth from all sin, and that God hath freely for-given him all trespasses ; or, his conscience can-not be discharged from guilt and condemnation.Whilst it is not, he will be as to himself, under theinfluence of the love and power of sin. othing
therefore can suit the case, but the free decla(l*a-tions of grace. And these as contained in themost glorious proclamations of pardoning allsorts aird kinds of sinners. This only reachesunto, and brings home the subject to the awaken«ed sinner's own personal case, so as that he is mostsensibly afiected herewith. That the efficacy of the blood and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ,exceeds and transcends all the guilt and evil con-tained in sin ; and, that free pardon and forgive-ness of the whole demerit, contained in thesame, surmounts it to an infinite degree ! this is62the doctrine of the everlasting gospel, it is te-*vealed in the same, and published thereby. OurLord himself said unto his Apostles : Thus it iswritten^ and thus it behoved Christ to suffer ^ andto rise from the dead the third day : And that re^pentance and remission of sins should be preached inhis name among all nations^ beginning at Jerusa-^lem. In the Old Testament, the Lord himself ispleased to speak most freely and abundantlyupon this subject. His prophets do the same inhis great name. It is the very doctrine of ourpresent text which is not spoken for the Lord,but by himself. It comes in as an answer to theprayer backsliding Israel had poured out beforehim. It shews how well pleased he was with thesame, it being indited by him, and put intotheir mouths : O Israel return unto the Lord thyGod; for thou hast fallen by thine iniquity. Takewith you wordSy and turn to the Lord: say untohiniy Take atvay all iniquity ^ and receive us gra-ciously : so will we render the calves of our lips.Asshur shall not save us ; we will not ride uponhorses: neither will we say any more to the tvork 

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