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What You Should Know About The Common Core State Standards

What You Should Know About The Common Core State Standards



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Published by RestoreOKPublicEd
This is a brochure put together by Truth in American Education. It is VERY enlightening and describes the many number of reasons why Taxpayers and Parents should say NO TO THE CCSS!
This is a brochure put together by Truth in American Education. It is VERY enlightening and describes the many number of reasons why Taxpayers and Parents should say NO TO THE CCSS!

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: RestoreOKPublicEd on Jul 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 March 2011 m
The Common Core $tate $tandards
What Parents, Taxpayers, and School Boards Should Know
What are the Common Core State Standards?
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of learning standards in English language arts (ELA) andmathematics. These standards, if adopted by a state, willreplace existing state standards in these subject areas.
The Common CoreState Standards:
May not align with state adopted orrecommended textbooks. $$$May not align with textbooksalready adopted, purchased, and inuse by local school districts. $$$Will require extensive expensiveprofessional development. In moststates, these costs will be borne bylocal school districts. $$$Are not internationallybenchmarked.Have embedded pedagogy or “howto teach” information. Thatembedded pedagogy coupled withyet to be developed assessments willdetermine what and how teachersshould teach.
 Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
…that perhaps they aren’t being told
Who developed the Common Core StateStandards? When?
The National Governors Association (NGA) and the Councilof Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) together formed theCommon Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) to develop aset of academic standards to be used in common across allstates.In Spring 2009, governors and chief state school officers (statesuperintendents) of all but two states signed a Common CoreStandards Memorandum of Agreement. This committed theirstates to voluntary participation in a process leading to thedevelopment and adoption of the CCSS. In July 2009 theinitiative released some names of people involved indeveloping the standards. Work on the standards did notinvolve the public, and some interested organizations wereshut out of the process. In September, a draft of the Collegeand Career Readiness Standards was released. The first andonly public draft of the K-12 Common Core State Standardsfor ELA and math was released in March 2010. The final K-12 CCSS was released in June 2010.With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,private corporations--including assessment and publishingcompanies--funded the development of the standards. Do yousuppose publishers have anything to gain?
Private corporations, professional development providers, and other educational service providers stand to make nice profits as a result of the CCSS.Truth in American Education www.truthinamericaneducation.org
Citizens United for Responsible Education of Washington State, Missouri Education Watchdog, Mathematically SoundFoundations, The Underground Parent, the U.S. Coalition for World Class Math, and Truth in American Educationindependently object to the adoption and implementation of the CCSS.
 March 2011 m2
Adopting the CCSS takes control of educationalcontent and standards away from parents, taxpayers, local school districts, and states.
TheCCSS were produced by a closed group andconditionally approved by many states withoutpublic review. The NGA and CCSSO, both non-government groups,own the copyrightprotected CCSS.Control overchanges to the CCSSwill lie in the handsof so called“experts” outsidelocal school district,state, and the federal government jurisdiction.
Public education is a state responsibility.
It is notthe responsibility of the federalgovernment. Statesshould not turn overtheir rights orresponsibilities tothe direction andinfluence of non-government organizations or the federal government.
States have had state standards under No ChildLeft Behind (NCLB) for several years now.
Thereis no evidence from this experience that this allowedstudents to move from one district to another withminimal interruption of their instructional program.Even with common standards, there will remainwide variances between classrooms, schools,districts, and states. Common standards withinstates under NCLB did not result in consistency andcollaboration among districts within states. Whyshould we believe the CCSS would bring this aboutacross district and state lines?
Adoption of the CCSS will result in greaterturmoil and confusion for teachers and students.
 It will result in aloss of learning timeand have a negativeeffect on test results.There will be adelay in studentsmeeting newstandards resultingin the possible need for a delay in graduationrequirements.
The CCSS represents a massive unevaluatedexperiment with our students for which they andtheir parents havebeen ill informedand have had noopportunity forinput.
The CCSSare untested andunevaluated in theclassroom. Theproposed CCSS should undergo rigorous testing in alimited number of districts before adoption andimplementation statewide or nationwide.
Some Validation Committee members would notsign off on the CCSS
. Don’t you wonder why,especially when these standards have been promotedas being so wonderful?
Will the Adoption of the CCSS be Beneficial or Detrimental forStudents, Parents, Taxpayers, and Local School Districts?
Who drives your local schools? The Local School Board? The State? NGA? CCSSO? Federal Government?
Why should taxpayers pay for an education system in which they have no voice in what and how their children are taught?Truth in American Education www.truthinamericaneducation.org
 March 2011 m3
The Common Core $tate$tandards Adoption and Implementation
Local school districts and states must provide thefunds to adopt and implement the CCSS. Thefederal government is not providing thenecessary funds since states voluntarily make thedecision as to whether theyadopt or not. States receivingRace to the Top (RTTT) fundsmay use some of those fundsto implement the CCSS.Estimated implementation costs have beenexorbitant. The estimated costs for Californiaexceeded the amount the state would havereceived in RTTT funds. California was notawarded any RTTT funds.Estimated implementation costs have rangedfrom $183 million inWashington State forapproximately 1 millionstudents to $1.6 billion inCalifornia for more than 6million students.Many states adopting the CCSS are only fundinga small portion of the costs at the state level.Local school districts in Washington State will beresponsible for 90.6% of the estimated statewideimplementation costs.Many local school districts and stategovernments are dealing with severe budgetshortfalls. How can they justify making anongoing costly commitment?Local school districts will be responsible for thetechnology equipment,related personnel, andnetwork capacity upgradecosts required for the CCSSassessments.Is your state making a major commitment onbehalf of local school boardswithout showing orascertaining that funds areavailable to meet the fiscalobligation?Is it fiscally responsible for states to make majorfinancial commitments without first determiningif they, and the local school districts, can meet theobligation? Can your state identify dedicatedrevenues equal to or greater than estimatedadoption and implementation expenses?It is your taxpayer dollar paying theimplementation costs whether local, state, orfederal money is used. Taxpayers need to guardtheir wallets and bank accounts. The local schooldistricts and states may find it necessary to raisetaxes.Will this break your school district’s bank and send them into bankruptcy?
Truth in American Educationwww.truthinamericaneducation.org

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Taxpayers and parents need to stop this federal control of education!
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Please visit the Truth in American Education website here http://truthinamericaneducation.com/c... for more information.

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