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Know the Internet

Know the Internet

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Published by Stella de Asis
If you were born in the late 1900’s, you probably have- at the least- heard of or used the Internet for your benefit.
If you were born in the late 1900’s, you probably have- at the least- heard of or used the Internet for your benefit.

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Published by: Stella de Asis on Jul 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Know the Internet
 And know how it can work for your benefit!
If you were born in the late 1900’s, you probably have
- at the least- heard of or used the Internetfor your benefit. But if you were born in
the generation Z (mid 1990’s to present), you are likely
to have used the benefits of the World Wide Web more than those people who cynically thoughtthat computers were the agents that would bring the forebodings of the apocalypse.You see, just like the
Rashomon Effect 
, the function of the Internet is relative to the one thatsees it. For the academically indolent studes, the Internet has been a freeway for easilyobtainable information ready to ensure them salvation for the next homework assignment or examination. (If you are a scholar, do not ever cite Wikipedia as your reference: The onlineencyclopedia-
despite bearing the name of the dreaded ‘e’ word
- is not maintained by anacademic institution, thus making its contents unverifiable as facts.)Meanwhile, for the socially inept, the Internet is the pimp that forms a connection between fellowdweebs- a medicine to all who suffer from existential crisis. It is the reason why long-distancerelationships are saved through chatting, emailing, and video conferencing. As long as you havemade friends with Facebook, Yahoo, and Skype, love affairs will never wither like a wilted daisyon the musty floor.You see, I was not born a techno geek. As far back as I can remember, I did not establishamicable ties with the internet until I was 17 years old. The first time I wandered on the streetsof the techosphere, I saw it as a complex and circuitous road leading to some etherealknowledge- that only those who understand the acronyms RAM, BIOS, and ACL could begranted access to that mysterious gift. I was totally a foreigner to the world of abstract codesand programming language.Now computer literacy has developed into a democratic norm. Today, the internet can beanything-it can be a library, a supermarket, a workplace, or a junkyard. By virtual power, you
can now download music, watch movies, read a book, find a partner, or dupe someone who isgullible enough to fall for your tricks. Through the net, you can schedule a meeting, educateyourself, or break up with your loony boyfriend. All sorts of human activities have almost- in oneway or another- relied on the capabilities of the internet. And needless to say, no matter how
trivial it is, the three ‘W’s has become an indispensable part of us.
 But like everything else, the internet has its other side: If some netizens loved the trend thecyberspace sets, others have been disappointed to see the dark underbelly of the World WideWeb.You know, the dark spots of the internet can take in any form. Although they can be avoided,one still fears the leering thought of being caught with those familiar domain names in his or her cache file or history list (the websites you recently or 
frequently visited). You’re probably seeing
the point: the pornographic and other hacking sites. Well, the temptation may be stronger than
the Sun’s gravitational pull to the Earth, but you can unlock its reins by subscribing to sites
which are more virtuous in nature. As people have been more conscious of the functions of their superego, they have developedabsolute moral obligations even when surfing the waves of the internet. Indeed, the shame thatgoes with being caught browsing unholy sites is enough for people to revert to webpages withunquestionable ethical orientations such as
Yahoo! News,
, or 
.But life has a way of introducing us to miseries beyond our doings. Try as we might to be a
Good Samaritan 
to others, the World Wide Web is also infested with people in the leagues of 
Freddy Krueger 
Jack, the Ripper 
. They are not necessarily murderers, but they are thepeople who devise diabolic rackets beyond our comprehension. They are the ones who stealyour money, your valuables and your identity. They are the con artists, the swindlers, the scamperpetrators, and the rip-off experts.Nowadays, the progress of the information superhighway is almost inversely proportional to theprogress our economy has set for itself. And this is the scary part in the virtual dimension: Thelonger we park our 
gluteus maximus 
(buttocks, my friend) and fix our eyes to our PC monitors,the more we condition ourselves into thinking that we exist virtually and not realistically. And thiskind of delusion is pretty su
bconscious. Anyone can say: “What’s wrong with it?”
 We think that the perfect form of virtuality is depicted in the movies like
(where Iaccidentally deduced that Keanu Reeves should have been a gymnast rather than an actor),
(I loved Leonardo DiCaprio more in Titanic!) and
In Time 
(Alex Pettyfer was hotter 
than the film’s protagonist
- Justin Timberlake). You see, virtuality is more possible than whatthese movies delineate- more Euhemerist only in that context. They may be hyperboles of re
ality, but that doesn’t render everything impossible.
 And the situation of the economy and technology being irreconcilable? That’s a big problem we
have to face.Take for example our cash-strapped friends. The technophiles who have an inordinate desirefor 
gadgets may stumble upon the casual roadblocks of the cyber world; one’s lack of finances
to offset the burden of a new gadget purchase. You see, with the kind of speed currenttechnological trends have, it is inevitable that a certain gadget will only make a cameoperformance on the hot scene. And this is what despairs the early tech adopters. Taking Andy

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