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American Period in phil

American Period in phil

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Published by julesubayubay5428

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Published by: julesubayubay5428 on Jul 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AMERICAN PERIODFilipino-American WarAmericans Fool Aguinaldo
December 10 1898- Treaty of Paris was signed
Many Filipinos felt the Americans had cheated them.
 The Americans came as friends.
 They sought Aguinaldo in Singapore and in Hongkong. Dewey wantedAguinaldo to raise once more the standard of revolt and to cooperate with theAmericans in order to defeat the Spaniards.
 The American behavior to the Filipinos became allies but later on it became aconqueror
Filipino rebels are not allowed to enter manila
Aguinaldo was asked by general Ricarte to withdraw his forces
Aguinaldo was fooled by the Americans
It is the beginning of Filipinos disillusionment with the Americans
Benevolent Assimilation
President Mckinley do not know what to do with the Philippines
He is surrounded by men who were making the Philippines an American colony
 They were the following
 The American business interests who wanted the Philippines not only asmarket for American products but also a stepping stone to Asia’s market.2. The military and naval pressure group who wanted the Philippines as a basefor American ships and as first line defense3. The religious pressure group who wanted the Philippines as a base forprotestant missionaries.
Pres. Mckinley issued the “Benevolent Assimilaton”
It exercise the sovereignity of US over the philippines
Philippines as a colony of US
Sovereignity over the archipelago by force
General elwell otis succeeded general meritt
Filipinos Reaction to the Proclamation
General Marcus Miller, published the full text of the order
 The text was in the hands of the Filipinos
Antonio Luna, La Independencia attacked the proclamation
 January 5. Aguinaldo’s worded proclamation
“My government is disposed to open hostilities if the American troops attemptto take forcible possession of the Visayan islands”
Otis, quietly strengthened American lines
Fil-American relations was on the critical stage
Attempts to Relax the Tension
Meet up with Aguinaldo’s and Otis representatives
3 representatives each
Heightened the tension
Americans only fooling Filipinos, not being serious in solving the relations
The Shot that Started the War
February 1, Group of American engineers was arrested by Filipino troops
Otis protested
Aguinaldo proclamation said that engineers were not arrested but detainedbecause they were on the Filipino lines
February 2, Gen. McArthur, protested about Filipinos on the American Lines
Night of February 4, American Private Willie W. Grayson shot a Filipino Soldieron Balhasan Bridge in San Del Monte
The Incident was Investigated
Capt. Fernando sent a telegram to Malolos saying that Americans commencedhostilities
Aguinaldo sent Otis an emissary saying “ firingour side the night before hadbeen against my order”
Otis said “ fighting, having started, must go on to the grim end”
Aguinaldo ordered an investigation
Investigation reveals that:
Early February 2 and 3, the Filipino employees of the American ships weredismissed
Feb. 4, American soldiers boarded to Cavite
American Lines Rejoined heir units in Manila
Otis did not ordered investigation but an ALL-OUT-WAR
The American Drive to the North
Captured Rizal Province
Won on the battles of LA LOMA
Mcarthur proceeded to Kalookan
Antonio Luna Fought Mcarthur
Luna was defeated
Luna plan to recapture Manila
March 22, he led the attack on the city
2 days after he reached Azcarraga street
In Quinagua ( now Plaridel), major bell of the american cavalry was killed bythe boy General, Gregorio Del Pilar
Fought on April 23, Colonel Sotsenberg was killed
December 18, General Geronimo won against General Lawton in San Mateo.
Americans realizing the significance of Luna’s Victory
Luna retreated to Pulo Bulakan

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