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Alkes HargaGrosir

Alkes HargaGrosir

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Published by Si_Jelek_Ngomo_3365

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Published by: Si_Jelek_Ngomo_3365 on Jul 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Harga Grosir – Alatkesehatanmedis.com
Nama Barang
Harga JualGrosir
Accucheck Aktif Strip Rp 180.000Accupuntur Stimulator KWD Greatwall
Rp 539.000Accupuntur Stimulator KWD Yingdi
Rp 550.000Accupuntur Stimulator SDZ II Hwato
Rp 550.000Accupuntur Stimulator SDZ III Hwato
Rp 907.500Accupuntur Stimulator SMY 10 A Hwato
Rp 1.430.000Alat Pijat Dolphin Infrared Massager
Rp 74.250Alat Pijat Tiger
Rp 165.000Alcohol 70 % 1 Liter
Rp 9.900Alcohol 70 % Onemed 100 mL
Rp 24.200Alcohol Swab GC
Rp 8.250Alcohol Swab ONEMED
Rp 8.250Ambukit - Resucitator ANAK PVC
Rp 126.500Ambukit - Resucitator ANAK SILIKON
Rp 275.000Ambukit - Resucitator BAYI PVC
Rp 126.500Ambukit - Resucitator BAYI SILIKON
Rp 269.500Ambukit - Resucitator DEWASA PVC
Rp 137.500Ambukit - Resucitator DEWASA SILIKON
Rp 291.500Apron Plastik
Rp 4.950Arm Sling Mitraco Ukuran L
Rp 14.850Arm Sling Mitraco Ukuran M
Rp 14.850Arm Sling Mitraco Ukuran S
Rp 14.850Arm Sling Mitraco Ukuran XL
Rp 14.850Armpit Thermometer Ketiak Sphygmed
Rp 4.950Baju Jas OK
Rp 66.000Baju Lab Tebal
Rp 47.300Baju Lab Tipis
Rp 33.000Baju OK Biru
Rp 58.300Baju OK Biru Pendek
Rp 63.800Baju OK Hijau
Rp 58.300Baju OK Hijau Pendek
Rp 63.800Bak Instrument 508
Rp 22.000Bak Instrument 509
Rp 31.900Balon Tensi Biasa
Rp 8.800Bantal Apel
Rp 247.500Bantal Panas Panjang Laser Biru
Rp 28.600Bantal Panas Panjang Laser Merah
Rp 28.600
Bantal Panas Pendek Laser Biru
Rp 28.600Bantal Panas Pendek Laser Merah
Rp 28.600Bantal Panas Tebal
Rp 30.800Bed Periksa
Rp 825.000Bedpan Dengan Tutup angka 8
Rp 82.500Bedpan Tanpa Tutup angka 8
Rp 77.000Binaurals For Classic Stetoscope ABN
Rp 98.313Binaurals For Lightweight Stetoscope ABN
Rp 12.584Blood Glucose Alat Test Gluco Dr Biosensor
Rp 285.000Blood Glucose Alat Test Gluco Dr Plus +
Rp 320.000Blood Glucose Alat Test Gluco Dr Super Sensor
Rp 430.000Blood Glucose Test Strip Gluco Dr Biosensor
Rp 180.000Blood Glucose Test Strip Gluco Dr Super Sensor
Rp 215.000Blood Lancet GEA isi 100 Pcs
Rp 12.100Blood Lancet GEA isi 200 Pcs
Rp 23.595Bokoma
Rp 6.325Brankar
Rp 995.500Breast Pump Biasa Micko
Rp 53.240Breast Pump Elektrik Micko
Rp 279.400Breast Pump selang Micko
Rp 82.720Bulb Deluxe Valve Assembly ABN
Rp 46.404Bulb Standard Valve Assembly ABN
Rp 26.741Catgut Chromic + With Needle 2/0
Rp 38.500Catgut Chromic + With Needle 3/0
Rp 38.500Catgut Chromic 2/0
Rp 38.500Catgut Chromic 3/0
Rp 38.500Catgut Plain + With Needle 2/0
Rp 38.500Catgut Plain + With Needle 3/0
Rp 38.500Catgut Plain 2/0
Rp 38.500Catgut Plain 3/0
Rp 38.500Catgut Silk + With Needle 2/0
Rp 38.500Catgut Silk + With Needle 3/0
Rp 38.500Catgut Silk 2/0
Rp 38.500Catgut Silk 3/0
Rp 38.500Celana Hernia
Rp 145.530Chestpiece For Classic Stetoscope,Adult ABN
Rp 125.840Chestpiece For Dual Head Lightweight Stetoscope,PVC Ring ABN
Rp 28.314Chestpiece For Majestic Stetoscope,Adult ABN
Rp 125.840Chrome Gauge Deluxe ABN
Rp 92.807Coiled Tubing ABN
Rp 15.730Condom Catheter Remedi L
Rp 2.035
Condom Catheter Remedi M
Rp 2.035Diaphram Neutral ABN
Rp 9.438Diaphram Retaining Ring ABN
Rp 23.595Digital Thermometer Digital Sphygmed
Rp 27.500Disposible Needle Onemed 23GX1 ¼
Rp 14.850Doppler Aeon
Rp 825.000Doppler Bestman BF-500 (non LCD)
Rp 357.500Doppler Bestman BF-500+ (LCD)
Rp 467.500Doppler Bestman BF-500++ (LCD)
Rp 478.500Doppler Bestman BF-500B (LCD)
Rp 522.500Doppler Bestman BF-600+ (LCD)
Rp 1.375.000Doppler Bistos Hi-Bebe LCD
Rp 825.000Doppler Lotus
Rp 550.000Ear Syringe / Nose Cleaner Sinmy
Rp 19.800Ear Syringe 30 cc
Rp 5.500Ear Syringe 60 cc
Rp 6.600Easy Touch Alat GCU
Rp 325.000Easy Touch Alat GHB
Rp 315.000Easy Touch Alat GU
Rp 188.000Easy Touch Strip cholesterol
Rp 110.000Easy Touch Strip Glucose
Rp 55.000Easy Touch Strip HB
Rp 110.000Easy Touch Strip Urice Acid
Rp 55.000Elastic Bandage 3"GC
Rp 7.150Elastic Bandage 4" GC
Rp 8.250Elastic Bandage 6" GC
Rp 10.450Elbow Supporter jasper ukuran L
Rp 24.750Elbow Supporter jasper ukuran M
Rp 24.750Elbow Supporter jasper ukuran S
Rp 24.750Foot Massager Sunmas
Rp 60.500Gelas Mata Plastik
Rp 8.250Gunting angkat jahitan Renz
Rp 14.850Gunting angkat jahitan SMIC
Rp 77.550Gunting angkat jahitan Tanpa Merk
Rp 9.405Gunting Episiotomi Renz
Rp 14.300Gunting Episiotomi SMIC
Rp 63.470Gunting Episiotomi Tanpa Merk
Rp 9.405Gunting Iris bengkok Renz
Rp 9.900Gunting Iris lurus Renz
Rp 9.900Gunting Jaringan Renz 14 cm
Rp 16.500Gunting lurus tata, tatu, tutu SMIC
Rp 36.740

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