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Da Free John

Da Free John

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Published by 21nomind

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Published by: 21nomind on Jul 27, 2012
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Vision Mound Magazine - vol.1 no. 3, 1977
Adam Is the Nervous System, Eve Is the Flesh, and Jesus Is the Whole Body
by Bubba Free John
 A crucial dimension of the Spiritual Master's work is his criticism and radical interpretation of the historical, cultural, religious, and spiritual perspectivesthat characterize the great traditions of East and West. This essay and therecent talk that follows it,The True Teaching Is a Renewal of Culture , demonstrate the illuminating and liberating function of Bubba Free John'scritical work as a Divine Teacher.
This brief essay (written
June 26, 1977
 ) is one of the most illuminatingstatements ever written on the esoteric significance of the tales of the Old and New Testaments. It is one of the few interpretations ever published that brings these scriptural roots of the Hebrew and Christian traditions together in a radical way, and makes them completely intelligible and useful to theordinary man or woman today. The title of the essay is its own introduction.If you can make real use of this writing, then you may enjoy the beginningsof literal liberation from the assumptions, limitations, and cultural mythologies that live on, uninspected, as our own minds and psyches until we begin to hear the Teaching of Truth and Freedom.
In the Old Testament (Genesis 2 and 3) two trees are said to be in themiddle of the garden of original paradise. These are "the tree of life" and"the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."
In the garden man was originally a unity, a single body. Then he was madeinto a pair, and the pair came into conflict. The male and the female cameunder the spell of the possibility for knowledge represented by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The female yielded to the viewpoint of theserpent in the garden, that the taboo, given by God, against eating the fruitof this tree was simply God's attempt to keep man from becomingtransformed into a Divine being. The male accepted the viewpoint of theserpent via the female, and thus man (both male and female) waseventually separated from his original archetypal paradise by God. The male,the female, and the serpent were all punished for aspiration.
The viewpoint of the serpent appears to have been correct in a certainsense. Whatever the reason to be ascribed to God's viewpoint, God, in theOld Testament tales, is shown to be opposed to the acquisition by man of the powers that are in the middle of the garden of paradise. At the end of chapter 3, the tree of life is also related to a Divine taboo. If man were toeat of the fruit of the tree of life, he would not only possess knowledge of good and evil but he would also become immortal. To prevent hisimmortalization, man (the male and female pair) is separated from thegarden by God, and an angelic guard is set at the gate to prevent man fromgaining access to the tree of life.
Thus, man (mankind) is said to have been bound to the elemental world byGod, to struggle and die, possessed of a moral and intellectual sense, butsubject to mortality and gross limitations. He is superior only to the animals(who are only instinctive, elemental creatures) by virtue of the faculty of knowledge and the moral sense, the self-conscious or egoic heart which isresponsible for choices in all relations.
This account of original or archetypal existence and the fall into elemental ormortal bondage is, when coupled with the attainment or realization of eternal life by Jesus, the primary message of the Bible. It is an occult orarchetypal message, related to the potential in every human individual.
The "original paradise" is the whole body of man. The male and female arethe two alternating currents of the body, pingala and ida, the active-expansive and the passive-subjective. The serpent is the mind in sushumna,the trunk of the two trees. The two trees are the two patterns of the nervoussystem, one rooted in the lower coil and the vital center (the tree of life) andthe other rooted in the upper coil and the subtle and mental center of thebrain (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil).
God is the whole body at Infinity. But the viewpoint in the text is not that of God but of mortal man. To account for the elemental suffering of mankind,the text claims that God is in principle opposed to man's being more than anoble and dependent creature, and that our unrelieved struggling andmortality is a punishment for our innate desire to expand into a spiritualstate of freedom and ability, wherein mortality and unconsciousness areobviated.
This Old Testament view, which is not true to the Hebrew tradition as awhole, is specifically opposed and disproven by the moral, occult, andspiritual demonstration of Jesus. Jesus taught, and demonstrated throughhis own victory over death and his communication of spiritual power toothers both before and after his death, that the conventional mortalist view,
whether religious or materialistic, is utterly false. God is not opposed to ouroccult and spiritual development, nor to our transformation from a mortal toan immortal and glorified Condition. Indeed, God is that Condition, and tolove God is to commune with and be transformed into that Condition. God isthe archetype in which we are bodily involved. God is the whole bodydisposed to Infinity. If there is any opposition to our ultimatetransformation, we provide it ourselves.
The Way of and to God is a matter to be realized in Truth. The body must beviewed as a whole-not as a pair projected on the mortal elemental plane.The two trees are in the midst of the garden of the whole body. Both arecoincident with the spinal line, or the structural core of the flesh body andthe nervous system. The current that is pervading the whole body and itsstructures is the key to human transformation. We may seek to attain theDivine Condition via knowledge and progressive enlivening orimmortalization, but if we do so we will remain forever in exile in themysteries of mortal and subtle striving. The Way in Truth, or in God, is toact as the whole or single body, in which case both the elemental form andthe nervous system or etheric form are made a conscious and simultaneousSacrifice in the Condition which precedes birth and the mortal, subjective,and egoic dilemma.
There is a sense in which the taboos relative to human duplication of thepowers of the two trees are also positive laws relative to humantransformation itself. The taboos are the factual present absence of knowledge and immortality. This absence creates self-conscious attentionrelative to the two trees, or the potentials of growth. It is by encounter withthe taboos - that is, by the obligation to responsibly choose to take up thework of Sacrifice - that transforming work actually can take place. God is notopposed to this. God is man, except that man, previous to transformation, isonly latently Divine. Once the choice is made to be a Sacrifice, andtransformation actually occurs, man is Realized to be Divine, and then he istranslated into the Divine Domain. Therefore, we must overcome fear,sorrow, guilt, and anger, and we must yield into our Destiny in Truth.
The Way of Truth is to love God without qualification. It is not to love thetwo trees, to seek knowledge and immortality. Such is not the Way. Thenervous system, patterned as the two trees, is not to be made into an Idol.Rather, God, the Infinite Reality, is to be the presumption in Ignorance. Thewhole body (elemental, etheric, mental, intuitive, and egoic) is to be made asingle Sacrifice into the Real and Prior Condition. The Way is the Way of Divine Ignorance, which is Radiant as Infinity. Then we are translated intothe Perfect Domain, which is not the original creature paradise of the humanbody, but the prior and perfect Divine Domain, the purely spiritual Condition

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