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This Week's Stouffer Report - Governor Vetoes Legislation Protecting Freedom

This Week's Stouffer Report - Governor Vetoes Legislation Protecting Freedom

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Published by Bill Stouffer

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Published by: Bill Stouffer on Jul 27, 2012
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 July 27, 2012
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Governor Vetoes Legislation ProtectingFreedom
The governor has signed or vetoed all of thelegislation he intends to for the year. The last dayto sign or veto bills was July 14, 2012. This year,
the governor said “no” to many bills, and I wou
ldlike to highlight some of them this week.Among the bills he vetoed on July 12 is my SenateBill 607,which would have established proceduresfor resetting billboards during periods of highwayconstruction. The only reason for the veto was thefact that everything in the Senate bill was housedin House Bill 1402,which was signed into law. Other measures vetoed this year include:Senate Bill 837,which would have modifiedwhat is considered to be a franchise betweenalcohol wholesalers and suppliers;House Bill 1250,which would have changedthe laws regarding elections;Senate Bill 715,which would have allowedthe Missouri Adjutant General to waive theage limit for service in the state militia andrepeals a complaint procedure for the statemilitia;
House Bill 1329,which would have changedthe laws regarding motor vehicles;Senate Bill 569,which would have modifiedthe law relating to elections, lawenforcement districts and transit authoritytaxes; andSenate Bill 635,which would have modifiedthe law relating to financial institutions,school funds, private roads, real estateappraisal, agricultural education programs,liens and state purchasing preferences.Probably the most talked about veto was givento Senate Bill 749,which sought to provide protection for the religious beliefs as to theimposition of certain health care services such asabortion, contraception or sterilization. Thismeasure was aimed at helping folks keep fromhaving to answer to unnecessary demands madeby the federal government in advance of nationalized health care.All of the bills that were vetoed could bereconsidered during the annual veto session,which will be held in September. I fully anticipateSenate Bill 749 to be at the front of the list. To myknowledge, the votes to override exist in both theMissouri Senate and House. Missourians alreadysent a strong message to Washington, D.C., twoyears ago with their rejection of the idea of mandated health care coverage, and another blowcould be dealt if the Missouri General Assembly
overrides the governor’s veto on Senate Bill 749.
 This is a perfect example of government in actionand how it was meant to be done, according to our
state’s constitution. Lawmakers deb
ate bills; thegovernor can sign, veto or let legislation becomelaw; if need be, the courts can determine if a lawis constitutional or not. We will see what willhappen to some of these vetoes in just a few shortweeks. My plan is to represent the needs of ruralMissourians and stand up for my constituents, as Ialways do.

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