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electronics_Ph.D Syllabus.pdf

electronics_Ph.D Syllabus.pdf

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Published by Madan R Honnalagere

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Published by: Madan R Honnalagere on Jul 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tumkur UniversitySyllabus for Pre-PhD Coursework PAPER II: ELECTRONICS
Unit 1 Transistor at Low Frequencies
Two port devices and the hybrid model, Transistor hybrid Model, The h-parameters, Analysis of transistor amplifier circuit using h-parameters,The emitter follower, Millers Theorem and its dual, Cascading transistoramplifiers, simplified CE Hybrid model, Simplified calculations for CCconfiguration, CE amplifier with emitter resistance.
 Unit 2 Transistor at High frequencies
resistance transistor circuits.The hybrid p commonemitter transistor model, Hybrid p conductance, Hybrid p capacitances,CE Short Circuit Current Gain, Current Gain with resistive load, SingleStage CE amplifier response, Gain-Bandwidth Product, Emitter followerat high frequencies.
 Unit 3 Feedback Amplifier,Oscillators,Field effect transistor
Classification, Feedback concept, Transfer Gain with feedback, Generalcharacteristics of negative feedback Amplifiers, Input resistance, Output resistance. Sinusoidal oscillators, The phase
shift oscillator, Resonant circuit oscillators, A general form of oscillator circuit, The Wein bridgeoscillator, Crystal oscillators, Frequency stability Small signal model
 Unit 4 MOSFET and FET
MOSFET, CS and CD Amplifiers, Biasing the FET, FET as a voltagevariable resistor, Digital MOSFET Circuits, CS and CD amplifiers at highfrequencies, OP amps, VJT, SCR.
 Unit 5 Combinational and sequential circuits
Combinational circuits
Analysis and design procedures, Binary adder -subtractor, Decimal adder, Binary multiplier, Magnitude comparator,Decoders, Encoders, Multiplexers.
 Unit 6 Sequential Circuits
Sequential circuits Latches, Flip flops, Analysis of clocked Sequentialcircuits, State reduction and state assignment Registers, Shift registers,Counters, Design of synchronous counters, Counter applications, Shift registers counters, Shift registers applications Introduction, Analysisand design of asynchronous sequential circuits, Reduction of state andflow tables, Race-free state assignment, Hazards.

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