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William Park Press Release

William Park Press Release

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Published by chris_moran

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Published by: chris_moran on Jul 27, 2012
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July 26, 2012William Park, SR. Advisor to Houston Council Member Helena Brown, was
never banned
fromthe Securities industry despite the lies by the liberal press. The Houston Chronicle, the sex-trade-rag called the Houston Press, Fox Channel 26 News and their neophyte reporter Greg Groogan(who made a libelous statement when he called William a “shady financier”), all seem to have onething in common: destroy the common sense conservative Christian voice.William Park held these licenses for a total of over 20 years:Series 24 General Securities PrincipleSeries 26 Investment Company Products & Variable Contracts PrincipleSeries 51 Municipal Funds Securities PrincipleSeries 6 Investment Company & Variable Products RepSeries 7 General Securities RepSeries 63 Uniform Securities AgentSeries 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Additionally he was Securities and Insurance licensed in Mexico and a Certified Estate Planner.For over 20 years, Mr. Park ran and supervised offices and thousands of agents in over 37 states inthe United States and in every State in Mexico.
For over 20 years he was regulated, audited,examined, and inspected by the regulatory bodies of the industry including but not limited tothe SEC, FINRA, NASD, and a plethora of State Securities and Insurance Boards.
Countlesshours, days and months were spent by these regulatory offices going through his books, records,correspondence, files, emails, advertising, business and personal bank accounts and
in ALL of those years he was NEVER FINED nor had any “BLACK MARKS”
whatsoever on neither himself nor his firms! This is extremely rare in the securities industry, especially since he hired,trained and supervised thousands of agents in 2 different countries!On the other hand, take the Mayor and the Council Members all of whom, except for CouncilMember Brown, voted to award the Broker Dealer First Southwest Company a $4.2 million dollar contract from Houston taxpayer’s dollars. This particular Broker Dealer has been censured andfined $100’s of thousands of dollars! The city of Houston has been doing business with FirstSouthwest Company Broker Dealer for several years. William Park’s Broker Dealer was NEVER censured or fined! Why isn’t the press all over this? Not many, if any of the Council Members, much less their staff members, have the experience inthe business world and general-all-around experience such as what Mr. Park has and therein liesthe problem, Mayor Parker and her cronies fear him because of his knowledge and experience. Oh,and did you know that he is doing this on NO salary?
William Park believes that the city’s responsibility is to take care of the roads, sewers, and water needs of Houston and stay out of the way of businesses and people’s lives to allow them to developto their fullest potential. He believes that people will rise to the level of their mentality andexpectations: some will win and some will lose and that is life. Learn to play the hand that lifedeals you or change, is William’s philosophy. And he will shamelessly tell you that you DO need toaccept Jesus Christ as Lord and as your personal Saviour as that is MOST important.1.When William Park met with the Mayor the first time, he asked the Mayor what he coulddo to help her help Houston. The Mayor’s response “Let me know how the CouncilMember you are going to vote before she votes.” Are you kidding me?2.William Park helped privatize and save the social security retirement system of Mexico. Hecan do exactly the same for the Houston pension plans.3.William Park came up with solutions that would potentially solve the pension problems andthe Mayor would NOT listen. The pension plan currently is not achieving the 8.5%guaranteed return and is a $4.5 billion dollar unfunded liability!4.William Park worked with the Council Member on the budget spending 100’s of hoursreviewing the budget, the CAFR, the task force and pension reports. Additionally he spentmany hours visiting with those behind the research such as Bill King, Bob Lemer, JohnDiamond, Mike Nichols, Craig Mason, Kelly Dowe and others directly involved with thecity’s finances.5.William Park tried to discuss solutions to help Houston avoid filing bankruptcy, and theMayor basically stated that the task force, Bob Lemer’s and Craig Mason’s numbers wereall WRONG and that the city was NOT in serious financial trouble at all!!! Houston has a$2.7 billion dollar deficit!6.William Park went on the Asia trip because he has been to Asia a multitude of times on business, speaking on joint Oil & Gas and Commercial Real Estate investing in the USA.He was also invited to speak at the prestigious CIFIT in Xiamen, China. His experienceand business knowledge was extremely valuable for the city of Houston to bring in businesses and potentially billions of dollars in revenue. Yet, the mayor did all she could tosabotage the trip!7.William Park was the individual who had a preliminary phone call with Douglas Hodges on plans for the Houston Astrodome. He then scheduled a conference call with CouncilMember Brown that led to an introduction of Douglas Hodges to Ray Gutierrez that haswith huge potential upside for the taxpayers of Houston on the dilapidated Astrodome.The membership regulatory body, FINRA, is a SRO (self regulatory organization) that requiresreps to join. In August of 2010 William Park 
voluntarily withdrew his membership fromFINRA
voluntarily resigned his licenses
to pursue a career in Oil and Gas Consulting.FINRA suspended William’s license on May 18, 2011, almost 1 year after he had resigned fromFINRA. Most interesting is why. I have acquired the FINRA response which I will quote fromFINRA here:
 Does the order constitute a final order based on violations of any laws or regulations that prohibit  fraudulent, manipulative, or deceptive conduct?
 If the regulator is the SEC, CFTC, or an SRO, did the action result in a finding of a willful violation or failure to supervise?
(1)willfully violated any provision of the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, the Commodity Exchange Act, or any rule or regulation under any of such Acts, or any of the rules of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board or to have been unable to comply with any provision of such Act, ruleor regulation?(2)Willfully aided, abetted, counseled, commanded, induced, or procured the violation by any person of any provision of the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934,the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, the Investment Company Act of 1940, the Commodity Exchange Act, or any rule or regulation under any such Acts, or any of the rules of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board? Or 
 Failed reasonably to supervise another person subject to your supervision with a view to prevention the violation by such person of any provision of the of the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, the Investment Company Act of 1940, the Commodity Exchange Act, or any rule or regulationunder any such Acts, or any of the rules of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board?
Then on April 25, 2011: (of course dates don’t make sense, when do regulators ever makesense?) William Park received this from FINRA:Sanction(s) Sought:
William Park failed to respond to FINRA request forinformation
.Does the order constitute a final order based on violations of any laws or regulations that prohibit fraudulent, manipulative, or deceptive conduct?
Resolution Date:
Sanctions Ordered:
Bar (Permanent)
Pursuant to FINRA rule 9552(h) and in accordance withthe intent to suspend and notice of suspension letters, datedJanuary 19, 2011, and February 14, 2011 respectively, on April25, 2011, Park is barred from association with any FINRAmember in any capacity. Respondent failed to requesttermination of his suspension within three months of the date of the notice of intent to suspend, therefore pursuant to FINRArule 9552(h) he is automatically barred.

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