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Medieval Cool History for Advanced Sample

Medieval Cool History for Advanced Sample

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Published by robnalle

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Published by: robnalle on Jul 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fill in the Blank:
1. The Roman name for the island of Great Britain was _______________. The Roman namefor northern Great Britain was _______________ , and the Roman name for southern GreatBritain was _______________. There were two Celtic names for Ireland: _______________and _______________.2. Future Roman dictator _______________ _______________ invaded Britain twice, once in _______________ BC and again in _______________ BC. At the time, the Roman Empire’sgoal was not to conquer Britain, but to conquer _______________. In the end it wasEmperor _______________ , not _______________ , who conquered Britain for Rome.3. _____________’s Wall marked the Roman Empire’s northernmost border for about _____centuries. The wall stretched from _______________ _______________ in the west towhat is now the town of _______________ in the east— a distance of about ___________miles. The wall averaged about _______ feet high and _______ feet thick. The Romansdefended their wall by building a _____________ at every milepost.4. The three Germanic tribes that migrated to Great Britain— the _______________ , the _______________ and the _______________ — all came from mainland Europe’s _______________ Peninsula.5. Sailors know the seas from 40° - 50° South latitude as the _____________ _____________; the seas from 50° - 60° South as the _____________ _____________ ; and the seas from60° - 70° South as the _______________ _______________ .
BiblioPlan’s Cool History forBiblioPlan’s Cool History forBiblioPlan’s Cool History forBiblioPlan’s Cool History forAdvancedAdvancedAdvancedAdvanced
Medieval, Week 2:Great Britain

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