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Summary of Internet

Summary of Internet

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Published by pisethforever

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: pisethforever on Jan 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Summary of Internet
Because of the world on going forward evolution, the Development of Technologyis getting modern in order to serve human needs. Previously, scientists have invented theway of transportation, which is one of human needs such as Motorcycles, cars, airplanes.But at the present time, with the modern technology, that have discovered a new way of 
communication called „Internet‟. It
is not only able to contact in the country butoverseas as well. With its easiness and fast communication, the use of Internet is adoptedby all over the world. Apart, in Cambodia, Internet just gets popularity recently.Because of its communicating in government, institution, business man, NGO stuffs,students, especially, among teenager nowadays. Numbers of Internet users areincreasing numerous. At the same time the number of Internet provider are also gettingmuch more than before with their small shops along the streets in Phnom Penh. Thesedays Internet plays a very important role for the Cambodian people while Cambodia isdeveloping into the outside world as a crucial member in social events such as ASEAN,AIPO and the Organization member. All these factors require all Cambodians tounderstand how to use Internet in order to be with the new age of Technology as othercountries.
I Aims of Research
Purposes of research about Internet are expressed as following-to know advantages of Internet to society-to know about the modern technology of internet in communicating-to get information about the use of Internet in Phnom PenhIn order to:-to know advantages and other impacts of Internet to the users-to know any other service of Internet
II Literature Review
Internet is the vast collection of computer networks which form and act as asingle huge network for transport across distances which can be anywhere from thesame office to anywhere in the world.- History of Internet- In 1970 ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) researched a lot of projects faced with dilemma, which focus on researches involved with communicationand we can see the picture of network via Protocol TCP/IP.- Before 1980 one group did scientific research as a Network computerscience by using Protocol TCP/IP.- In 1980 the big commercial company started using TCP/IP to establishInternet in public. Then ARPA invested by delivering many broadcast systems such asaudio, video, and graphics through Internet.- In 1989 technicians created World Wide Web. In1990 the USAgovernment started to restrict who can use the Internet and then trading via Internethas been started.- Before 1990 Internet use is unlimited. Scientists extended Internet veryquickly including companies, libraries, governors, employees, and families.
- Amongst those, Sir Isaac's theory in formation of Internet " If I couldsee far away than others, it is because of I stand on giant's shoulders.Goals of creating Internet are in order to solve:- Basic of Digital system- Survability of infrastructure for sending and receiving e-mail with highspread.- Confidentiality in sending messages via computer.Internet Use- In 1995 wide network "world wide web" replaced how to transfer documentwhile using Internet.- Late 2000 web's mobility has controlled Internet more than 80% of allInternets mobility.- Company which use Internet for trade is called (E-commerce) includeadvertising of selling, buying, and providing service to customers.- Businessmen and other institutions use Internet with sound and video inconference and forms of any communication that people can get it.- Use of E-mail is to communicate between colleagues and other staffs incompanies including live broadcast of Television and Radio program.- Scientists and students use Internet to communicate with each other anddoing research or finding documents.Internet ProcessInternet Access has two ways are Dedicated and Dial up Access.- Dedicated Access selects technologies such as digital subscriber line (DSL) orcable modern by DSL, which can entry data on both cables at the same time as phonecalling. As for, Cable modern can entry on cable at the same time as using cable in orderto get television sign.- Dial up Access is one of the most expensive technologies that users must havea Telephone modern. Tool connects from computer to telephone network and canchange data in sound and sound back into data.
III Finding Result
Through spending half of month doing this research with observation,interview with people living in Phnom Penh, who have different positions andoccupations, our group has found that :- 40% of them have a clear understanding about definition of the word
“Internet”. Beside that
, they just know how to use it from others without understand
the word “Internet”.
 - About 40% of Internet users have known that there are many activitiesthrough Internet such as phone, chat, voice chat, MIRC, E-mail, E-learning, Internetshopping and how to make our own website. About 20% knew that Internet is used onlyfor sending E-mail and other 20% do not know anything about Internet service.Amongst those people, about 20% realized that there are 7 Internet service providersare running in Cambodia such as Camnel, Telesurf camnel, openshall room, Bigpon,Casacom and Camshin.- Internet is used with many purposes most of them use Internet for searchingother studies. Small amount of them use it for testing via E-learning and their

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