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240518 Tamilnadu Recipes

240518 Tamilnadu Recipes

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Published by daretorainbow

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Published by: daretorainbow on Jul 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AAPPAM[with boiled rice]
Ingredients needed:Boiled rice- ½ kiloblack gram-one handful,fenugreek seeds-1spthich fresh curd- ½ cupone day old cooked rice-1 handfulenough salt to tasteMethod:soak the rice and the black gram with the f.seeds seperately for 8 to 12 hours.Grind the black gram first and when the batter is soft enough add the cookedrice and the curd and grind it very smoothly.Then grind the boiled rice seperately to a fine consistency.Mix both batter very well and let it ferment for the whole night.In the morning you can make fresh aappams.In the Thanjavur side theaccompaniment will be vellappaagu and thick coconut milk.At the serving timewe can pour first vellappaagu over the hot aappam and then pour coconut milkoccording to our taste.Some people enjoy the aappams with mutton stew orvegetable thengaipaal korma.
.Ingredients needed:potato-¼ kilo[boil and cut into medium pieces]frozen peas-1 cupbg onions-2tomato-1[crushed into pulp]ginger paste-1spgarlic flakes-10corander leaves-½ cupcardamom-2cinnamon-2 piecesaniseed-1spcloves-2kuskus-1spcoconut -1lemon juice-1spcoriander powder-1spghee-2spoil-2spenough salt to tasteMETHOD:Shredd the coconut and divide into two portions. Extract a cup of thickmilk from one portion. with another portion add thecardamom,cinnamon,cloves,aniseed,c.powder and the kuskus and grindit to a thin paste. Then add two cups of warm water in it and extract themilk from it.Pour the ghee and the oil in a heated kadai . Add the onion,garlic
flakes,corainder leaves and the tomato. Cook them until the oil comeson the top. Then add the thin coconut milk , enough salt and thevegetables and cook for some minutes. When the vegetables are cookedwell in the korma, add the thick milk, and cook for a minute. aftertaking out the kadai from the fire add the lemon juice and mix well.
Ingredients:onions-2[thinly sliced]tomatoes-1 cup[nicely cut]chicken-1kilo[cleaned,washed and cut into very small pieces]coriander powder-2spschilli powder-2spsginger paste-1tbspgarlic paste-1tbspMasala-I[grind 4tbsp shredded coconut,aniseed 1sp,and 1 onion with alittle water to a thick paste]Masala-2[grind 2 bay leaves,1½sp kuskus and 1sp aniseed to a finepowder]For tampering:onion-1[cut into very small pieces],1sp aniseed powder,curry leaves- ahandful,coriander leaves-a handful, 2tbsps oil.turmeric powder-1spenough salt to tasteoil-3 or 4 tbspsMethod:Heat a kadai with the oil. Add the onion and the tomatoes. Whenthe are well cooked and the oil comes on the top, add all the powdersincluding the masalaII.Fry them for a few minutes under medium fire.Then add the ginger and garlic pastes. After a few minutes add themasdala-I,enough salt,the chicken pieces and 2 cups of water and mixwell.More water can be added according to the concictency of thekuzambu. Cover the lid and cook until the chicken pieces are well cookedand nice aroma floats on the air.The kuzambu must not be very thick. Nowheat a small kadai and pour the oil. Fry the onions to a brown colour, thenadd the aniseed powder and mix well.Then add the curry leaves and thecoriander leaves and fry for a minute. Now pour it over the kuzambu andmix well. Keep the kuzambu for a few minutes on a very slow fire andthen take it off from the fire. serve the chicken kuzambu with hotaappams!
[This is a famous side dish for Aappams in the Madras side]Ingredients:Onions-3[nicely sliced]
Tomatoes-½ kilo [crushed]Garlic flakes-12Garlic paste-1spGinger paste-1spTurmeric powder-1spEnough salt to tasteShredded coconut-1 cupCardamom-1Clove-1Oil-3 or 4 tbspsFOR VADAI:Bengal gram-½ cupThur dal-½ cupRed chillies-2Green chillies-2Aniseed-½ spSliced onion-1 cupCoriander leaves and curry leaves-¼ cupMETHOD:Soak the dhals for an hour and grind coarsely with the chillies, enough saltand the aniseeds. Do not add much water. The batter should be thick.Mix the onions, curry leaves and the coriander leaves with the batter.Pour the batter in an oil coated idli plate and steam them for 15 minutes.Let it cool for some time and then cut it into small, even pieces.Grind the coconut with the cardamom, clove and 2 cups of water, andthen extract the milk from it.In a hot pan, pour the oil. When it is heated, add the onions, ginger andgarlic pastes, garlic flakes and the tomatoes.When they are cooked and the oil floats on the surface, add the coconutmilk, turmeric powder, enough salt and 3 cups of water.When the gravy is thickened slightly, add the vadai pieces and cook forsome more minutes.
AAPPAM-II[with boiled rice and raw rice]
[this is famous in the Erode side]ingredients needed:Raw rice-1 cupBoiled rice-1 cup,fenugreek seeds-1sp,black gram-2spscoconut-1[shredded]Method:Soak the raw rice, boiled rice, fenugreek seeds and the black grams for 6to 8 hours. Then grind them smoothly with the coconut. Let the batterferment in the night. You can make fresh aappams in the morning.

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