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Mud and Milk

Mud and Milk

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Published by goatkeeper
What's out there in the real world of mud? Mud and milk--old mortality. That's what.
What's out there in the real world of mud? Mud and milk--old mortality. That's what.

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Published by: goatkeeper on Jul 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mud and Milk
The real thing. The true staff of life. Touch it!
by Pablo G
o you have decided to come out to the barnwith me?
You’ll need these boots. There have been eight inches of rainust lately. I’d give you gloves too, if you’d take them. I have observedthat for many people mud is a drawback. My wife has me come in theback door. She has a rubber mat set out in the back hallway. I kick off myboots before I get inside. Then I put my boots carefully on the rubber mat,even before my poor body comes inside. No matter. She says the mudsmears and spreads. Oh, she does carry on. I’m sure you’ll hear about it.Shows disrespect, so she claims. Never heard that much about it beforewe were married. I always was a muddy boots, dirty hands critter. Thatwas just thirty some years ago. People are inclined to change concerningtheir opinions. And Lord knows the smell of sweat these days seemsunfashionable. I’m inclined to think that folks aren’t interested inworking where there may be dirt and sweat around, as if it was unhealthy.I can’t see how mud and dirt can be unhealthy. You don’t stick yourfingers in your mouth, do you? I’ve even heard explained that the smellof a buck goat in the rut is invigorating. It does tend to stick to whateverit touches; like a good vagabond, it gets around. I personally think thesmell would be all right if it was toned down. But a lot of things seemokay when they are toned down. You got those boots on by now? Thereyou are. You might want to figure out something to do while you’re here.Just a theory. Wonder what you might think. Might be a bit of ashock to the average city fellow......what? Oh that’s just a slug. What can you do? This much rain theycome out of everywhere, and apt to get into everything. I’ve considereddoing a study. No way to get rid of them, I imagine, without killing agood bit of the rest of nature besides. I’ve found that to be true generally.Mother nature is stubborn about her ways. Damage one part of her onewhere and another part of her elsewhere tends to kick about it....now, as I was saying, might be a bit of a shock walking into a place
3—that is if you’re not used to it—where any damned thing can happen. Isuppose you might say it could be amusing if you’d let it be. For instance,how can you know what you’ll be doing from one minute to the next? It’sa sort of Shangri-La of fuzzy details. The details may even be surprising.I’ve heard that described as an interesting way to carry on. What’s next?You get up each day wondering. Then you take care of whatever isnecessary. Might be enjoyable, I guess, if that’s your object in life. A littlesomething interesting every day. 
Berry and Lady. They are the old girls. They were born in this barn and they will die inthis barn.
Oh, that’s just the girls bellowing. They want to be fed and milked.No, they’re not suffering. No, they’re not pregnant. They are just good,

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goatkeeper added this note
Thanks Rose. I'm always happy to hear from you. Thanks for reading.
Rose added this note
Wonderful story! I love your style and descriptions!
goatkeeper added this note
Just a quick reorganization of some of the pictures. I'm getting very interested in pictures mixed into text.
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Rose added this note
Well, this is just wonderful! I love your style!
goatkeeper added this note
Hi Scribd. This piece is similar to the kind of down on the farm piece I like to put on my blog at StoryNoir.com. Hope to see you there sometime. Leave a note, or a question. Thanks.
goatkeeper liked this
goatkeeper liked this

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