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Something Borrowed - Rules and Adventure

Something Borrowed - Rules and Adventure

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Published by Jarrah James
A convention game - half D&D, half romantic dramedy
A convention game - half D&D, half romantic dramedy

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Published by: Jarrah James on Jul 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Something Borrowed 
by Jarrah James1
Something Borrowed
Introductory Text:
Today is the day Robert the Fighter and Sarah theSorceress are to be married. The sun is bright, theweather is perfect. The music is playing as the bridewalks down the aisle.Slipp the Rogue is standing as best man, while Johnthe cleric is officiating...*CRACKOOM*The dungeon is dark, and as usual, rather dank. It 
bears all the hallmarks of the party’s nemesis, Dark 
Lord Anthrax Skullhelm. To confirm this, his voicemagically booms out from the very stones.
“You ha
ve insulted me for the last time, weakling
adventurers! This dungeon shall be your doom!” 
 The party look at one another as he trails off into hisusual maniacal laughter. Cold feet and ornately-
decorated cakes will have to wait. There’s a dungeon
to escape from, traps to best, monsters to slay.Hopefully all this can be done without ruining the
bride’s dress.
Right, so, that bit up there is the opening to theadventure. You should probably read it to your
players. But it’s also here so you as GM can read
and get a feel for my style, and what’s gonna be
happening. The adventure continues in a few pages,but until then... RULES AND WHATNOT!
What you’ll need:
A complete set of dice
d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20.Multiples would be good, but not absolutely essential.A copy of this document.A copy of the character sheets for the players.Pencils.Suitably awesome players.
The Rules:
This is, in essence, the D&D/d20 System, cleaving
most closely to the 3.5 iteration thereof. If you’veplayed that, you’ll
be vaguely familiar with this. If you
 The basic mechanic works like so: the person doingsomething rolls a d20, and adds either an ability scoremodifier, or a skill bonus, or a save modifier, or anattack bonus to it, as appropriate. You then comparethis to the Difficulty Class (DC) of the task, or theArmour Class (AC) of the target. If the roll it equal or
over, it’s a success. Otherwise it’s a failure.
If it’s some
kind of contest between two people, they both roll,and whoever gets the higher result wins.
If the d20 comes up a 20 (before modifiers), it’s
always a success, and an impressively awesome one atthat. Attacks do maximum damage, other thingsmanage something extra cool.Likewise, a roll of 1 (before modifiers) is extra bad.The action always fails, and in a particularlyspectacular way.
Damage and Hit Points (HP).
HP represent a mixture of actual structural integrity,
fatigue, luck and ability to keep one’s cool when
somebody is trying to jam a sword into your chest.Damage rolls are usually some kind of dice, plussomething, and are subtracted from HP. When a
player character is on 0 hp or less, they’reunconscious and slowly dying. They probably won’tbleed out or anything, they’re the main charactersafter all, but they can’t d
o anything. If they get to -10
hp, they’re properly dead.
Un-named villains die at 0 hp. Named ones areincapacitated, at 0 hp, but can still monologue in asuitably pained voice until killed at -10 hp.
Something Borrowed 
by Jarrah James2
Hang on, That Attack Bonus Thing...
On each character sheet, the characters have theirweapons listed like so: Sword (+3, 1d8+2). The +3, orwhatever it may be, before the comma, is the attackbonus, and is what you use on rolls to hit somebody
with that weapon. If it’s got a slash and another
number after it, then the character gets a second
attack because he’s that good. Slipp the rogue has the
option of attacking once with one dagger, or usingtwo daggers at the same time, albeit less accurately.
Actions in Combat
Characters can do one major thing each turn,generally, plus move around. Like cast a spell and runaway, or charge in and attack , or whatever.
Order of Actions
Generally, whoever has the element of surpriseshould go first, then go around the table in whicheverdirection takes your fancy.
Saves and Skills
These are the things that will get rolled most, afterattack rolls. There are three, and here is what they getused for...Fortitude Resisting anything where being bigand tough would help you resistAthletics Running, Jumping, Climbing, movingheavy weights, that sort of thingReflex Resisting or avoiding anything wherebeing fast and nimble would help youresistAcrobatics Jumping, climbing, shimmying upropes and along ledges.Will Resisting or avoiding anything wherebeing iron-willed would help youresistAcademics Remembering useful information on agiven subject, puzzling things out.Be flexibly with the interpretation of what skills can do.A total of 15 on a roll will get reasonably good results,a 25+ will get REALLY good results.
Some stuff will give a bonus to “saves”, which means
the bonus only applies when resisting horrible perilsto the character, rather than when the character isactively trying to achieve something.
Wait, I didn’t see any social skills...
Yeah, social int
eraction is the players’ job. Arbitrate as
best you can. Be sensible. Or hilarious. Whichever youthink suits.
Spells and Magic (specific notes)
Each spell can only be used once. If a spell isconverted into healing or damage, then it is no longeravailable. Targets may get saves against spells, inwhich case use your best judgement as to what kindof save is needed.What follows are the descriptions of a select couple of spells the PCs have, as well as a few GM-only notes initalics.
Arcane Sight:
you can see magical auras. Wheredetect magic is vague, you can see specifically wheremagic effects are, and can take an educated guess asto what they do. This lasts for one fight or scene.
This spell WILL allow somebody to see invisiblecreatures, or at least where they are as a blue outline.
Aon will give a one-word answer to a
question you ask him. He’s a God, so his opinion is
probably worthwhile.
 Aon, the grumpy sky-father god, may or may not beterribly helpful. He does only have one word to answer.
Charm Person:
one humanoid being that fails a Will
save is convinced you’re its best friend for a day.
If asked something, Charmed characters will have ahard time lying about it.
you yell a one-word order at your target(you can also point to make your intent clearer), and if 
Something Borrowed 
by Jarrah James3they fail a Will save, they must comply with it for oneround.
Smart targets can be inventive with their interpretation of such commands.
Detect Thoughts
: you can either check to see
 anybody is thinking nearby (revealing sentient beingsin your vicinity), or you can cast it on one particulartarget, whose thoughts you can read if they fail a Willsave.
Sarah the mage might want to use this spell on her  fellows, in which case, yes, they probably should go toone side and tell her all their secrets.
Fog Cloud:
a largish area of your choosing is covered
in fog. It’s thick as pea soup (well, figuratively
speaking. If it were literal, that would be delicious),and those inside will have a hard time hitting anybody.
Essentially, this makes everybody inside invisible,although you still know where they are.
one target is invisible until they attack orcast a spell. Or for a few hours, whichever comes first.
If, and it’s a big if, somebody can guess ro
ughly where
an invisible guy is, they’ll still miss him on any attack 
roll that is an odd number.
you can fix a damaged item.
So long as the wedding dress has at least one box of health left un-ticked, this spell can fix it.
So, what the heck is going on with the characters?
(most of this is secret, so don’t tell the players)
Jonathan loves Sarah, but is too shy to say anything,
as he thinks she’s never shown any interest in him.
 Sarah really likes Jonathan, but due to growing up inanother country with different traditions, thinks all
clerics are celibate, so she’s tried to ignore her
feelings for him.During the last adventure, Sarah and Robert had sexwhile separated from the group and sure they weregoing to die.When they got back to civilization, Slipp made a joketo Robert about Sarah being pregnant. Robert thoughthe was serious, and so decided that he would have tomake an honest woman out of her. Slipp, seeing achance to profit by stealing the expensive weddingring and replacing it with a cheap fake, did not correctRobert.Sarah, thinking she can never have Jonathan, agrees
to marry Robert, as he’s nice (if a little thick). Shedoesn’t know he thinks she’s pregnant.
Barbara and Hanna just like fighting, drinking and sex.
They’re no
t actually involved in this stupid lovetriangle, but they might become so...
Lord Anthrax Skullhelm, being the party’s oldestnemesis, and secretly Robert’s father, is hugely upsetthat he hasn’t been invited to the wedding. He deals
with this like he deals with everything... deathtraps.
Last Random Thing:
If somebody tries to throw something at something,they roll d20 + their attack bonus + their Dexterity
modifier, against the target’s armour class, or some
difficulty of your choose.
It’s come up onc
e or twice.
Also, Really, feel free to make stuff up. Be silly. Havefun.

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