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Colors of Love Excerpt

Colors of Love Excerpt

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Published by Suprina Frazier
A fascinating tale where opposites really do attract.
A fascinating tale where opposites really do attract.

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Published by: Suprina Frazier on Jan 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Colors Of LoveColors Of Love
“Not your traditional inspirational romance novel”
Copyright © 2004-2007 by Suprina FrazierAuthor contact info:suprinafrazier@yahoo.com
* * *
Autumn Seymour is a free spirit in every way and has no intentions of eversettling down with anyone. Especially after watching how her father treatedher mother. Yet when Autumn meets an extremely gorgeous Christian manthat is made to be some woman’s husband, she finds herself not onlybattling with herself, but also with his conniving older sister.Jarvis is a man of great restraint. In fact, he prides himself on his self-control, which has gotten him very far in life. Unfortunately for him,whenever he’s around Autumn he feels completely out of control…and yetso free. How can that be?Will Jarvis ever be able to reconcile his desires with his beliefs? Even if thatwoman makes his heart soar higher than a hot air balloon?
Chapter 1Chapter 1
(Autumn’s mood: Peaceful aqua blue)
 A week later 
Autumn lay dozing peacefully in a comfortable sleigh bed of theguesthouse that she would be residing in for the next few months. As thesun inched higher in the sky, gentle rays streamed in through the sheercurtains of the bedroom window and stirred her awake.Smiling to herself at being awakened this way, Autumn stretched androse from the bed with some extra pep in her step. Eager for her earlymorning swim, she made her way to the nearest sea-facing window to checkthe weather on her first Saturday in Gallant. The bathroom could wait for themoment.Autumn loved swimming. She often engaged in it in the pool of herapartment complex back home. Whenever the weather allowed, of course.Since Gallant was located on the northwest coast of Florida in the areabetween Pensacola and Panama City, Autumn was able to swim in the warmwaters of the Gulf of Mexico every day.Every.S
 Day.If there was such a thing as heaven on earth, Gallant was it with itsrelaxed, low-key atmosphere and beautiful landscape. Like its neighborPensacola, Gallant was a great place to unwind and take a much neededbreak from the rat race of life. In this place, one found it easy to forget thatrats existed at all, on any level of life.Even though Autumn’s presence in Gallant was work-related, she trulyfelt like she was on vacation. In compromise she relabeled it a workingvacation in her quest to make the most of both aspects of her visit.
Mmm…it feels like a peaceful aqua-blue day,
Autumn mused, looking outthe window at the calm sea. She couldn’t wait to splash in its depths again.Cracking the window open just a bit, she briefly closed her eyes and tooka deep whiff of the compelling salty air. The smile on her face widened.
 “I’ll be right there,” a cheerful Autumn promised the sea, before walkingaway from the window to get ready for her swim.* * *In Gallant a week before his daughter was due home from boardingschool; Jarvis LaFlavor decided to make good use of the free time he had lefton his hands. The first thing he would do on that sun-drenched morning wastake a relaxing swim in his in-ground pool. Afterwards, he would drive downto his guesthouse, meet his newest tenant and officially welcome her withthe specialty fruit basket his cook had prepared.As always, the leasing of the guesthouse had been handled by themayor’s wife. Mrs. Wilson was one of just three realtors in the small town.Although Jarvis trusted her judgment, he still liked to check things out forhimself. That’s how the thirty-three-year-old managed his businesses. That’show he managed his life.Before his wife Gayla died, Jarvis used to be even more of amicromanager. A bit of a control freak, he liked being involved with everyaspect of a project in order to make sure it was done correctly. Since then hehas learned how to delegate more, how to accept the ideas and methods of others and trust that they will work out just as well as any he could havethought of.Now when Jarvis takes off every summer to spend quality time with hiseight-year-old daughter, he leaves the family business in the capable handsof his younger brother, Robbie, and semi-retired father, Perry. Robbie workedyear round. Perry mainly worked during the summer months in order to stayin the groove of things business-wise and to support Jarvis’ efforts to be agood father.Jarvis really appreciated the help of his father and brother. Truthfully, heappreciated the help of his whole family. They had all been extremelysupportive since he became a widower two years ago.Jarvis paused mid-lap as it dawned on him how much time had passedsince Gayla’s death. Sometimes it seemed like just yesterday. Other times itseemed like a lifetime ago since he’d been a married man.Jarvis and Gayla eloped their senior year in college. She was beautifuland wholesome. He was handsome and upstanding. Everyone deemed themthe perfect couple. They deemed themselves the perfect couple. WhenJavonte came two years later, right after Jarvis obtained yet another collegedegree; it made their union seem even more perfect.

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