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Published by Emerson Diego

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Published by: Emerson Diego on Jul 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Version 2.60.1064* SDK: added BSP_OpenFileW, BSP_GetFileNameW for unicode filenames* in full screen mode mouse pointer is now less sensitive to mouse movement, it won't be shown at very small movement+ also added option to never show mouse pointer in full screen mode- subtitles wasn't cleared in some cases, fixed- some other subtitles fixes, also you should use new subtitle parser/renderer- OSD info was broken with new OSD renderer, fixed- when adding files to playlist short name was used instead unicode, fixed- some other bug fixesVersion 2.58.1058- fixed dvd playback with some DVDs- fixed file association bug- fixed display problem with some Unicode file names- fixed problem with online subtitles, sometimes even if existed it wasn't displayed- fixed YouTube playback- when opening some files there were a lot of 1 byte reads, fixed- some languages didn't get properly set at install time, fixed- new subtitle renderer should now handle RTL languages properly- added alternate AC3/DTS decoder- frame step now also works with EVR renderer- added some plugin events for playlist handling- added support for madVR - Video renderer- Taskbar Progress Bar is now 'normal' for streams- edit bookmark window is now non-modal- online subtitle result window also non-modal- some other bug fixes and security enhancementsVersion 2.57.1051- fixed problem, if subtitles were under video with EVR renderer (subtitles didn't properly hide)Version 2.57.1048+ new osd mode+ added option to set subtitles off by default, subtitles are still loaded but not shown+ added option to ignore SSA styles+ added option to set background color for full screen mode- unicode file names were in some cases displayed with short name, fixed- added support for some Windows 7 features- fixed wrong language checking with online subtitles- with online subtitles only default language will now be requested- fixed always on top bug when returning from full screen mode when sepearate taskbar buttons were enabled* text inside {} in SSA subtitles will now be ignored* changed/fixed mkv default audio stream handling* all online subtitle providers will now be checked at the same time in separate threadsVersion 2.56.1043- fixed and improved YouTube playbackVersion 2.55.1042- with some files there was no audio, fixed- rared subtitles will now be loaded only if subtitle file name is thesame as movie name- fixed problem with playlist and moving items- if mouse button was set for some actions it didn't work, fixed- fixed problem with 'Always add all files in current directory to pla
ylist' option when 'Sort files' was enabled- sometimes DXVA was not used with EVR renderer, fixed- some other bug fixes+ added subtitle upload support for opensubtitles.org and getsubtitles.com+ subtitles background color alpha can now be setVersion 2.53.1032- fixed YouTube playback+ added option to sort files after they are added (for 'Always add allfiles in current directory to playlist' option)Version 2.52.1031* changed VobSub loading rules, only files with same name as movie file will now be loaded- subtitle editor fixesVersion 2.52.1030- sometimes rared vobsub subtitles were not loaded, fixed- fixed subtitle editor bugs with new subtitle parser/renderer- fixed problem with frame capture with EVR and JPG file format- fixed bug with adding external audio files with MKV files- fixed text display in full screen skin with UTF8 language files- fixed proxy configuration in codec manager- fixed 'stealing focus' bug if 'Auto hide main window' option was set- fixed problem with local codec system, dll was loaded from system installed folder, instead local (ffdsow, libavcodec)- when 'Always add all files in current directory to playlist' was checked and file with unregistered extension was dragged to player, it was ignored,fixed- fixed crash in subtitle editor- some other bug fixes+ unhidden option to save downloaded subtitles+ added option to define subtitle font sizes for different resolutions + added shortcut for 16:10 aspect ratio* some improvements to local codec systemVersion 2.51.1022- fixed broken online subtitles support- fixed DVD seeking after subtitle changeVersion 2.51.1020- fixed problem with subtitles embedded in mkv files with new parser/renderer- EVR aspect ratio fixes- fixed problem with EVR in full screen mode, some areas was not completely black- under Vista and Windows 7 some decoders couldn't be added in 'Filtermanagement', fixed- local codec system fixes (codec reinstall required)- possibly fixed problem with monitor powering down on laptops- some other bug fixes+ added option to disable embedded subtitles* custom extension can now be added in Vista and Windows 7 (UAC promptwill be displayed)+ added another online subtitle providerVersion 2.50.1017- another YouTube fix- fixed problem with EVR in full screen modeVersion 2.50.1016- EVR aspect ratio fixes- fixed subttile position with new subtitle parser/renderer- fixed YouTube playback- some ML fixes
- output audio device was not saved in some cases, fixed- new subtitle renderer: fixes/improvements+ added option to show playback time in msec+ for online subtitles it's now possible to specify more than one language, so if subtitle in first language is not found, second is used and then third etc..+ added more options what to do when playback is finished, shutdown, hibernate, reboot...+ added support for UTF8 language files, also BS.Player UI is now moreUnicode compatible+ total time is now displayed in playlist* it's now possible to put subtitles under picture with EVR renderer* 'Remember movie settings' option will now also remember full screenmodeVersion 2.43.1008- fixed broken playback for some media files on some systems- fixed crash in advanced filter properties+ skins: added actions to open ML in specified section- some other bug fixes in changesVersion 2.42.1007- mouse cursor was hidden when subtitle download dialog was shown in full screen mode, fixed- right clicking on video window on secondary monitor would show menuon primary, fixed- if action is assigned to right mouse button, menu won't be shown anymore+ added option for load external audio+ added option to choose seek behavior+ local codec install now also works on Windows 7Version 2.41.1003* changed seek behaviour+ new subtitle parser/renderer, improved subtitle support, more SSA/ASS features supported also HTML tags are now supported+ added shortcut (Q) for 'Enqueue selection' in ML+ if audio file with the same name as video is present it will be automatically loaded- fixed problems with some Vorbis radio streams- fixed YouTube playback- in ML 'Remove non-existant entries' would also remove radios, fixed- fixed problem with cycle audio stream option in AVI files- double clicking one the same file second time didn't reopen it, fixedVersion 2.40.996+ added option to specify minimum movie duration for downloading subtitles+ downloaded subtitles are now cached+ added option to only re-enable Aero when player is closed (Windows 7)+ added support for MPL2 subtitle format- subtitles will now be saved with correct decimal separator- audio stream cycling didn't work with some mkv files, fixed- sometimes Auto 'Pan scan' wasn't properly remebered, fixed- fixed problem, when local subtitles were available, but player stillasked for download- fixed title display problem with some radio stations- fixed freezing problem with some RAR files- fixed problem with not remebering color controls settings under Vista- in some cases file couldn't be opened again, when it was automatically added to playlist, fixed

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