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Evaluation ZeedykR

Evaluation ZeedykR

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Published by rdzeed
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Published by: rdzeed on Jul 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Technology School Use Evaluation
Ryan Zeedyk
Overview & Demographics
BHS was established in 1999, and is located in an urban area of Henderson, NV. The school isa public school servicing about 3,000 students of heterogeneous nationalities, sex, andethnicities. Being adjacent to the College of Southern Nevada, BHS offers dual creditopportunities and a college program which allows students to have an associates degree by thetime they graduate high school. This report will not focus on the college portion of the school, asthat is administered by different staff and serviced by different educators and personnel. Thereare no funds available for student supplies of technology, so students must purchase their ownitems if interested.
EmergentIslandsIntegratedIntelligentPolicybehavioralxresource / infrastructurexPlanningbehavioralxresource / infrastructurexBudgetbehavioralxresource / infrastructurex AdministrativeInformationbehavioralxresource / infrastructurex
Overall rating: Islands
Policy: A formal policy exists, but is generally ignored by most users in the school. This isevidenced by the number of educators and students who attempt to find different ways ontoYoutube whence the old method becomes blocked.Planning: The planning process is purely budget driven and isolated to projects.Budget: There is a specific budget provided for technology, however; excess funds from anyother budget would never be used for it. Administrative Information: Most administrative systems are still done using paper. About theonly support system which uses technology is substitute services, which is district wide.
EmergentIslandsIntegratedIntelligentElectronicInformationbehavioralxresource / infrastructurex Assessmentbehavioralxresource / infrastructurexCurricular Integrationbehavioralxresource / infrastructurexTeacher Usebehavioralxresource / infrastructurexStudent Usebehavioralxresource / infrastructurex
Overall Rating: Emergent
Electronic Information: Access is available to most at the school. The only technology which isprominently used is for attendance and grades. Assessment: A school wide survey is conducted using computers once a year. Mostassessments are still completed in the traditional way.Curricular Integration: Technology is used on a very limited basis in the curriculum. Some areasof the school do not have constant access to computers or the internet, which makesimplementing technology into their curriculum extremely difficult.Teacher Use: There are some teachers at the school who attempt to use technologyconsistently and implement it very well. Most, however, make no attempt or use it verysporadically.Student Use: Students have consistent access to technology, after school hours in the library.The use by students is very limited and sporadic.

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