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Published by mobilecrackers

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Published by: mobilecrackers on Jul 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The ICQ Security Tutorial / Written by R a v e N (blacksun.box.sk)<===================================================================> 13/7/2000,version 1.9Author's notes: I'm getting tired of repeating myself*, so please read my previous tutorials (located at http://blacksun.box.sk). Otherwise, you might not understand some of the terminology.* Until recently, I had to repeat concepts and terminology that I already explained about in previous tutorials so people who are just reading my first tutorialwon't have any difficulties understanding it. Well, I'm kinda tired of doing so, and I'd rather spend my precious time on writing the actual content, so pleaseread my previous tutorials first.Oh, by the way, I just want you to understand that I am writing this tutorial inorder to teach people how to protect themselves. Also, I am not responsible foranything you do, but I do recommend that you won't start stealing everyone's passwords and flooding people etc'. Use this information in order to protect yourself.If you want to impress someone, the best way is to protect him, not to attack him. This will show your true power. ;-)Anyway, have fun!Oh, by the way, if you're having trouble reading some parts of this tutorial, it's because some was written on a Linux box, and Windows cannot read Unix/Linux "end of line" characters properly, so you'll have to view this tutorial in a browser or an advanced editor such as Microsoft Word.(Send comments or questions to barakirs@netvision.net.il, or post them on our message board at blacksun.box.sk)the files mentioned in the decryption are included with 'Wang Hack FAQ volume 6'from http://www.wangproducts.co.ukWhat's new in this version:---------------------------Version 1.2: added the "what's new" section.Also added appendixes A and B.Version 1.3: added appendix C.Version 1.4: added appendix D.Version 1.5: added appendices E and F.Version 1.6: added appendix G.Version 1.7: added appendix H.Version 1.8: added appendix I.Version 1.9: added appendix J.Table of Contents<===============>What is ICQ?* What does ICQ do?* What is it good for?* Where can I get it?* Before reading this tutorial.Why is ICQ so insecure?* Client-side operations.* Sloppy programming and beta testing.* Other instant messangers.The cracks* What are cracks?* What can ICQ cracks do for me?* How do they work, and why are such things possible?* Where do I get them?* Unhiding IPs without the cracks
Flooding* Various types of floods.* How do those programs really work?* What to do when you are being flooded.Spoofing* What is spoofing anyway?* How can I spoof ICQ events?* How do those programs really work?* Using spoofing to play pranks on people* Using spoofing to corrupt a person's DB.* Protecting yourself against DB corruptions.ICQ homepage flaws* What is the ICQ homepage?* How can I crash a person's ICQ client using flaws in the ICQ homepage feature?* How can I gain read access to a person's HD using flaws in the ICQ homepage feature?* On which versions will this work?Tricking ICQ's file transfer feature* How can I send someone a picture, a text file etc' that is actually a program?* Why does this happen?Unhiding invisible users* The web-aware option.* Various creative tricks.Stealing passwords* Stealing the DB.* Exploiting the forgotten passwords feature in ICQ's homepage.* Guessing the password.Final notes* To use or not to use?* Why did AOL buy Mirabilis for so much money?* Running ICQ under Linux.* Some rant about ICQ chain letters.Appendix A: Getting that little port by yourself* How do you do it?* Why is it better to do this by yourself?Appendix B: The advantages of Unix ICQ clones* Killing the "you were added" notice.* Getting the IP and port from the client with no need for any patches.* Built-in message spoofers.Appendix C: IP ==> UIN convertion by yourself* Why would I wanna do this?* How can I do this?Appendix D: More fun with contact lists* How can I easily delete someone's contact list without using a spoofer?* How can I evade this vicious trick?Appendix E: Incredible tricks with the ICQ protocol* What cool tricks can I do once I learn the ICQ protocol?* Where can I learn the ICQ protocol? 
Appendix F: Reading someone's contacts and history log* How can I read someone's contacts and history log?* Can I also get his ICQ password that way?Appendix G: WebIcq.com* What is WebIcq.com?* What's so interesting about it?Appendix H: Cracking the ICQ Password By Yourself* How can I crack the ICQ password all by myself, without the use of a program,once I have the DB files?Appendix I: /* Why do I sometimes get false IPs such as* How can I overcome this?Appendix J: Newer ICQ Holes* ICQ Guestbook holes.* ICQmail hole.Other tutorials by BSRF* FTP Security.* Sendmail Security.* Overclocking.* Ad and Spam Blocking.* Anonymity.* Info-Gathering.* Phreaking.* Advanced Phreaking.* More Phreaking.* IRC Warfare.* Proxies, Wingates and SOCKS Firewalls.* RM Networks.* The Windows Registry.* Cracking, part I and II (III coming soon).* Mailing List Security.* HTML.* IP Masquerading.* Cool info about computer hardware.* The #2,000 "bug" in IRC.* The "javasCript" bug in Hotmail.* Basic Local/Remote Unix Security.What is ICQ?===========ICQ stands for "I Seek You" (witty little wordgame). It is an innovative programthat was invented by Mirabilis (a software company, which was later sold to AOLfor about 400 million U.S dollars in 1998). ICQ allows you to see whenever yourbest friends are online, and to communicate with them. You can send text messages, URLs, chat requests (you may have an ICQ chat with more than two users), transfer files, send greeting cards, send voice messages etc' etc' etc'. Such a program is called an "Instant Messanger".IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) ICQ is the best instant messanger out there. It beats the hell out of other instant messangers, such as AIM (AOL Instant Messanger),Yahoo Instant Messanger, MSN Instant Messanger, Gooey (which let's you talk toother people who are on the same website as you are) etc'. ICQ also has the highest amount of users (I lost count, but you can get the current amount of users at www.icq.com).You can download ICQ from www.icq.com or www.mirabilis.com (both domains point to the exact same server).

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