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Sorry, I'm Allergic to Bullsh*t:p

Sorry, I'm Allergic to Bullsh*t:p

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Published by Ami (ah-me)
Chapter 2
Chapter 2

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Published by: Ami (ah-me) on Jul 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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the bold is the past.Picture at the side is Ava, music is Never Ever by Ciara---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Enjoy!I screamed again and again and again. I knew they all heard me. But why do theyhave to ignore me?With my last bit of energy I put all my strength into kicking the door open. Butlike the other 50 attempts, the door barely made a move.~~*~~"I can't believe Im doing this." I stared at the mirror before slowly turning towards my best friend. "I can't believe your making me do this."She grinned while jumping up and down. Her strawberry blonde hair bounced aroundwith her as she squealed. "Hey the blonder the better! This will look great onyou!"I sighed. "Yeah, if you say so..."She squealed once more before giving me a hug. "Trust me, you'll love it!"~~*~~I franticly searched for it. My throat closing as I began to lose my breath."Oh God where is it?!" I thought. Desperation grew before I grabbed my purse anddumped all items onto the closet floor. The light from the outside hall gave mea view of the small white container.I took a couple deep breaths before slowly sliding down the door. When I landed,my inhaler dropped to my side. Making a light sound expload from the empty room.~~*~~We stared at the mirror in shock."This isn't blonde this is white!" I yelled."And...it looks great on you!"I snapped my head in her direction. "That's not the point Jenny! This is-I meanit's- it's...""It'll be fine, you look great." she smiled."I guess. But I heard that the people in highschool can be really cruel. I mean,well, I know it's weird...it's different. But it looks good so it shouldn't matter...right?"Of course it doesn't matter. Your going to a new school Ava, first impressionswon't matter after they get to know you." She gave a small hug. "Besides, if anything bad happens I'll be there for you, I promise.~~*~~
The sound of footsteps grew closer at the same time of high pitched laughter."She's such a freak.""Who the hell dyes their hair white?""Freak.""Hahaha, is she still in there?""You know Ava," Miley started. "You wouldn't be stuck in this situation if you hadn't mated with Jared." She sighed. "You can only blame this on yourself.""For the last time I'm sorry! I didn't make this decis-"Too bad Rolland." The voice sounded like Blake aka, the captain of the Rugby team. "If I were you, and thank god I'm not, I would start looking for a comfy spot in the corner. Your notgetting out anytime soon."With a huff I slowly turned away from the door, coming face to face with darkness.~~*~~On my last day of middle school I showed everyone my new hair. Lots of people were shocked but, after a couple hours of getting used to it they were okay with it. They all agreed with me that it was different but hey, nothing's wrong with being different right? ...Right?After saying all my goodbyes and farewells, I headed towards my boyfriends houseto show him the new me.And for the third time that week, I stood their shocked. My heart was braking ateach word as I whispered, "Jenny,...why are your arms around Chris?"Chris looked caught. "A-Ava! It's not what it looks like!"Jenny sighed before dropping her arms. "It's exactly what it looks like.""Wha-What do you me-"We've been dating each other behind your back."I paused, at first not wanting to believe her. "B-but that's impossible. I'm your best friend. W-why would you-"Ava...please." She interrupted. "Don't tell me you seriously didn't see this coming?" She said slowly while placing her arms onmy shoulders. "Look, your a nice girl but...look at me, look at you, then look at him. We're the populars and your...well, your the class nerd. Did you really not see this happening?"I blink the tears back before angrily pushing her off. "No, I didn't! Because Ithought we were best friends.""Ava we were never best friends."I lifted my hands up on it's side. "Then why did you hang out with me? Why wouldyou hang out with me if you didn't like me?!"She shrugged, "You made me look good." before adding a small smile and pointing."And thanks to you, with your hair looking like that, you've made me look evenbetter."
I bite back the tears when I looked at Chris. "I can't believe I trusted you."He looked away before shrugging. "Like she said, 'Did you really not see it coming?'"~~*~~"Ava? Ava are you in there?" Rage began to grow at the sound of her voice. She had no right to speak to me."Ava,"She sighed. "I know your in there. If I let you out will you at least talkto me?"I stayed silent. I wanted to get out yes, but not from her. No, more like from the person who should've gotten me out a long time ago.I heard a small shuffle before her voice turned soft. "He's not coming for you Ava."My voice shook as I spoke. "Yes he will! I know he will!"She sighed. "Stop lieing to your self Ava, you know the truth."I wrapped my arms around my knees and shook my head in disagreement.She was right, I did know the truth. It just hurted too much to actually believeit."But he has too! I'm his-~~*~~Whispers moved past me quickly as I pushed pass the crowd and my eyes stayed trained on the ground as the hoodie covered my snow white hair. I was supposed to be heading towards my locker, but in fear of meeting the eyes of older students,I kept my head down.At the time it felt safe, like it was a good idea. But it was when I actually ran into someone, that I realized how wrong I was.My eyes connected to pair of Brownish-green one's. The crowd went silent and watched, as we stared at each other. His messy black hair shinned in the light, almost hiding the small scar that started beneath his eye. I let out a short gasp as the hood slid down to my neck. A gasp made it's way into the crowd and his eyes flickered to my head. He didn't say anything, and for a while it seemed he didn't care. But only for a while, because when I spoke up, when I accidently saidthat one simple word..."Mate."A snarl made it's way to his face, and from that day forward.My life had became a living hell...~~*~~She opened the door."Ava list-" I pushed passed her and ran towards the exit.

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