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KoenigBEL7004 8 Reflection

KoenigBEL7004 8 Reflection

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Published by Barbara Koenig

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Published by: Barbara Koenig on Jul 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Barbara Andrine Koenig
Dr. Glen GatinThe Online Learner KoenigBEL7004-8
I want to thank you for your comments on the activities. The reflection opportunities allowedme to push myself to go out of my boundaries and experiment with valuable technologies that Ihad not interacted before. When I was uploading the pages, I could really see the improvementin the technical writing and research techniques. I was talking to my father and told him that youwere the first person to push me so far and call me on my stuff, and I appreciate that.I wish you the best and thank you again, BarbaraIn two separate files, submit the following:1. GuidePrepare an all-encompassing guide designed for faculty who are about to teach in a distanceeducation program. Include all the elements that you feel are critical for the faculty to understandbefore they commit to such a program. Be sure to include information on what faculty shouldinclude as an introduction for students.The completed project may take the form of a newsletter (in pdf format), PowerPointpresentation, website (live site, include the URL), blog (include the URL), or podcast (includethe URL). If you wish to present your guide in another format, please discuss this with thementor for this course.2. ReflectionWrite a reflective essay that supports and explains your reasoning for selecting these particularelements for your guide. Support your reasoning for their inclusion. Include, as well, a brief reflection on your experience of designing the guide, using your selected format. Why did youselect this format? What is it about this format that is effective?
KoenigBEL7003-8 1
Faculty Use Only
<Faculty comments here><Faculty Name> <Grade Earned> <Writing Score> <Date Graded>
Activity 8 Part II:
KoenigBEL7003-8 2
Reflection and Rationale of Online Instructor Comprehensive Guide
 From Delivery Selection, Development, to ImplementationThe guide is available in both a portable document format (PDF) or linked to a wiki. Thisprovides back up of the technical side and options for the instructor to provide alternative fordiverse distant learners. This guide is effective because it was written in a progressive manner.The guide first provides an introduction and stresses the important characteristics of onlineinstructors including a heavy emphasis on forming positive relationships. Instructors anddistance learning programs in higher education must truly understand the learner's needs,understand how they learn, and be willing to embrace critical competencies of the onlineinstructor. Instructors must focus on relationship building and forming a sense of community,engaging the students not only with the course content but with their peers as well, andchallenging their students to take part in a community building process (Paloff &Pratt, 2009).Connors (n.d.) supports the concept of relationship building as a key factor of online instructorcompetencies and states that good mentors are enthusiastic and takes the time to interact withtheir students; share personal experiences and relate to the learner in a flexible way. Thefindings of Connors (n.d.) research showed that mentors in a one-on-one mentoring situationmain felt that it was important to be a collaborator and be a learning guide as well as a motivatorand a cheerleader. The students in the study also expressed the importance of interaction withthe instructor and forming trusting emotional relationships to help facilitate the learning process(Connors, n.d.).The introduction also does not hide from the challenges of online learning and offershelpful tips to overcoming these challenges through communication. Within the guide, citationsare provided for the online instructor to reference for support in development of their onlinepedagogical skills. Some students may not be appropriate for online learning, but motivation

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