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Monthly Exam

Monthly Exam

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Published by: 'Bernan Esguerra Bumatay on Jul 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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St. James Vocational
Technical School Inc.
Parochial Compound, Poblacion, Plaridel Bulacan
First Year
First Semester
Monthly ExamName:____________________________________________________ Date__________ Score_________
____________________ 1. It means generosity or broad-mindedness.____________________ 2. It is the reception & entertainment of guest, visitors or strangers withliberality & goodwill.____________________ 3. Is the act or means of providing goods and assistance to guest.____________________ 4. This is the spirit of providing memorable experiences for others.____________________ 5. This fruit is said to be the symbol of hospitality.____________________ 6. These are the employees who are in direct contact with the guest.____________________ 7. These are the employees who do not make direct contacts with the guest.____________________ 8. This is an expression used to describe the meeting/contact of the guest andemployee.____________________ 9. As hotel and restaurant crews, we do not call our customers or clients assuch, instead we call them _ _ _ _ _.____________________ 10. _______ was originally built as a military &border defense during the 40
 B.C., but later on became a tourist attraction.____________________ 11. _______ comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying inplace outside their usual environment.____________________ 12. This kind of tourism is a responsible travel to natural areas and conservesthe environment and improves the well-being of the local people.____________________ 13. This is the age of tourism when most of the travel was for religious and/ortrade reasons.____________________ 14. This mode of transportation made long-distance travel more cheaper andfaster compared to horses and carriage.____________________ 15. The country where internal combustion engine automobile was invented?____________________ 16. The age of tourism when entrepreneurs started building hotels andrestaurants close to train stations?____________________ 17.
This mode of transportation became “America’s Obsession”. Examples are
steam cars, gasoline buggies, electric cars, etc.____________________ 18. This mode of transportation makes travel easier and more convenientbecause even the most remote location is just a few hours away.____________________ 19. Ships of this kind are like floating resorts.____________________ 20. They are the middle persons and they also acts as travel counselor andsell/arrange travel services like accommodations and transportations.
II. True or False.
________ 1.
Hospitality Industry can be a good choice for entrepreneurs.
________ 2.
is the only largest and fastest growing industry in the world.
________ 3.
Restaurant business is also a vital component under the travel and tourism umbrella.
________ 4.
Hospitality operations are close every
________ 5.
In the
 Hospitality Industry
you should not
do things that are not part of your job.

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