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Tisha bav 2012

Tisha bav 2012

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Published by Elly Storch
Hashem is lonely without us
Hashem is lonely without us

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Published by: Elly Storch on Jul 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rabbi Weinberger Tisha bav 2012-07-29Hashem is in More Pain than us
We begin
tisha bav
with those words. How could it be? How can you Hashem leave us allalone? Generally have an overwhelming sense of loneliness. The feels theloneliness.
Widows have been heard to say " how can he leave methis way.”There is a feeling that Hashem has left us. If we live in a place of depth and not skimmingthe surface when it comes to
tisha bav
we feel a sense of loneliness that Hashem hasforgotten us.What is the simple meaning of 
am yisroel
with a
beis hamikdash
as opposed to without;Not just a difference in
. What's pshat?Rav Mattel Zilber says . It is . When one walked into the
youwould FEEL the presence of Hashem. In a very real way the immeasurable love Hashemhas for us. It didn’t matter on the type of person you were you automatically felt thepresence of Hashem. When they would hear the music of the all the hidden kochos,the would explode. Not possible for us to understand. Only a person who wasthere can comprehend.
Was packed with people
Everybody who lived there saw it.We keep asking
. We say bring back the ahavas tzion.Bring back the bris of love. We shouldn't feel forgotten. When there was a
 Beis Hamikdash
we understood the songs of 
 David Hamelech.
In the
 Beis Hamikdash
a simple Jew had an
ahavas olam.
Tisha B’av
 galenu martzenu, vnisrachaknu
. Hebrew grammar tells us it was us who became distant.Inyan of 
an and
. By the rivers of bavel. Chazal say that Nebuchadnezzar started to scream at leviyim sing songs of Zion. A goy could understand this? Such songscan only be appreciated by all Yisroel. Feel the fire of ahavas olam.
Rabbi Weinberger Tisha bav 2012-07-29,, , '." , :. , Nebuchadnezzar wanted to hear the songs of the
from the
 Beis Hamikdash
 becauseeven to their filthy ears the songs were famous.
began to cry '.The
cut off their fingertips. (Keep in mind these are the same Jews who brought the Churban.) The only place they could sing these songs which is the
 Beis Hamikdash
. Place of intimacy between Hashem and
klal Yisrael 
. While the blood flowinginto the river of Bavel they asked .Wasn't about the talentedmusician etc. was clear they can't sing the songs again until back inWhat is the shoresh; The beginning? Avraham Avinu was called Avraham
; the onewho loves me. He was the first one to feel the love. When he took his son Yitzchac
 Asher ahavata
. Take the inner point of his heart. All of the love of all of history is what Avrahamfelt for Yitzchak. 
The Shevet Sofer asked the Divrei Chaim " how is it that everybodygoes to the Radziner when you are greater in learning than him?" Divrei Chaim said thereare two mountains.
 Har Sinia and Har Hamoriah
. The Torah is given at Sinia but after theTorah was given the
left. But there is another mountain, which the
never left . Divrei Chaim says true its possible that I know more Torah but the mountain inYerushalayim is a place where a sacrifice was made. The Radziner lives in that place of 
mesiras nefesh
 Ahavas Hashem
. Chazal tell us the angles began to cry and Yitzchak issac couldn't see this world anymore bc the angles couldn’t believe that there is such a place of 
ahavas Hashem
. Avraham took what he loves more than anything else tosacrifice? Ever since that day the makom hamikdash is filled with love and
al tischkachlnetzach
. Even today we can feel there is something different.
,( ') ., ,. , , ,
Once when the holy Divrei Chaim of Tzanz ZY”A returned from a trip to his Rebbe, Rebbe Yisroel of Rizhin ZY”A, the son of the Chasam Sofer, Rabbi Shimon Sofer, asked him why he travels to Rizhin. After all, theDivrei Chaim was a tremendous Torah scholar. Rabbi Shimon Sofer could not fathom why the Divrei Chaimwould need a Rebbe. Rabbi Shimon Sofer, himself, did not travel to the Tzadikim of his generation for thisvery reason.The Divrei Chaim responded that there are two mountains of importance in Judaism, Har Sinai and Har Hamoriah. Har Sinai represents the Torah and Har Hamoriah represents the sacrifice of Yitzchok. Onemight think that the Bais Hamikdosh should have been positioned on Har Sinai in order to honor the Torah.Yet, Hashem chose Har Hamoriah, the mountain of sacrifice, to establish His Bais Hamikdosh.Emphatically, the Divrei Chaim concluded by saying, “Now, when I saw the way Rebbe Yisroel of Rizhinsacrifices his every motion for the honor of Hashem. I reasoned that I am Har Sinai, an erudite Torahscholar. However, Rebbe Yisroel of Rizhin is a Har Hamoriah; his sacrifice for Judaism is exemplary.Hashem’s holy presence, therefore, resides upon this holy Tzadik 

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