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Moon Gate - The NASA-Military Cover-Up - William Brian, 231p

Moon Gate - The NASA-Military Cover-Up - William Brian, 231p



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Published by Disclosure Project
Moon Gate - The NASA-Military Cover-Up - William Brian, 231p
Moon Gate - The NASA-Military Cover-Up - William Brian, 231p

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Published by: Disclosure Project on Jul 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Documented Evidence:
Moongate exposes the greatest cover-up ever perpetrated upon the Americanpeople. The author compiled evidence from unclassified sources includingofficial government publications, NASA photographs and movies, newsarticles, and books by authorities in various fields. Moongate is written forthe layman and scientist alike, with mathematical calculations included in theappendices. It contains many color photographs and footnoted references.
Incredible Findings:
NASA's True Link to Military Space Operations
Secret Weapons Developed Under the Cover of the Civilian
Space Program
Suppressed Gravity Research Discoveries
The Real U.S.-Russian Space Race
Secret Discoveries that Put Apollo Astronauts on the Moon
The Moon's True Nature and History• The Great Energy Cover-Up
About the Author:
William L. Brian II is an engineer who has worked in a writing and editingcapacity in private industry. He received B.S. and M.S. degrees in NuclearEngineering from Oregon State University in 1970 and 1972, plus an M.B.A.from Portland State University in 1976. Although not considered an expert inthe space sciences, he has the mathematical and conceptual skills to verifythe cover-up from a scientific standpoint.
This book was published in 1982.
LIST OF COVER PHOTOGRAPHSLower Left: The Apollo 11 rocket, carrying astronautsArmstrong, Aldrin, and Collins to the first Moon landing, isshown lifting off the launch pad from Cape Kennedy on July16, 1969. The rocket was 363 feet tall, weighed 6,400,000pounds, and was designed to send 100,000 pounds towardthe Moon at 24,300 miles per hour. (NASA Photo)Upper Left: A photo of the Moon taken by Apollo 17 whenleaving lunar orbit. The left half of the Moon in this picture ispart of the near side visible from Earth, while the right half ispart of the far side which is never visible from Earth. Thedark areas are the seas, or maria. The Sea of Tranquility,where Apollo 11 landed, is on the far left. (NASA Photo)Upper Right: Apollo 16 astronaut John Young is shown at thepeak of one of his jumps as he salutes the American flag onthe Ocean of Storms. The Lunar Roving Vehicle and LunarModule are in the background. (NASA Photo)Lower Right: The Apollo 16 Lunar Module ascent stage isshown lifting off the Moon on its return to the CommandModule. The photo was taken by a color TV camera left onthe Moon. (NASA Photo 72-HC-273)

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