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Published by Rumpole21
David S Markus's email about limited registry
David S Markus's email about limited registry

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Published by: Rumpole21 on Jul 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Limited Registry is here and I hope that the readersof this blog will comment on and/or call the five lawyers whoagreed to be on the Category Three Wheel and representdefendants charged with First Degree and Life Felonies(Kidnapping, Second Degree Murder, Armed Sex Batt., etc.) fora flat fee of $2,500.00.To me, it is inconceivable that a lawyer can adequatelyrepresent a person charged with those serious crimes for$2500.00, regardless of the circumstances of the case. Here isthe practical reality of the situation- opportunists signed up forthe limited registry hoping that few other lawyers would, with abusiness plan to perform high volume-low quality work. Theyexpect that if they get fifty appointments, most of the cases willresolve with minimal work and if they have to try one or two,the volume will make up for that loss. The business model isdesigned for minimal work on each case-the client be damned.The only way to make it work is to run a volume practice,cut corners, and hope that the volume of business allows thelawyer to make a profit even if he has to go to trial in some of the cases. This volume will come from the practices of the other56 lawyers who refused to be a part of the Limited Registry inserious cases. The real cost will be to the client, who will get alawyer who will have an economic incentive to close casesquickly, while doing as little as possible. Apart from screwingthe client, it tells the public that the work we do is not valuable.These attorneys deserves our scorn because they cheapen ourprofession and the service we provide.
The five lawyers on the registry are:Rob Barrar
305-576-5600Craig Esquenazi
305-405-2688Ana Gomez-Mallada
954-254-1625Victor Wienstien
305-405-2688Robert White
305-301-7854(Gordon Murray and Arthur Wallace signed uperroneously
and will take steps to remove themselves from the list)
I tried to contact these lawyers to find out why they wouldagree to be part of a system that demeans our profession. Iwanted to understand their decision.I spoke with Rob Barrar, who I respect and consider to bea friend. Rob candidly told me that this business model worksfor his practice, and that he thinks he can represent peoplecompetently notwithstanding the flat fee constriction. Rob toldme that if others lost cases because they chose not to be on thelimited registry, that was their choice.I spoke with Robert White, who I do not know. Roberthas a reputation for being an excellent lawyer. Robertpassionately told me that he worked as a PD for many yearsmaking little money defending poor people, and he would do thesame thing as a limited registry lawyer, and that he really didn'tcare about the money. He felt that the limited registry was

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