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Kisi-kisi IPA SMP PLPG Sertifikasi Guru 2012

Kisi-kisi IPA SMP PLPG Sertifikasi Guru 2012

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Published by Antonius Situmorang

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Published by: Antonius Situmorang on Jul 29, 2012
Copyright:Public Domain


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CXTX I@]@ ^HL@O@T@G A^@ ZI^+I]z
Fki~h}hgza Ag}a Cxtx "Z}`gm`t Fki~h}hgza!Fki~h}hgza Cxtx I`}` ^hl`o`t`g "Fki~h}hgzaM`z`t!Agmaf`}kt Hzhgza`l
0'Ihgcx`z`a f`t`f}htaz}af ~hzht}` mamaf m`ta`z~hf eazaf, ikt`l, z~ata}x`l, zkza`l, fxl}xt`l,hikzakg`l, m`g ag}hlhf}x`l'
Ihi`b`ia f`t`f}htaz}af ~hzht}` mamaf q`gcdhtf`a}`g mhgc`g `z~hf eazaf, ag}hlhf}x`l,zkza`l)hikzakg`l, ikt`l, z~ata}x`l, m`g l`}`t dhl`f`gc zkza`l)dxm`q`'Ihghg}xf`g fhca`}`g ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gc }h~`}dhtm`z`tf`g }`b`~`g ~htfhid`gc`g ag}hlhf}x`lzazs`0'4Ihgcamhg}aeaf`za ~k}hgza ~hzht}` mamaf m`l`ii`}` ~hl`o`t`g q`gc ma`i~x'0':Ihgcamhg}aeaf`za dhf`l)`o`t `s`l ~hzht}` mamafm`l`i i`}` ~hl`o`t`g q`gc ma`i~x'Ihgqhlhfza ih}kmh ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gc zhzx`amhgc`g ~hgch}`bx`g `s`l ~hzht}` mamaf0'=Ihgcamhg}aeaf`za fhzxla}`g dhl`o`t ~hzht}` mamafm`l`i i`}` ~hl`o`t`g q`gc ma`i~x'Ihghg}xf`g l`gcf`b fhca`}`g ~hidhl`o`t`gxg}xf ihgc`}`za fhzxla}`z q`gc mab`m`~a zazs`8'Ihgcx`z`a }hkta dhl`o`t m`g ~tagza~)~tagza~~hidhl`o`t`g q`gc ihgmamaf'
Ihi`b`ia dhtd`c`a }hkta dhl`o`t m`g ~tagza~)~tagza~ ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gc ihgmamaf }htf`a}mhgc`g i`}` ~hl`o`t`g q`gc ma`i~x'Ihgohl`zf`g }hkta fkgz}txf}auazih m`l`i~hidhl`o`t`g A^@4'4Ihght`~f`g dhtd`c`a ~hgmhf`}`g, z}t`}hca,ih}kmh, m`g }hfgaf ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gcihgmamaf zhj`t` fth`}ae m`l`i i`}` ~hl`o`t`gq`gc ma`i~x'Ihghg}xf`g ikmhl ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gc jkjkfxg}xf ihgj`~`a }xox`g ~hidhl`o`t`g A^@ }ht}hg}xihghg}xf`g l`gcf`b)l`gcf`b ~hidhl`o`t`g xg}xfihgj`~`a }xox`g ~hidhl`o`t`g2'Ihgchid`gcf`g fxtafxlxi q`gc }htf`a}mhgc`g i`}` ~hl`o`t`g q`gc ma`i~x':'0Ihi`b`ia ~tagza~)~tagza~ ~hgchid`gc`gfxtafxlxi'Ihgohl`zf`g ~tagza~ ~hgchid`gc`g fxtafxlxiihgohl`zf`g ~tagza~ ~hgchid`gc`g fxtafxlxi:'4Ihghg}xf`g }xox`g ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gcma`i~x':':Ihghg}xf`g ~hgc`l`i`g dhl`o`t q`gc zhzx`axg}xf ihgj`~`a }xox`g ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gcma`i~x':'=Ihialab i`}hta ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gc ma`i~xq`gc }htf`a} mhgc`g ~hgc`l`i`g dhl`o`t m`g
Fki~h}hgza Ag}a Cxtx "Z}`gm`t Fki~h}hgza!Fki~h}hgza Cxtx I`}` ^hl`o`t`g "Fki~h}hgzaM`z`t!Agmaf`}kt Hzhgza`l
}xox`g ~hidhl`o`t`g':'8Ihg`}` i`}hta ~hidhl`o`t`g zhj`t` dhg`zhzx`a mhgc`g ~hgmhf`}`g q`gc ma~alab m`gf`t`f}htaz}af ~hzht}` mamaf':'5Ihgchid`gcf`g agmaf`}kt m`g agz}txihg~hgal`a`g'Ihghg}xf`g ohgaz }hz q`gc }h~`} zhzx`a agmaf`}kt m`g }xox`g q`gc `f`g maxfxt 1'Ihgqhlhgcc`t`f`g ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gcihgmamaf'
Ihi`b`ia ~tagza~)~tagza~ ~ht`gj`gc`g~hidhl`o`t`g q`gc ihgmamaf'Ihgohl`zf`g `z~hf)`z~hf m`l`i iht`gj`gc~tkct`i ~hidhl`o`t`g='4Ihgchid`gcf`g fki~kghg)fki~kghgt`gj`gc`g ~hidhl`o`t`g'=':Ihgqxzxg t`gj`gc`g ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gclhgcf`~, d`af xg}xf fhca`}`g ma m`l`i fhl`z,l`dkt`}ktaxi, i`x~xg l`~`gc`g'='=Ihl`fz`g`f`g ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gc ihgmamaf mafhl`z, ma l`dkt`}ktaxi, m`g ma l`~`gc`gmhgc`g ihi~htb`}af`g z}`gm`t fh`i`g`gq`gc ma~htzq`t`}f`g'Ihgc`g`lazaz e`f}kt)e`f}kt q`gc ihi~hgc`txbafhdhtb`zal`g fhca`}`g ~t`f}afxi A^@ }ht}hg}x='8Ihgccxg`f`g ihma` ~hidhl`o`t`g m`gzxidht dhl`o`t q`gc thlhu`g mhgc`gf`t`f}htaz}af ~hzht}` mamaf m`g i`}` ~hl`o`t`gq`gc ma`i~x xg}xf ihgj`~`a }xox`g~hidhl`o`t`g zhj`t` x}xb'='5Ihgc`idal fh~x}xz`g }t`gz`fzakg`l m`l`i~hidhl`o`t`g q`gc ma`i~x zhzx`a mhgc`gza}x`za q`gc dhtfhid`gc'Ihgc`g`lazaz e`f}kt)e`f}kt q`gc ihi~hgc`txbafhdhtb`zal`g fhca`}`g ~t`f}afxi A^@ }ht}hg}x08'Ihi`ge``}f`g }hfgklkca agekti`za m`gfkixgaf`za xg}xf fh~hg}agc`g ~hidhl`o`t`g'
Ihi`ge``}f`g }hfgklkca agekti`za m`gfkixgaf`za m`l`i ~hidhl`o`t`g q`gc ma`i~x'Ihialab }a~h ealh q`gc }h~`} xg}xf ihgj`~`a }xox`g~hidhl`o`t`g A^@ }ht}hg}x05'Ihie`zala}`za ~hgchid`gc`g ~k}hgza~hzht}` mamaf xg}xf ihgc`f}x`laz`zaf`gdhtd`c`a ~k}hgza q`gc maialafa'
Ihgqhma`f`g dhtd`c`a fhca`}`g ~hidhl`o`t`gxg}xf ihgmktkgc ~hzht}` mamaf ihgj`~`a~thz}`za zhj`t` k~}ai`l5'4Ihgqhma`f`g dhtd`c`a fhca`}`g ~hidhl`o`t`gxg}xf ihgc`f}x`laz`zaf`g ~k}hgza ~hzht}`mamaf, }hti`zxf fth`}aua}`zgq`'Ihgxidxbf`g fth`}aua}`z zazs`
Fki~h}hgza Ag}a Cxtx "Z}`gm`t Fki~h}hgza!Fki~h}hgza Cxtx I`}` ^hl`o`t`g "Fki~h}hgzaM`z`t!Agmaf`}kt Hzhgza`l
02'Dhtfkixgaf`za zhj`t` hehf}ae, hi~`}af, m`gz`g}xg mhgc`g ~hzht}` mamaf'3'0Ihi`b`ia dhtd`c`a z}t`}hca dhtfkixgaf`zaq`gc hehf}ae, hi~`}af, m`g z`g}xg, zhj`t`laz`g, }xlaz`g, m`g+`}`x dhg}xf l`ag'
Fh}ht`i~al`g ihgc`oxf`g ~ht}`gq``g
3'4Dhtfkixgaf`za zhj`t` hehf}ae, hi~`}af, m`gz`g}xg mhgc`g ~hzht}` mamaf mhgc`g d`b`z`q`gc fb`z m`l`i ag}ht`fza fhca`}`g+~hti`ag`gq`gc ihgmamaf q`gc }htd`gcxg zhj`t` zaflaf`lm`ta "`! ~hgqa`~`g fkgmaza ~zafklkcaz ~hzht}`mamaf xg}xf `idal d`ca`g m`l`i ~hti`ag`gihl`lxa dxoxf`g m`g jkg}kb, "d! `o`f`g fh~`m`~hzht}` mamaf xg}xf `idal d`ca`g, "j! thz~kgz~hzht}` mamaf }htb`m`~ `o`f`g cxtx, m`g "m!th`fza cxtx }htb`m`~ thz~kgz ~hzht}` mamaf,m`g zh}htxzgq`Ihgcagmh}aeaf`za exgcza ~ht}`gq``g
Ihghg}xf`g ohgaz ~ht}`gq``g
4>'Ihgqhlhgcc`t`f`g ~hgal`a`g m`g hu`lx`za~tkzhz m`g b`zal dhl`o`t'2'0Ihi`b`ia ~tagza~)~tagza~ ~hgal`a`g m`ghu`lx`za ~tkzhz m`g b`zal dhl`o`t zhzx`amhgc`g f`t`f}htaz}af i`}` ~hl`o`t`g q`gcma`i~x'
Ihgcagmhg}aeaf`za ohgaz }hz q`gc zhzx`a
2'4Ihghg}xf`g `z~hf)`z~hf ~tkzhz m`g b`zaldhl`o`t q`gc ~hg}agc xg}xf magal`a m`gmahu`lx`za zhzx`a mhgc`g f`t`f}htaz}af i`}`~hl`o`t`g q`gc ma`i~x2':Ihghg}xf`g ~tkzhmxt ~hgal`a`g m`g hu`lx`za~tkzhz m`g b`zal dhl`o`t'2'=Ihgchid`gcf`g agz}txihg ~hgal`a`g m`ghu`lx`za ~tkzhz m`g b`zal dhl`o`t 2'8Ihgc`miagaz}t`zaf`g ~hgal`a`g ~tkzhz m`gb`zal dhl`o`t zhj`t` dhtfhzag`idxgc`gmhgc`g ihgcxg`f`g dhtd`c`a agz}txihg'2'5Ihgc`g`lazaz b`zal ~hgal`a`g ~tkzhz m`g b`zaldhl`o`t xg}xf dhtd`c`a }xox`g2'3Ihl`fxf`g hu`lx`za ~tkzhz m`g b`zal dhl`o`tIhidx`} dx}at zk`l dx}at zk`lIhghg}xf`g ohgaz hu`lx`za42'Ihi`ge``}f`g b`zal ~hgal`a`g m`g hu`lx`za
Ihgccxg`f`g agekti`za b`zal ~hgal`a`g m`g
Ihghg}xf`g zazs` q`gc }am`f ihgj`~`a FFI

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