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Published by Gene Michelsen

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Published by: Gene Michelsen on Jul 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MoralityI'd like to throw something in here challenging the issue of moral thinking and it'sproof of God.I do agree that without belief there is no proof. The entire argument of empiricalproof of God's existence is a bit ridiculous in any case... but that isn't where I wasgoing with this. If you would allow me to take a side path here for a moment.Let's, for the moment, look at the bible and the beginning of creation as it is depictedthere. If you aren't familiar with this, please humor me for a while. There was Godcreating the universe and he created Adam, then formed Eve from him. He placedAdam in the Garden of Eden and told him he could eat of all fruit from the gardenexcept from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.Have you ever wondered what that is? I don't mean the type of fruit, but what in theworld is this tree? What purpose does it serve?I have heard a lot of different theories about it, but one nagging thing remains in allthe ideas people have come up with. Why is this the tree of knowledge of good aswell as evil? I mean if doing evil is what made Adam and Eve fall from grace, if disobedience is the crime, if they were morally corrupt and that is what God was'angry' about, then why is this knowledge of good also equally wrong in this tree?Let me ask this: What is the knowledge of good and evil? Isn't it morality? Isn't it determining what is good and what is evil? Right and wrong? Good and bad? Andwhy would God want to keep them from that? Why would God not want us knowinggood?The struggle with this one question is probably the one main thing that has troubledall of us at one time or other. Morality and its lack or its enforcement is equally
damaging to all of us. The condemnation that comes from ‘knowing’ good and evil
kills us.I believe the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was the one thing that still kills.
It’s fruit is ev
er present with us. It has corrupted us to the point that the only wayGod could save us from this condition was to send Jesus to take our place and die onthe cross. In this one act for all people for all time God Himself killed sin, fulfilledand set aside the law. The law; that set of ordinances written on stone. The thingthat was against us and revived sin in us. The law, given by Moses showed us ourcondition. Showed us who we were with our own self-effort. It never gave us anyability to live in good standing with God (righteous.) It only revived sin in our lives.The true and only revival is when sin is revived in us by the self righteous effort of trying to fulfill what we cannot: the law.

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